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  1. Just seen that flag. Thing of beauty! [emoji837][emoji836]️[emoji173]️[emoji836]️[emoji837]
  2. It’s fucking so shite that a club of our calibre has, and won’t for at least another season continue to have no major honours.
  3. The Accies fans that said we won’t miss Docherty have to have a fucking look at that game.
  4. When will indyref2 happen?

    I would be fine for indyref 2. If the SNP call a snap election (or wait until after the next election) and gain a majority of MSP’s to vote for Indyref 2.
  5. The 'Well fans will snort it all up mistaking it for something else. Game definitely on
  6. IF ACCIES SOLD HIM FOR £700K (£2.3M less than his valuation) I’m no gonna be happy.
  7. [emoji23] Accies counter demo at Motherwell KFC
  8. Jack Hendry of Dundee is worth £1,500,000. Docherty is twice the player Hendry is. Docherty = Jack Hendry * 2 Jack Hendry * 2 = £3,000,000 ∴ Docherty = £3,000,000 The debate has been solved with maths. Everyone can begin to apologise starting now.
  9. £300,000 is hilarious. £3,000,000 I won’t budge and neither should the Accies Board. Anything less is UNACCEPTABLE.