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  1. Swanson McGinn McGeouch........and maybe Mallen next season #ballers
  2. Good to see Lenny continuing to rattle the cages of the dullards.
  3. Bears Den at Glasgow O2 Academy tomorrow. Really like them but not sure how they'll be as a live act.
  4. I reckon Morton could well win the play offs and get promoted
  5. St Mirrin were very impressive and deserved to win before. Played some really decent football and I'm confident they'll stay up on that showing. We were utter mince and can only hope some key players get some form back pronto. SDG in particular looked jaded and out of sorts.
  6. Confirmed. Mon the Efe
  7. Shree years of hurt right there. One day the domination will end bud, stay strong.
  8. Will Hertz derby hoodoo end Sunday? 3 years since they last won one #bigteam
  9. A Boyler thunderb*****d would indeed induce tumescence.
  10. More incredible than pushing a successful manager out the door because Hibs put him out the cup?
  11. You probably can't imagine much because you have little imagination Pablo. Shame
  12. More cutting edge required from the Hibs. Fair play to Raith though, they competed well. But Boaby Barr hasnae taken the 21st May well at all. What a h**
  13. Morton were much improved from our earlier match at ER; they played some decent stuff. And yet still Vikington gets all excited and wets his pants. You'll miss us next season pal ☺