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  1. Youtube would be your best bet m9
  2. Eurosport Player?
  3. Same I get
  4. The fact it's a bigotfest and its the OF and their fans are all c**ts
  5. Clubs tend to charge circa £10 for the play-offs
  6. Noticed the story on Thursday morning, if it's £32m or so I'll be still be slightly disappointed however, if it reaches close to £40m then I'll be quite content
  7. It seems to be the norm at Uni, before going to Nightclubs. I think us blokes do it just cos the girls do it.
  8. 2/10 for Thursday - shiter 6/10 for Friday
  9. Good to here about your wet dreams
  10. Yeah I did a 96km group ride on Sunday, Aberdeen - Bacnhory - Stonehaven - Aberdeen, and I burned 2500Kcal, mind you I was going pretty quickly and I weigh next to nothing - 51kg
  11. 7/10 - Knew all 7, should have got 9
  12. Chef gets food poisoning
  13. Right, a weird thing happened in a Politics lecture yesterday. @ICTChris The lecturer was talking about how in the last 20 years sexuality has become more open and the traditional view of it has been challenged recently - nothing really controversial. I believe she said something like people can be straight at one point of their life and be gay/trans/queer at another, she was using it as a metaphor for people's political views.A student who is well known for being a bit socially off proceeds to then walk out of the lecture, in the loudest possible manner, seething. Before slamming the door to the lecture hall as he left, minter. That left the 400 or so students in the Lecture theatre bemused. The lecturer then says "What the hell was that about?" as she tries desperately not to laugh. The rest of the class started chuckling (myself included) She then states "Was that a form of politics we just saw?" - a question she pondered at the start of the lecture - and "I saw the look on his face a minute before he left and he looked seething". Then says "is it my problem that the University of Aberdeen employ such controversial lecturers?" Top banter by her. Five Minutes later when she finished the lecture, she was desperately trying not to laugh. I should probably mention that said student, I think he might suffer from a mild form of something and also politically thinks Trump is a great guy. He has previously interrupted lectures but usually to just ask a question. The student has in past got pissed off at "liberals" who he gets angry at because they "think that everyone should to get along" One word to explain it - Uberminter Have any of my fellow P&Bers stormed out of a lecture in a seething mess?