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  1. Other Leagues 15/16

    Presumably he just picks the players by their number?
  2. Arabs v Doonhamers Part 3

    Three words which sum up why we must never allow the Premiership to extend beyond twelve member clubs; Morton Football Club.
  3. Stockport County

    Yes quite similar to our championship - QF : 4th v 7th, 5th v 6th SF : 2nd v QF1 3rd v QF2 Something like that any way. All one legged affairs I think.
  4. Stockport County

    Yes probably right. Other teams have been liquidated and may have ‘phoenix’ reincarnations lower down the pyramid.
  5. Stockport County

    Up to 7th and playoff place after 1-0 win at home to Boston. As United sink further in the other direction....
  6. Stockport County

    We’re off to Stockport in the green... Not so staunch?
  7. Stockport County

    Will need a good, consistent run of wins no doubt. Still to play Blyth & Kidderminster. Not a big fan of ever extending playoff places tbh but would take any chance.
  8. Stockport County

    Currently in his third spell at the Hatters. I vaguely remember him being a bit controversial at Motherwell...
  9. Stockport County

    The only English team I take an interest in having seen them as a young lad. Currently in their fifth season in the National League North (tier 6) having been in the championship in the 90’s. There is only one automatic promotion place from a league of 22 but playoffs have been extended this year with 7th place being enough. Been having their usual up and down results so far but sitting in 9th with 10 to play so hoping for a decent run to be in with a shout of promotion. Jim Gannon is the manager.
  10. NFL General Discussion

    What’s that feckin Ramones lyrics?
  11. What is the greatest sport technically?

  12. NFL General Discussion

    Thanks, so is there an amateur/grassroots structure at all?
  13. Bankies nxt season

    Well of course she did and now that she’s gone and isn’t checking back we can admit it.
  14. What is the greatest sport technically?

    I think drone racing has to be in with a shout here. It requires a level of 3D thinking that is probably unique in modern sport.