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  1. We've not signed anyone for HOURS!
  2. Is that what they told you?
  3. Probably 'Exciting' in the same way as the National Lottery used to email me saying "We have exciting news about your ticket!" - and I'd log on to find I'd won £2.78. Actually, having read on, I'm not surprised it's players we had last year - and whilst that may not be 'exciting' it's most definitely likely to be GOOD! Very few of the squad that played in the last couple of months I wouldn't be delighted to see next year!
  4. Shame they didn't show the Saints goal right from the start. Superb stuff!
  5. There were some fans of other clubs (Pars fans I think) saying before yesterday's game that some Saints fans saying we'd be happy with the play offs was disingenuous. The chat after the game, when we were safe - and admittedly may have had a few beers - was that we were delighted to be safe.... BUT... we were a bit disappointed that we weren't going to be able to see any more of this team until August. The contrast between the two halves of the season I think is also part of what's making us feel so bouyant. It wasn't just that the last three-four months have been so good, it was that the period before that was so truly appalling! CANNOT WAIT for the 17/18 season to start. COYS!
  6. Superb! One of my favourite ever songs, and Hibs are incredibly lucky to have it associated with their team. All in all, a fantastic day. Glad Raith won, and that we did not reach safety on the last day by the deeds - or lack thereof - of others. The last 3 months have been really special. In a way, feel like we shouldn't be celebrating not being relegated to the third tier, but, ach, who cares. The Great Escape was both an Escape, and Great. So we'll enjoy our day, and dream of celebrating again this time next year - but at the right end of the table!
  7. Dumbarton very very lucky to get that point. United could have been 3-0 up in first 10 minutes. Murray himself missed twice the number of chances Dumbarton created. Having said that, the reason Dumbarton are now safe is because they've been pulling off results like that all season.
  8. Absolutely superb from us today. We've been a joy to watch these last few months. Despite all that, we're still favourites for the play off; as it's almost certain that Raith will win next week, and so we'll need to get something from Easter Road. We're good enough to do that, but Hibs are deserving champions so it's far from certain. If it is the play offs, I won't feel too bad as hopefully we'd win them and we'd get to see another four games :-)
  9. Apologies, was referring to the first goal, not the second.
  10. My point was that the ref awarded this when at least one of the key players didn't even consider that it was an intentional back pass. There was clearly no doubt in his mind that it was, otherwise he'd just have kicked it away or passed it (he was under no real pressure). I've seen plenty of refs not give backpass fouls for things a lot more obvious than this (both for an against us). I'm sure Billy will err on the side of caution from now on after this, but it's just a bit frustrating that after contributing to such an awful first goal, the ref didn't give us the benefit of the doubt on something like this. Mind you. he's probably watched the footage again and thought he got it right :-)!
  11. No, I'll say it a bit more slowly... the keeper picked it up; if he thought there was any chance of it being a back pass then surely he'd only have handled it if he'd thought to do otherwise would have led to a goal. He wasn't under pressure, ergo, he didn't think it was a back pass. The only other alternative reading of the situation is that he doesn't know that keepers can't handle back passes. And I know he's young, and being coached by Jamie Langfield, but you've got to think he knows that rule?
  12. Or I've watched the video showing what happened...
  13. Ah yeah, even worse. Ref stopped play with us in possession – then you kept it on the restart. On the second, of course the keeper knows the rules. He was under NO pressure, so clearly thought it wasn’t a back pass. The ref did, but I’ve seen that kind of thing happen loads of times and the ref never blows for a foul. Different if the only way he was preventing a goal was to handle it.
  14. I know you're joking, but I forgot in the second half when Saint DID put the ball out, the ref dropped it for a United player to kick it back to us but instead he kept it and tried to set up an attack. The circumstances of the first and second goal kinda overshadowed any other 'controversial' incidents.