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  1. Anyone have updates on the TV Deal? Not heard anything for a wee while but tbh I've not been paying attention.
  2. Where did Stoke get 35,000 fans from?
  3. Let's all agree on one thing, Derek Rae is the best Scottish commentator by a mile. Also, I know for a fact that Tanner used to be a massive Celtic fan
  4. I live near there and it is possible to stand on the banking and also sit in the stand
  5. Youtube would be your best bet m9
  6. Eurosport Player?
  7. Same I get
  8. The fact it's a bigotfest and its the OF and their fans are all c**ts
  9. Clubs tend to charge circa £10 for the play-offs
  10. Noticed the story on Thursday morning, if it's £32m or so I'll be still be slightly disappointed however, if it reaches close to £40m then I'll be quite content
  11. It seems to be the norm at Uni, before going to Nightclubs. I think us blokes do it just cos the girls do it.
  12. 2/10 for Thursday - shiter 6/10 for Friday
  13. Good to here about your wet dreams
  14. Yeah I did a 96km group ride on Sunday, Aberdeen - Bacnhory - Stonehaven - Aberdeen, and I burned 2500Kcal, mind you I was going pretty quickly and I weigh next to nothing - 51kg