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  1. Review yir Dinner

    That’s what we called a joiner m8, would have been too confusing to call the chipper that.
  2. Review yir Dinner

    Can anyone verify this childhood memory; pineapple fritter suppers (from the chipper)? Sure my Mum used to choose this.
  3. P&b Running Club

    Strava is very good, even the free version gives very detailed stats. My TomTom uploads to Strava & it’s own app so don’t need to take phone every time.
  4. Crisp packets

    Football strips out of fag packets, now that was cool...
  5. Crisp packets

    Don’t know your sister I don’t think but making them into badges was definitely a thing as well.
  6. Do you like the Jews?

    If you’d just asked, yes she had massive tits.
  7. What’s your favourite band/artist

  8. Do you like the Jews?

    I lost my virginity to an Israeli Jewish girl.
  9. P&b Running Club

    I squeezed under 44 minutes at 10k today, pleased enough with that. Good course & well organised.
  10. Unpopular opinions.

    Agreed. Then idiots talking about them being overlooked at the oscars. Taking my 5 year old to see the last Spider-Man film on his birthday in his spidey suit was good fun. Too long for a 5 year old though.
  11. Things you want to share with P&B

    Glasgow Art School is on fire again. Can see the flames from my house about 5 miles away so guessing it’s proper fucked this time.
  12. Horrific club photos

    Because of all the overweight, sweaty, socially awkward, borderline alcoholic guys commenting on it?
  13. Lovely Ladies of the World Cup 2018

  14. Russia v Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia Russia’s opponents in the opening fixture, Saudi Arabia will play their first match during Ramadan. Moreover, their base in St Petersburg is currently experiencing 18 hours of daylight. Faced with such strictures, the majority of the Saudi camp have opted to defer their fast till after the tournament. Citing travel as a cause for postponement is a common dispensation during Ramadan. It was given the rubber stamp by Saudi authorities who issued abstention permits to players who required them.
  15. Russia v Saudi Arabia

    The referee appears to have a hairstyle but no hair.