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  1. Belgium vs Tunisia

    Boyatas fucking rank rotten.
  2. Belgium vs Tunisia

    Horrible touch, atleast he didn't try and con the ref though. Good play.
  3. The Sons 2018/19

    How would one go about purchasing one of those smashing training zippers?
  4. Russia v Egypt

    Egypt are honking. Scotland would gee them a run for their money.
  5. Tunisia v England

    Got 2-1 England on in the work sweepie... Still want them to get fucked though.
  6. Costa Rica vs Serbia

    Games been honking for the last 25 mins. ive got Serbia -1 on tae...
  7. Costa Rica vs Serbia

    Hope Serbia give this mob a good ol pumpin.
  8. Argentina vs Iceland

    Messi to score 4, just cos Ronaldo scored 3 last night.
  9. France vs Australia

    Diving b*****ds. Hard lines to the Aussies. Mooy man of the match. Was superb.
  10. France vs Australia

    That Mooy looks decent.
  11. France vs Australia

    Mona Aussies
  12. Egypt v Uruguay

    Hopefully a Uruguay win. Got them on a treble.
  13. Russia v Saudi Arabia

    That 4 - 0 doesnt look so bad now...
  14. Russia v Saudi Arabia

    Thank f**k that was rapid. hees frying. fired a 5er on 4-0 russia...
  15. Russia v Saudi Arabia

    Just too keep me interested.