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  1. Agreed, hope he stays with us next season. I really think he has the potential to be a very good player at this level, just needs to add the consistency. Think he'll be a key player next year if he stays
  2. David Anderson

    By far and away the best player I've ever seen play for Queen's Park. He was quite literally an Spl standard player playing in league 2. He comes across as an extremely loyal player and no doubt he would of had his fair share of offers to go full time throughout his career. An absolute pleasure to watch every week.
  3. Your club POTY

    POTY- David Galt by a country mile YPOTY- Aidan Keena Goal of the season- Keena against Alloa
  4. Queen's Park v East Fife

    From what I remember Slattery came to QP on loan from QoS mid-way through 2014-15, after the loan spell signed until the end of the season and then after we lost to Stenny in the play-off final he was offered a contract by East Fife, who had been promoted and could pay him money. So I think it was more that QP weren't good enough for him. East fife were in the same league as us when Slattery signed for East Fife. They won the league the same year we got promoted
  5. Queen's Park v East Fife

    Get Kevin Green out of that team, utterly hopeless today. Thought we were going to get the winner but as usual we've bottled it when it's mattered most, conceding yet another soft goal. Worrying that Keena limped off, however I thought Orr put in a good shift up front, doing particularly well for the first goal. Not expecting to beat Raith next week, so just got to hope that Albion continue to lose their remaining games.
  6. Queen’s v Airdrie

    Genuinely thought Donnelly was our best player for the first 60 minutes. Put in a great shift and showed some decent pace aswell
  7. Stranraer FC vs Queen's Park FC

    What a player Aidan Keena is, definitely been Gus's best loan signing for QP. Unbelievable to think he's only 18 years old. Pivotal that we won today and thankfully Albion and Forfar lost aswell. 6 cup finals remaining with some winnable games. Hopefully we've hit some form at the right time.
  8. Rovers v QP

    Gerry McLaughlin, played for Brechin, Ayr and Cowdenbeath. Thought he was solid enough last night
  9. Queens Park v Alloa

    20 points dropped from winning positions this season. Never seen a team so incapable of holding a lead.
  10. Best Formation Moving Forward

    Was thinking of a first eleven that I'd want to see over the coming year or so Archer Tierney Berra Caulker Robertson Mctominay Paterson Forrest Armstrong Fraser Griffiths You'd like to think that maybe a good six months at Dundee, Caulker could consider playing for Scotland. Power, pace and enthusiasm throughout the team. However, I fear the likes of Morrison, Fletcher, Bannan etc playing instead.
  11. Queens Park vs Forfar

    Gutted we didn't get a win today. Had some great opportunities to kill the game but quite frankly we aren't good enough defensively to see out any game. The frustrating factor is that before our 2nd goal, we were playing decent fast football, however as soon as we score, we decide to sit back and invite pressure to the opposition, inevitably conceding. That may of worked last year with Mcgeever and Muir playing but it won't work now. Too many occasions we've conceded within the last 15 minutes. Still think that letting Muir go has been the biggest mistake Gus has made. White never seems to save any semi decent shots, like the free kick today and it's costing us badly. Overall, I thought we played well. Galt was always a threat and it's great to see a goal scorer in the team now with Keena, definitely has a big future ahead of him. Quite frankly 3 points are a must on Saturday, especially if Albion pick up a result on Tuesday night.
  12. Questionable line up and tactics Why put our most effective attacker at right back and then decide to move him back on the wing when we're 2-0 down? Why drop Mcvey ? Brings energy and running to the team, instead we put Fotheringham back in and ultimately we're cut apart in midfield. We only had to make one change with Millen suspended and we could of quite simply put Burns at right back and then stick Summers at left back. Nimmo didn't exactly inspire me with confidence but hopefully he'll get better with a couple more games under his belt. Keena done well again and Cummins actually looked alright as a striker for the last 5 minutes with a very composed finish.
  13. East Fife v Queens Park

    How did Nimmo play on his debut ? Will he make a difference to the defence ?
  14. The manner we concede goals is pathetic. That 3rd goal just summed up our season so far, shooting ourselves in the foot. Obviously didn't expect a result but I wish we'd stop gifting goals every single game. Only positive was Keena up top who put in a really good performance and hopefully he'll keep scoring. Next 4 fixtures are crucial and will ultimately decide where we finish at the end of season. Not fussed Fotheringham got Sent off tbh, been pish all season.
  15. Summers isn't a loan