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  1. Would love to see a press conference in which members of the press just quoted the texts back at him. Would be class.
  2. Announce Lagerback!
  3. Dundee United 2017/2018

    I don't think you guys should be lecturing anyone on cup runs
  4. Nah - I think we can take both Italy and Portugal, just need to get past Slovenia first! HERE WE FUCKING GO!!!!!
  5. FreeSports

    People watch QVC? How's that still a thing?!
  6. Pearbuyerbell banned ?

    Maybe he's got no sense of humour cos he's a Quaker.
  7. Pearbuyerbell banned ?

    Did he PM you it?
  8. Whichever one will f**k up @8MileBU's browser
  9. Maddie is easier to find than the controls after this update. Yeah what's the difference between Liking and Up voting?
  10. New Air Routes from Scotland 2016

    Possibly LoganAir? I think they might bring back the Dundee - Amsterdam flight as it was fairly popular. They've also dropped the price of flights from Dundee to Stanstead down to £49 one way.
  11. Summer Transfer Window '17

    Southampton came in with two bids for Robson. Both have been rejected by United. To be honest - if they offered £350k + add ons for First Teams games. I'd take it.
  12. There will be #scenes on Sportsound tonight btw. Tbf I think that he will do a good job at Hearts - was a great manager for us, despite having a tough time at Scotland - but he did have a shite squad of players, mind.
  13. Guess the ground

    County Ground, Bristol>