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  1. On further reading the SFA put a bid in for the 2019 Super Cup for Hampden! They withdrew fairly quickly.
  2. Kingsford, Easter Road or Tynie could be possible future venues for the UEFA Super Cup which is usually held in stadiums with a capacity of around 20000-25000. I remember it was held in Trondheim last year (home of Rosenborg) which holds around 21,000.
  3. Latest I've heard is that we're waiting for him to get back from holiday - that was 10 days ago mind!
  4. Neither is King nor Scobbie
  5. Keatings isn't exactly a mid-table Championship player
  6. Paul McMullan seems like a decent signing tbh I think we still need Two Strikers, a defensive midfielder and maybe one more attacking one as well. Hopefully the wage Coote was on will be enough to get big Tam back
  7. I've said in a couple of other threads but I have started a FB Page against Colts for those interested:
  8. I know that Thompson supported them in the Irn-Bru Cup but don't know about in the league - hopefully enough Arabs can get him telt
  9. I know I was referencing the old Paddy Power advert ya muppet
  10. Atletico Kebab Kolkata
  11. Reported for Racism Btw @Bambino7 defo report it, especially after what's happened recently.
  12. give this a like - I created a Facebook page cos it seems like a better way of doing this than staying on here moaning about (like I mentioned in another thread) Yes I know it's cringe as f**k but it's better than nothing
  13. Just set up a facebook page actually - I know it's cringey af but it's better than moaning on here at 1 in the morning
  14. Can everyone please join in a concerted effort to get this idea killed off