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  1. Dundee United 2017/2018

    Apparently we're supposed to be looking at players playing in Hungary?
  2. Scottish Cup 2017/18

    BBC get the second pick for those wondering, Sky get picks 1 and 3.
  3. Well I was thinking of a guy who was of Indian or Pakistani descent
  4. The thing I don't get is that the marketing department had a meeting where they agreed that this was a good idea.
  5. Nadir Cfitci's goal in *that* Semi-final, magnificent What about the director (his name escapes me) that tried to ring-fence £500,000 of his own money that he'd invested and nearly put Rangers into admin for the first time?
  6. SPOTY 2017

    Giro and Tour
  7. SPOTY 2017

    oh my! Froome, easily. No one has won the Tour and the Vuelta in the same season in the modern era, it is an unrivalled achievement.
  8. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    Looking at the teams, Celtic can face in the Europa, it looks like they could sneak into the Last 16, should they avoid the big dogs: Villarreal, Dynamo Kyiv (or Partizan Belgrade, if they win in Ukraine) Braga (or Ludogorets Razgrad, if the Bulgarians win and Braga lose in Istanbul) AC Milan (Winner of ) Atalanta vs Lyon Sherriff Tiraspol (or Lokomotiv Moscow, if they win and the Transnistrians draw or lose) Steaua Bucaresti (or Viktoria Plzen, if they win and Steaua don't win) Arsenal RB Salzburg Ostersunds (or Athletic Bilbao, if they win and the Sweds don't) Lazio Zenit St Petersburg (or Real Socidedad, if they beat Zenit) CSKA Moscow (guaranteed to be one of the best 4 third placed teams) The three remaining best third placed sides will be decided tonight.
  9. Not wanting us to lose, but not unhappy at us losing: The entirety of the Irn Bru Cup.
  10. AVERAGE CROWDS in Lowland League

  11. Scottish Cup 2017/18

    Any idea on when the TV games will be announced.
  12. Of all the teams that have moved into new Digs, it seems that St Mirren's seemed the most pointless, from all accounts (I never been) Love Street looks like a relatively adequate ground, that could have been redeveloped if needed.
  13. C**** on a Train

    Don't know if this is the right thread, but are they ever going to get to expanding the Subway with another loop.
  14. EOS Grounds for Optimism

    It needs saying that clubs shouldn't be allowed to move matches in the Cup unless there it is absolutely essential, it completely undermines the Licensing Process
  15. C**** on a Train

    Was on the train from Dundee to Aberdeen on Sunday, the train arrives 24 minutes late as there had been trespassers on the line of the six-fingered variety. Anyway, the train was due to stop at the Ferry, Carnoustie, Arbroath, Montrose and Stonehaven before going to Aberdeen. Anyway, to make up for the lost time, the driver says on the tannoy that the train will not be making any stops, so get off unless you're heading to Aberdeen. The Guard then goes through each of the five carriages to say the same in person to make sure that everyone got the message. Loads of folk get off the train and it seems all well and good, until we get to Arbroath. The train slows to 15mph as it goes past the station and a man wearing dicky headphones who had got on at Dundee says to the guard, "How's the train no stopping here?!" and the Guard just looks at him and explains the situation. What an absolute fud. The man is told to stay on the train, as it heads back past Arbroath as the train is enroute to Newcastle after it reaches it's terminus. Half an hour later, the bloke sitting next to me wakes up, and I tell him that the trains only going to Aberdeen. I didn't wake him earlier as it says on his ticket that he's going from Edinburgh to the Granite city. The guard comes up and tells him the exact same thing, although he was Stonehaven-bound so it only added another 30 minutes or so on his journey. Utter fuds.