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  1. Three weeks to our next league game. We desperately need Mackenzie and Davies back. Also, Magennis will be closer to match fitness. He's not been anything like the player he was last year.
  2. According to the bloke on open all mics, Samson misread it? Said he thought it was going by, left it, and it went in. Apparently we've lost our last 6 in a row at Tannadice - looking like 7 sadly.
  3. St Mirren v Morton

    Disappointing on both of them. I think most Saints fans, and I'm sure the management, would have those two down as our automatic centre half first picks. To have played so far without one at all, and the other for the first few games (one with a concussion) makes our current league position all the more surprising/commendable/
  4. St Mirren v Morton

    Doh! And that was with an edit! I did of course mean Gary.... Barlow.
  5. St Mirren v Morton

    Are Harry Davis or Scott McKenzie anywhere near a return yet?
  6. Falkirk v St Mirren

    Never a penalty....
  7. St Mirren v Morton

    Left yesterday’s game disappointed at the 0-0 draw. Starting the second quarter already two points worse off than we started the first quarter. However IF we can get a win on Saturday we’ll actually be one point ahead of our first quarter points. HUGE game for Saints. Win and the momentum stays.
  8. Falkirk v St Mirren

    I think we can summarise the Falkirk fans views as follows: St Mirren are shite. The league is shite. St Mirren are Shite. Falkirk are Shite... but improving.
  9. Falkirk v St Mirren

    You know what, you’re right. Now you mention it, we HAVE been rubbish. Don’t think I’ll bother going to any more games. Thanks for pointing this out. Sarcasm aside, during that period we also beat Raith 5-0, Morton 4-1 away, Ayr 6-2, Livvy 3-1 away (with 10 men for 60 minutes), Inverness 4-2, Dundee United 3-0, yourselves 3-1 and have won 5 games out of 5 at home this season. Given this time last year we only had 4 points, excuse me for enjoying my football.
  10. Falkirk v St Mirren

    There were a couple of very heavy tackles on him early on. Not the first, and won’t be the last, time we see that. Hopefully once Magennis has had a few more games under his belt there won’t be so much pressure on Morgan.
  11. Falkirk v St Mirren

    To all of the Falkirk fans glorying in how ‘shite’ Saints are, yes, we did play poorly yesterday and I’m sure that’s partly down to how well Falkirk played against us. However, since the end of January Saints have been playing some great football, and I think most Saints fans would agree that it’s generally been the most enjoyable football we’ve played in years. That doesn’t mean we think we’re Barcelona, and in amongst the entertaining matches, there are games like yesterday. It’s been a long time since I’ve gone to matches knowing there’s a real chance I’ll enjoy rather than endure the game.
  12. Falkirk v St Mirren

    Wow! Just wow! Hope you’re feeling better today.
  13. Falkirk v St Mirren

    If Reilly played against us I’d hate him. He seems to play right on the edge when it comes to tussles with much bigger defenders and gets the benefit of the doubt most times. Yet Sutton when he came on, despite looking like he was getting fouled constantly, never got a decision in his favour in all the time he was on the pitch. I actually thought all three of our subs today weakened us, and probably contributed to Falkirk looking the better team for most of the half.
  14. Falkirk v St Mirren

    Despite Samson not really having a difficult save to make, you couldn’t have grudged Falkirk a win there. We did something though that we’ve managed to do rarely - restrict the opposition to many clear cut chances, and keep a clean sheet. Having said that, both teams missed two absolute sitters. Falkirk did bully us all over the pitch, and a couple of the early ‘markers’ on Morgan were not unexpected. I really did fear for us when we replaced McGinn (injured I assume) with the 12 year old (looking) McPherson and at the same time Falkirk brought on wily old warhorse Miller. We held out though, and positives other than the clean sheet were Magennis getting another 50 minutes under his belt, and Cammy Smith who I thought had an excellent game, and almost nicked it twice in the last 5 minutes. On the ref, Falkirk fans seemed to think the ref (west coast bias and all that) had it in for them. However do you not think Hippolyte was extremely lucky to escape a second yellow when he fouled a rampaging Smith? Clear as day yellow card if someone not already on a yellow had done it.
  15. Saints v Sons

    It's also a majestic leap from Sutton!