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  1. Favourites for relegation
  2. Lang 2 Kilsyth 0 good start to life in the super 1st
  3. Lang 1 Kilsyth 0 H.T Gemmell pen
  4. That's what i thought. Happened to us once at vale when we both had the same socks
  5. Muirkirk v Whitletts off waterlogged pitch. Summer football anyone[emoji6]
  6. Yes,more likely to be 4_3, rather than 1_0
  7. Your defence will have to be on their toes,we are a very attacking team
  8. Just followed your pal with the special comment[emoji4]
  9. Sorry,thought glens were in the super 1st
  10. Lots of homes I think and no way glens will have a clean sheet
  11. Thorniewood and Candy not super league so there a fiver but Camby and Town are super league therefore must charge a fiver. Also we have official linesmen not club ones. You will gain as the gate is now shared,after expenses are deducted
  12. About time. Didn't realise it took that long to doctor a tape
  13. Were very lucky to have players of that qualty. Think McRobbie will be another quality one
  14. Disappointing Jon,was expecting you to score 4[emoji38]