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  1. Scottish Junior Cup next season - byes/rounds

    Good point Khufu2 - you could change it though. Just allocate each region number of places in last 64. Say West region 40, East 16, North 8 and play the required preliminary rounds within each region to get to that point.
  2. Kilwinning Rangers 17/18

    That would be a helluva signing for Dalry. Only creative central midfielder we had last season.
  3. Scottish Junior Cup next season - byes/rounds

    I can see a lot of sense in keeping the rounds prior to the round with 64 teams within the regions.
  4. Scottish Junior Cup next season - byes/rounds

    Totally agree. I’d play it end August
  5. Scottish Junior Cup next season - byes/rounds

    I’m sure this will be wrong but for me R1 would consist of a single game.
  6. West Region Juniors New Leagues 2018-19

    Good point Cyclizine. According to Juventus Beith got more in prize money for ETs than winning top league - presumably due to lack of sponsorship.
  7. West Region Juniors New Leagues 2018-19

    Would not be at all surprised Juventus. Have suggested elswhere that the Evening Times should sponsor the Scottish. My problem with the ETs is the timing of it. If the aim of league reconstruction is to move away from cup football to a more professional league based set up then the irony of cramming the end of season league matches in to facilitate the ETs cup is priceless. Should be preseason tournament or not at all.
  8. West Region Juniors New Leagues 2018-19

    Thanks Peasy23. Don’t really think it makes any difference although a lot of meaningless games if only 1 qualifier from group. If we’re determined to have some sort of “sectional” you could replace the first one/two rounds of the West with a Group stage and then have a knockout tournament from then on. That would then still let us play a serious amount of league games early on in the season.
  9. West Region Juniors New Leagues 2018-19

    We keep using this phrase “streamlined” re. the sectional but in what way is it cut back. 16 groups of 4 with top 2 advancing to last 32 means the finalists play 8 matches - in Ayrshire last season the Ardagh finalists played (wait for it) 8 matches! The sectional has to go to make room for the extra league games. We could get the opening 10 league matches played in August and September that way. As for keeping the ET cup - madness!
  10. West Region Juniors New Leagues 2018-19

    Have grave fears re. a streamlined/amalgamated sectional cup. My team played a total of 36 matches this season. We would be approaching that with 16 team leagues and the above cup before a ball is kicked in the Scottish or West. Also are we still going to have ET cup?
  11. West Region Juniors New Leagues 2018-19

    Yeah its possible Beenzon. I guess you would arrange the 30 odd teams at the start of each season trying to balance out quality and location - not ideal but you could also argue if you can’t make top 2 in a ten horse race then u shouldn’t be promoted. As I said above this is just speculation on my part maybe leagues 3&4 will be more successful than I think.
  12. West Region Juniors New Leagues 2018-19

    Your stuff is all factual mines is all speculation archieb Also in full agreement that the reconstruction would have been complicated if it had included regionalisation below second league. On the subject of replacing cup ties with league matches what’s the likely outcome re. cups next season?
  13. West Region Juniors New Leagues 2018-19

    Not disputing anything you’ve said archieb. For me though the key phrase you used was “clubs that bothered to reply.” Just got a feeling the clubs in the bottom divisions will become bothered as next season goes on. Still think 3 parallel leagues of 10/12 teams based on geography would be best. 16 team leagues with limited promotion spots and no relegation would be dull. Three leagues - champions promoted runners up into 4 way play off with fourth bottom side in second league.
  14. West Region Juniors New Leagues 2018-19

    I understand the change from the point of view of the top say 25/30 teams in the west region. Can’t believe the lesser lights of the district leagues would be for it but don’t know for sure.
  15. West Region Juniors New Leagues 2018-19

    Think your absolutely correct about regionalisation below the second league. 3 parallel leagues based on geography rather than the old Ayrshire/Central divide would have been my solution. I’m sure there’s somebody on here will come up with an illustration.