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  1. That's more like it chaps!
  2. I find it very hard to call this. Aberdeen, whilst close to the top of the Premiership, have actually not looked that great this season. Saints, whilst an impressive eight points clear at the top of the Championship have also put in some very mixed performaces. Offer me a replay now and I’d rip your arm off for it!
  3. Busy with other stuff today/tonight, so seeing this result is just brilliant! I’ve been to every Saint Dumbarton game over the least thee years, apart from the ones we’ve won. Maybe I’ll give the next one a miss too! COYS!
  4. What a car crash this thread is. First TicketGate, then Shull arrives and starts Stingyb*****dGate. 20 pages and the game doesn't start until tomorrow. What do you reckon, 0-0, and two pages on the game before we all move on?
  5. How intriguing does that sound!
  6. After TicketGate if Saints let him go to Dumbarton (cursed be thy name) I’ll never set foot in the Paisley 2021 Stadium again.
  7. Soooo glad this is our last visit to Dumbarton this season.
  8. I can't make it. Have only missed one away game to Dumbarton in the last couple of years - and we won 2-0. I'm taking that as an omen !
  9. We need to look after our own results. Do that and the teams chasing us will find it very difficult to keep up as they take points from each other. If (IF IF IF) we win on Saturday, then if United bounce back with a win v Dunfermline on Saturday we stay 6 points ahead of United and go a pretty huge 16 ahead of Dunfermline. If DAFC beat DUFC then we go 9 points clear at the top. We're in a brilliant position. Let's focus on our job, and it'll get better every week.
  10. Where was this second half on slaught. We could perhaps have scored another 3 or 4; but I wouldn't call it an onslaught. And to be fair, ICT had a few good chances too.
  11. His finish yesterday was sublime!
  12. Saints go 6 points clear at the top, and number of posts on the 17-18 general Saints thread..... zero. 12 months ago when we had, yet another, bad result we probably had 50 posts in the first, couple of hours. Something has changed..... lovely!
  13. To be fair, none of us have a feckin clue who ‘King coll’ is.
  14. After Tuesday he was bound to be...