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  1. If you look like your avatar... gladly.
  2. Saints have sold out the Davie Cooper stand now.
  3. Yeah, I have to say I also thought the predicted points tallies for all of the teams was a little generous.
  4. I'm probably the only Saints fan who was disappointed Dumbarton didn't hold out. Had a £2.50 'compensation' Trixie on them, Ayr and Raith winning. Got £55 back, but a Dumbarton win would have made it £865. They were 9/1 today. A clear sign that bookies don't really pay attention to Scottish football. Didn't make today's game; and sounds like we rode our luck a little, but despite what happened elsewhere we've got some momentum, and the great escape could well happen.
  5. Happy to oblige - on both fronts !
  6. Great half from Saints but this season if we didn't have have bad luck we'd have none. United looking poor and not in the game, then officials miss a foul off the ball on Morgan and next Saints touch is to pick the ball out of the net (though we should have defended better). Much worse though is the loss of Davis. He has been brilliant since he arrived, but looks like a broken ankle. Hope I'm wrong but if it is we won't be seeing him again this season. United surely can't be as bad second half so reckon Saints need at least one more goal. When you see us playing like this, it makes the first part of the season even more depressing!
  7. Loy's got a goal coming soon. He's not had that many minutes on the pitch, and he's not a bad player. Wednesday would be a good time for him to start!
  8. Agreed. That, like our game away to Raith last week, was one where the scoreline was nowhere near as convincing as it looked. Can't remember precisely but I've a feeling there was at least one of those goals gifted by a defensive howler. Saints problem though is that our first half of the season was just so shockingly bad now that we can't afford to lose games where we're competing. That happens to all teams several times a season, and no doubt it'll happen to us again. As things stand we're not the worst team in the league, but we need to be getting top-half results form to get out of this given where we are today.
  9. FWIW, Dunfermline today were MILES better than Raith on Wednesday.
  10. Yip. However Aur are rubbish, and so are Raith, despite them beartng us on Wednesday. Them losing 4-0 to Dumbarton today shows that. We are miles better than we were earlier in the season, but we were so bad then we've left ourselves in a position where we need to not just play well, but actually win the bloody well games!
  11. Yeah. Higginbotham, already on a yellow, had several other fouls, multiple dissents, plus a blatant dive to try to win a foul in dangerous area. Immediately after which he was taken off. Number 21 had been booked then took out Mallan, ref played advantage and didn't come back and yellow him for it. Mullan righty booked for his second dive, but not booked for his first. As I said, no ridiculous challenges but dives, dissent and a number of niggly fouls would most days have seen at least one of them go. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining that much. If you'd gone down to 10 you'd probably have won!
  12. Yes, thanks! Can you do my predictive text checking for me please :-)
  13. What was it with all the Dunfermline dives? Just as well Finnie was inconsistent and didn't give yellows for the others. Despite no outrageous tackles, Dunfermline were very lucky to finish with 11 men. Think Saints probably edged it, but complete lack of compulsive in front of goal. Must have had four great chances, but the players side footed the ball straight at the keeper. And three times in the second half we decided to try to beat every defender in the box, and of course ended up getting closed down. Earlier in the season though, Dunfermline would have scored with that break away and we'd have lost the game. Disappinting for sure, but it's not all over yet.
  14. To be fair ALL of our goalkeepers have done similar this season. Quite astonishing the number of points we've thrown away like this. I'm also pretty sure that our last previous defeat was aided and abetted by lack of awareness to a quick throw in. Hopefully not another emerging trait!
  15. That was a sore one last night, and no mistake. HOWEVER the team needs to look back at this in the cold light of day, and look beyond the result. Despite us showing the trademark goal-gifting skills that characterised the first half of the season, and despite us not scoring (for the first game in ages) the performance was still miles ahead of those dark days. Nothing really seemed to quite fall for us last night, though in both halves only some desperate defending from Raith kept us out. Raith looked a really poor team for most of the game, and their only real tactic was hitting the ball long. Partly I can understand that as the pitch was really quite bobbly, and even before our not-pitch-related howler at the back, I had my heart in my mouth several times as our defenders tried to play football! The longer the game went on without us turning our possession in to a goal, the more I feared Raith would end up winning the game. This may turn their form around (as it did Queen's when they beat us after a very poor run), but if they continue to play like they did last night their troubles are far from over. They can't rely on gifts like that to win games. As for us, Saturday is another huge game. And again, only two days recovery before it. At least Dunfermline only have three. Team and management have to stay positive. Even although last night's performance was a bit of a dip from recent weeks, play like that and we'll still win more than we lose. But we know we can play better, and that's what they need to have in their heads when they step out on to the pitch.