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  1. Six times I was asked today...

    Were not moaning for the sake of it,we would just like to know where and when our next game might be
  2. Six times I was asked today...

    Full supporters car today then!
  3. Today's results.

  4. West Region Cup Committee

    You can't count,7 games 4sectional, then quarter,semi and final
  5. Today's results.

    Who scored?
  6. West Region fixtures "to March"

    We stoped using them years ago for training because it meant the park was suffering due to over use
  7. West Region fixtures "to March"

    Then got the leccy bill!
  8. Is that the odds for the game being on
  9. West Region Cup Committee

    John Dalton was responible for the original proposals,which is probably why he is on the sub commitee
  10. SJFA website gone ?

    And why pray tell would he add fixtures?