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  1. I agree. Especially given some of the red cards we've had this season, he should be taking no chances. Looking at it closely it looks like he goes to try to block the ball, realises he's not getting it, tries to pull out and catches Rankine on the foot. If he'd hit high up on Rankine's shin as you suggested I doubt Rankine would have got up a few seconds later without treatment. Have a look again; pretty sure he doesn't catch him high up on the shin. I think a red would have been incredibly harsh. The Rankine one is at 92:11 - so game almost over, and was also a very silly thing to do - especially as it was right in front of the ref.
  2. The first Rooney challenge is about 22-23 mins in, which is when I got iPlayer going. He seemed to do 2-3 debatable challenges over a short period of time, but got away with them, whereas Stelios got booked. The reason I mentioned it was that you said Stelios was lucky not to get a red card for his foul; so I was pointing out that the ref was being as lenient if not more so, with Rooney.
  3. What did you think of the studs up challenge that Rooney did a few minutes earlier (no foul), or the bad tackle and follow through on Morgan a few minutes later. And of course the clear shirt pull on Stelios that you mention. Don't think Rooney picked up a yellow at any point through the 90 minutes? Did you manage to watch to the end? What did you think of Rankin's 'tackle' on McGinn in the final few minutes?
  4. Pars vs St Mirren

    Not what I said. All I was trying to say was that when there's inconclusive evidence of something like an 'eye gouge', and are trying to work out how likely it is that that's what actually happened, then looking at a player's regular behaviour makes sense. For what it's worth though, I believe when meting out punishment, a player's previous record is indeed taken in to account.
  5. Pars vs St Mirren

    The new offside rule, where the kick is taken from where the player is deemed to be interfering with play, still gets people raging. Especially if the kick is taken from inside their own half !
  6. Pars vs St Mirren

    I've been much better this season honest - it's just that 5 red cards and two penalties in 6 games (4 of them reffed by Collum and Thomson) would try the patience of a Saint !
  7. Pars vs St Mirren

    I'm not saying for a second that I've not seen red cards given for something like this, but it just doesn't strike me as violent conduct. Pulling < Punching < Elbowing < Head butting. The last of these is another, IMO, ridiculous definition of violent conduct as most football 'head buts' would get you laughed at if that was your best shot outside the pub on a Saturday night. I guess if this had been Goodwin, who we know has a bit of a nasty streak, then I'd have thought this was intentional - and maybe even bought in to the eye gouge theory. Eckersley has show absolutely nothing that would suggest he'd try to maim a player over the usual 'ma baw' hand bags. Anyway, it's all over now. He misses Saturday, and if this has really been deemed violent conduct, he'll miss a couple more.
  8. Pars vs St Mirren

    I doubt that's actually the wording of the rule?
  9. Pars vs St Mirren

    Yip. If Jack Ross had to serve a suspension a few weeks previously for pointing out the same ref had forgotten the rules about what happened after a player had received treatment, then this was never going to get overturned. It's well known Thomson is/was a Saints fan, and so I think he goes out of his way to show that he doesn't favour us during games. He's reffed two of our 6 league games so far and sent off three players and our manager. I just with the people who appoint refs would realise it's not easy for him and not put him in a such a difficult position - at least not so often!
  10. Pars vs St Mirren

    This kind of thing happens pretty frequently and most of the time it doesn't warrant a red. Did Stokes not grab someone by the throat at Ibrox earlier this season and wasn't even yellow carded for it? I think it's a fair shout to appeal, but it'll probably be knocked back sadly. Given Jack Ross had to serve a punishment for pointing out the rules to the same ref only three weeks ago I'd imagine the chances of overturning this are low. At least we've not gone all 'Dundee United' and tried to get the Dunfermline player in to trouble for the elbow.
  11. Pars vs St Mirren

    The Dunfermline fans seem really certain this was a stonewall straight red - I've heard talk of an intentional 'eye gouge' and of course if that's the case red was clearly the correct call. The footage doesn't seem to show that though, and neither does the Pars players reaction - okay so he elbowed Eckersley but didn't go mental in the way you'd have expected someone who's eyes have been gouged. I wasn't at the game, so don't know if there'd been a running feud which made Eckersley decide he wanted to gouge someone's eye out; I will say though he doesn't appear to be that kind of player. Is there other evidence for the gouge or are people just going on that video? (Saying "I was at the game and I saw the gouge" I don't really think holds much weight)
  12. Pars vs St Mirren

    So you're saying the elbow was retaliation? What punishment do you think should be given for elbowing someone who is holding you?
  13. Pars vs St Mirren

    What punishment should be given to the Dunfermline player in that incident?
  14. Pars vs St Mirren

    Do you think the Pars player should also have had a straight red for the elbow in the same incident or do you think no punishment at all for swinging an elbow was correct?
  15. Pars vs St Mirren

    Absolutely appalling defensive play from us, and on those highlights we got exactly what we deserved. That straight red card though is ridiculous. I kept getting the teams mixed up, and thought the red was for the elbow - which I thought was a bit soft, but had seen them given. Then remembered we weren't in black and white stripes and it was the player that got elbowed that was sent off. A huge decision - not in terms of yesterday's match which was long gone by then - but for our defence next week too. Buchanan's second yellow was a clear yellow, but I doubt he'd have had to make that challenge if Eckersley had still been on the pitch.