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  1. All things Dundee FC

    We gave bain his big chance and he repays us with this pish,the boy have no respect no loyalty,he would most likely suck himself off if he could because he loves himself so much fucking rat.
  2. St Johnstone (who) v Dundee FC

    St j 0 Dundee 2 Work those numbers bawbag.
  3. St Johnstone (who) v Dundee FC

    How was your night out in dundee did you pull,did the viagra work
  4. Celtic v The Rangers*

    Hate when they use the public safety shit more people will likely fall over due to being pished than ice n snow.
  5. Hearts v Hibs

    2-2 draw over 5 cards with 1 sending off and touchline handbags with the management teams. 50+ fans ejected for being pished.
  6. Sevco v steelmen

    You should easily out sing the home mob,they will have a shit crowd.
  7. All things Dundee FC

    Let the shit stirring start.
  8. St Johnstone (who) v Dundee FC

    May I be the first to wish our Perth friends the warmest of new year wishes and a prosperous New year. 4-0 Dundee moussa with all 4
  9. Celtic v The Rangers*

    Blood snotters and tears please,lots of blood especially.
  10. Dundee v Celtic

    Am all for Dundee playing nice passing football but not when they keep giving the ball away that costs us goals.
  11. Happywanker all over a Dundee thread as per normal limp wristed sado
  12. Celtic to rape thistles arses 6-0 Sparky hat trick
  13. Think the hearts bassas did him.
  14. Into Dundee for the pubs opening,I like your style.