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  1. General Politics Thread

    He can f**k off, I am doing a perfectly good job of crushing myself, don't need him to help me. Anyway he is deid.
  2. Iran

    Tesco have ran out of pistachio nuts and it is Hogmanay so they need stock for their shelves.
  3. General Politics Thread

    How observant, good point. I have the Lion Rampant as my avatar because I want to, I like it. If I recall correctly, but I am often wrong, it is illegal to fly the Lion Rampant or Royal Standard without permission from the monarch. Tough shit if it is, I am Scottish and will fly the flag if I want to. Hmm, maybe I should be knighted for being a rebellious c**t?
  4. General Politics Thread

    I am on a meltdown with this shit. Who the f**k decided that he should be knighted?? What has he done to be "worthy" of this "honour?" What is the criteria for attaining this honour? Lies?? The whole system is a joke, knighthoods dished out as if they were chips in some fat birds dream. Seems that you would be more "honourable" if you were not made a knight. Next thing we know this c**t will be in the house of the old codgers.
  5. A variation on the jobbie wheecha

    Maybe not a bad idea, environmentally. Save on landfill (oops) and emissions? For the spiritually minded they could be flushed out to sea, go on an amazing round the world journey and see places they didn't when they were alive. Or evaporate into a cloud and gracefully fall back to earth as a raindrop. Probably more likely to be in a thunderstorm and end up stuck in the gutters of ibrox for years and be forced to watch that shite for eternity. f**k that, let me decompose. Naw the idea is flawed and will be dead in the water.
  6. Social Justice Warrior

    I am in no way a political expert, but Mark Blyth seems to be talking a lot of sense in that video.
  7. Social Justice Warrior

    I don't agree with the ban on Progressive Liberal. He was expressing his views and I couldn't see any racism in any of his posts. Granted, many of his posts were factually incorrect or dubious, but because people don't agree with a person's point of view is no reason to ban them. Maybe the word snowflake could be used here? From this forum I have learned that it has a majority of pro Independence supporters. When I first joined the forum a few months before the referendum, I was a unionist. I was in favour of keeping Scotland in the union. After having debate on this forum, it made me realise that the views I had were wrong. It took a while, but the members of this forum managed to convince me that voting YES was the best thing to do for the future of Scotland. And I am thankful for that. What I am saying is that banning him was maybe not the best option. Educating him by pointing out facts may have been the better option.
  8. The Official President Trump thread

    Lakota Sioux Black Hills?
  9. Infuriating Things Your Partner Does

    Incredible Tactics Ye People Dishwash for this dish.
  10. I remember hearing a story about him. When some guy was slagging him off and calling him a poofter, Jojo replied along the lines of " I saw yer tadger in the bogs and you widna be able to satisfy me wi at half inch, so keep awa, I'm nae interested in ye." The guy was embarrassed by this and got a slagging off his mates.
  11. The Official President Trump thread

    Think I may be misunderstanding your point about the Native Americans being dead before the settlers arrived, I think there were many battles in the "Indian wars." For example, the Washita massacre in 1868 springs to mind where a certain George Custer's 7th cavalry killed over a hundred sleeping Cheyenne men, women and children. As far as I know, the European settlers headed West and captured territory from the Native Americans. When Columbus discovered "America" in the 15th century, the tribes were keen to help him and their "visitors" to grow crops and even gave them land to cultivate and inhabit. But that wasn't enough for the greedy Europeans that wanted more. No, they were not happy with their lot, they wanted the riches that the land produced. So they set out and conquered. A short while after the railroads connecting the East to the West was established by President Grant, America had a depression and the stocks and shares fell considerably. President Grant was in a pickle, not knowing how to handle this, then gold was discovered in the Black Hills, which was territory that had been "given" to the Natives. The Natives refused the sale, (Sitting Bull's famous pinch of dirt) it was sacred ground, but the white settlers decided it was to be theirs. All Natives were to return to reservations or they would be considered hostile. A bounty was put on the heads of buffalo, under the direction of President Grant and General Sherman or Sheridan? William Cody, aka Buffalo Bill slaughtered many. can't remember the exact figure. But over 3 MILLION buffalo were killed by white settlers who were paid by the American government per head. This was their solution to the "Indian" problem. In comparison, only 150 thousand were killed by the Native Americans who used every part of the buffalo for meat and tepees etc. The tribes had to go to Canada to seek food because the white man had destroyed so many buffalo they were starving. Today there would be an outrage at this genocide. The white man got the Black Hills and the American economy was safe again. I am not purposely having a go at America, only stating facts. The English have been cruel and brutal too in their conquests. But to claim that the Native Americans gang raped women as if they were the only ones to do it is false. Atrocities happened on both sides, neither were perfect, but I believe the white settlers started the brutality.
  12. The Official President Trump thread

    Off topic. Would the world be safer if the Native Americans were not subjected to genocide by the invading European settlers? How brutal can man be to his fellow man than to starve his hosts to death by killing their buffaloes and way of life.
  13. The Official President Trump thread

    It better be the real one, I will know! I was there you see...
  14. The Official President Trump thread

    Bible has been edited many times. Council of Nicea way back decided which books would be suitable for their religious ideals. Unfortunately the true bible has been lost. Edit to add. Anyone else found it strange that a symbol of a serpent has been more or less adopted universally as a symbol of medicine? The serpent was supposed to be a bad one in the Garden of Eden, so why was it all of a sudden made a good symbol?
  15. Red, White, or None?

    Why because a train company offered free travel? Wise up, surely you know that troops were transported by rail to various locations during WW2. Maybe Virgin trains are acknowledging the significance of a rail network.