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  1. Nightmare news on Magennis. No wonder Ross was raging during the game. In hindsight organising a 'friendly' against a team you knocked out of the big cup a few months previously, and who you'd just embarrassed by turning down their job offer a few weeks earlier. And just a general point on refereeing of friendly matches. Refs tend not to punish challenges they would in competitive matches - IMO, if anything they should be more strict in friendlies. Teams play these games to get a bit of fitness and match sharpness; any kind of tackles that could result in damaging opponents should be dealt with quickly to try to stop more and more of them happening in a match that essentially means nothing.
  2. Didn't make the match, but heard from several who were (on both sides) that Dundee players were putting in dangerous and reckless tackles. If Magennis ends up missing games as a result of one of those tackles I can imagine the Saints management will be raging. Heard the ref had no control over the game, and let far too much go - even for a friendly.
  3. Very surprised at that. Thought he had potential, but clearly current management team don't think so.
  4. Height 1.7m! I know strikers (and even striker strikers) don't need to be tall to be effective, but that's definitely on the short side!
  5. Morgan was absolutely super last season. Even when most of the team were having stinkers, he was our only ray of light (well, maybe Mallan, but Morgan shone brighter). After the transformation of the team in January he got even better. And he was a big part of what made us such a joy to watch in the last few months. Hope this is just agent talk, as would be gutted to lose him!
  6. Genuinely surprised if Reilly is as bad as Pars fans are making him out to be that Ross has seemed so keen to get him. Based on his January business he's looked pretty shrewd in transfer dealings, and given how early this still is, it's hardly a knee-jerk desperation signing. I'm therefore more than happy to give Ross the benefit of the doubt and believe he knows how he can Make Reilly Great Again :-)!
  7. Great news on Stelios! Has cheered me up after the depressing news that a bunch of terrorist-loving Rangers fans now hold the key to power in the UK.
  8. Will be more than a tad disappointed if Stelios doesn't sign :-(
  9. Good god!!! Wow! The originality of that reply is off the scale! Surely nobody could have predicted that post!
  10. Two things on this... 1. Reckon whatever way this ends up, Loy will not be at Saints next year. 2. If Ross stays will virginton be able to handle two such humiliating setbacks over such a short period of time? Only just looked at this thread, and started at Page 32. No idea what was happening earlier, but VT's posts look pretty much identical to those for all but the last few weeks of the Saints relegation thread. Will the poor moron never learn.
  11. We've not signed anyone for HOURS!
  12. Is that what they told you?
  13. Probably 'Exciting' in the same way as the National Lottery used to email me saying "We have exciting news about your ticket!" - and I'd log on to find I'd won £2.78. Actually, having read on, I'm not surprised it's players we had last year - and whilst that may not be 'exciting' it's most definitely likely to be GOOD! Very few of the squad that played in the last couple of months I wouldn't be delighted to see next year!
  14. Shame they didn't show the Saints goal right from the start. Superb stuff!
  15. There were some fans of other clubs (Pars fans I think) saying before yesterday's game that some Saints fans saying we'd be happy with the play offs was disingenuous. The chat after the game, when we were safe - and admittedly may have had a few beers - was that we were delighted to be safe.... BUT... we were a bit disappointed that we weren't going to be able to see any more of this team until August. The contrast between the two halves of the season I think is also part of what's making us feel so bouyant. It wasn't just that the last three-four months have been so good, it was that the period before that was so truly appalling! CANNOT WAIT for the 17/18 season to start. COYS!