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  1. Demented Zebra is having a 'mare here. (Pun not intended)
  2. Then again there is no major city for 65 miles from Aberdeen (and no other SPFL team for 25 miles)
  3. so BTTS and over 2.5 goals on the coupon is a safe one then?
  4. If Brechin keep on playing as well as they did on Saturday - then they will have a decent chance of staving off relegation. Best of luck to you fermers!
  5. Re: Cost of the stadium,, looking at what other clubs have spent on similiar-sized stadiums Viking Stravanger spent €20m on their 16,000 capacity stadium in 2004 (€28.2m when inflation adjusted) Molde spent £16.75m on their 12,000 capacity stadium in 1998 (£27.1m when inflation adjusted) IF Elfsborg spent £8m on their 16,000 capacity stadium in 2003 (£11.2m in today's money) Bristol Rovers' new 21,000 seater ground is going to cost £40m Either way, there's no chance that this will cost any less than £20m
  6. Any decent new stadia costs more than £25m. If they built it for £15m then it would be effectively an ikea McDairmid-esque stadium.
  7. Kind of one for the ProCycling Thread: The Scottish National Road Race Champs are on Sunday in Kennoway, Fife. John Archibald (Pro Vision) is favourite, although Fraser Martin (Raleigh GAC) and others will be hot on his heels. Having, ridden the course, there is the possibility for punctures and crashes.
  8. It looks like there's barely enough space for the stadium itself, nevermind parking spaces and another pitch.
  9. I tagged them in the breaking news post on Facebook - I didn't realise how close they were to it. I think they're just relieved that they're safe.
  10. Most teams with Annan and Edin City, and possibly Elgin
  11. Two of my friends from Uni - were staying 200 yards from where the attack happened. They're fine, but they said that they were in the exact spot of the attack like an hour beforehand
  12. I suppose we can all laugh at him - but at the end of the day a guy has lost his job.
  13. Moderators can give out Warning Points and bans? @Div has the finally say on anything. It's fine to use c**t and f**k- as long as it comes auto censored. Shit, shite, b*****d are all fine. Don't call anyone a paedo, don't call another posters employer (or leak personal info about them) and don't post naked pictures. (all though tits out is fine in the NSFW threads) there's another thread about Platnium kicking about - but essentially it gives you access ad-free Most Importantly, have fun!
  14. That's what I currently do - despite recently - when loading new pages, my screen keeps on flicking to the bottom of the page to watch a GoCompare Ad