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  1. Yoker news today

    I suppose a point is better than none but when are Yoker going to stop gifting goals? Clean sheets for this team are as rare as hen's teeth! I count three in the last year. My count may be out but it's still pathetic by any standard.
  2. Yoker news today

    A belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, when it comes, to all fans of the Juniors and especially those with Yoker leanings. 2017 is a year Yoker supporters will want to put behind us. I was going to say forget but all involved at the club need to learn lessons from the last twelve months. Any year with a relegation in it is disappointing but what is even more so is the start made in our present League. Nothing short of catastrophic for any chance of bouncing back,I feel. We are going to need to improve quickly and put a run of better results together if we are to move up this table. If we don't I fear 2017 will repeat itself. Amazingly we are still in the Cup at a stage where a lot of bigger teams have gone out but that gives no satisfaction when our League form is so poor. Fingers crossed for a better year ahead.
  3. Yoker news today

    You have to ask the man himself. You seem unduly worked up about this one game. You've obviously never fallen foul of this TIT.( Totally Incompetent Tosser) FYI and I may be corrected here but Yoker have had ONE scheduled home League game out of eight or nine played this season. That cannot be fair. Also what about the teams that have had THREE blank Saturdays due to away Scottish Cup games being called off when with their own grounds being playable they could have played League games? The whole situation of the Cup taking precedence is a nonsense. As may have been said before dry your eyes and don't blame individual clubs. Its's the whole system and Office Bearers that needs a root and branch over haul. They are killing the Junior game.
  4. Yoker news today

    News to me. Then we're kicked in the haw maws by the rat. The guy's only talent seems to be noising folk up.
  5. Yoker news today

    I had heard that a letter was being sent by the club regarding the scandalous fixtures handed to us. Assuming that was done is this the retribution for complaining? Yoker have probably had the worst of his ineptitude this season but there is more than just us who have been affected. Could the club/s affected by this guy not get an on line petition going to at least, put pressure on the SJFA to look at how he's treating certain clubs or at best to get rid of him for good?
  6. Yoker news today

    Delighted to be eating humble pie last night after a brilliant result. Well done to all involved. One swallow doesn't make a summer though.
  7. Yoker news today

    Firstly,I wasn't being serious about joining the Juvenile ranks ,I was referring more to presumed difference in standard which could be a false impression on my part. Secondly, are you implying that if Graeme George leaves so will "his"players? Thirdly, he might be able to get players to the club but he can't get them to play. Or was he hindered by Mr Reilly? Will we see the shackles come off in the next game where we will play great football ,create and take loads of chances and be able to defend competently? Or maybe not. Fourthly, you say he used his Juvenile contacts to get players to the Club but which of the fifteen came from Juvenile?
  8. Yoker news today

    I'm sorry to see any Manager resign but it wasn't working for Stephen Reilly at Yoker. It was his first Managerial job and to be fair he did have us playing some decent stuff at times but never consistently. The relegation could have been the end in my view but the word from the Club was we are going to stick together to get this right. Sadly not to be so far. But and it's a big but, Graham George is not the answer even for one game. He has been most of the problem from my vantage point. He came from Juvenile football I believe and that's where we are headed with him on the staff, never mind in charge. As for working his nuts off I wouldn't know about that but he certainly gets worked up on the touch line and not in a good way. His negativity towards his own players can be breathtaking. His interventions from the touch line are comic to the opposition fans but embarrassing to anyone with Yoker at heart. His disciplinary record is shocking. The only type of Management he should be entering is of the Anger type. I would rather the Committee pick the team for Saturday than have Mr George or his brother anywhere near. I have no personal axe to grind with the George's but I do think they are out of their depth. I am only interested in seeing Yoker go forward rather than plummet through the Divisions. Having said all that I will be delighted to be eating humble pie on Saturday night but, again it's a big but.......
  9. Yoker news today

    I'm pleased to see some more signings. Particularly good to see the defence being strengthened with Hashim Cole making a good debut last week. I hope the management now decide on their best starting eleven and over the next half dozen games or so give them as much game time together as possible to get settled. Then we can see where we are. I'm not sure of the squad size now but I think the manager said he wanted about 19 or 20. It's always a difficult balancing act keeping everyone happy but I feel we need to get a settled team as quickly as possible and hopefully get a run of wins under our belts.
  10. Yoker news today

    I've just seen a tweet from the club stating Yoker have no home games from four in September. While unsure how this could happen I see two are away to Forth and Lesmahagow which means they've a better chance of being played than if scheduled for the winter months. Though September might count as winter in Forth and Lesmahagow. It's only really helpful if we can get some points from them as well! The others are Neilston away this Saturday in the League and Ardeer away in the Cup.
  11. Yoker news today

    As for the security issues for the new ground a consultation with Renfrew might be useful as their ground is across the road from Kirklandneuk. Not trying to be unkind to the residents but it has a fair share of young guys up for some vandalism/ graffiti. I remember the one on the wall on the main road which proclaimed "KIRKY IS ETHEOPA".I don't think it was aimed at Kirkintilloch and the last word is spelled as painted. But on any of my visits to New Western Park the ground has looked untouched by the yobs. I like the idea of a slogan on the roof of any cover we get. What about "Holm of Football" or "Nou Holm Park". Or if we get a roof like Hampden we could go for "For McMonagles Fish and Chip Boat turn right at the lights". I think I've gone too far with that last one.
  12. Yoker news today

    If the players don't look interested tonight we've got problems! I just think the manager would have been a bit wiser to have stated we want to do our best to get out of this group for a change. Instead the statement we are treating it as pre season gets through to the players and we get patchy performances. Anyway, this is another one I'm missing. We looked ok for spells against Maryhill and should have closed it out,so that was disappointing. I'll be glued to Twitter nevertheless.
  13. Yoker news today

    Didn't make this game. Was it another one of those experimental teams Mr Reilly puts out from time to time? You know the one, with no defence? Or the one which can't be defended? For the manager it's still pre season, for the supporters it seems more like deja vu.
  14. Yoker news today

    Good 2-0 for win for Yoker today against an Ashfield side who made it difficult but we kept at it and got the win. The new boys all did well and at this stage of the season it's still about getting an understanding between new and existing players. Nothing on show to get over the moon about but a solid start and something which was rare last season, a clean sheet.
  15. Yoker news today

    Good news on the signings front. Especially pleased Tiny has stayed on. The longer time went on the more I thought he was away. If he can avoid injury and get some consistency he should do well for us next season. Stewart Sharkey should be a good addition. I am not familiar with Rab O'Neil but will trust the recommendation from Bankiebill.