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  1. Is Junior Football to Cheap?

    At the moment we let the region set the pricing, I don’t think many of the West Region have independently been at our matches, SJFA certainly have. Clubs having their own pricing could maybe make the game more appealing, maybe offering one free game a season but increases on the bigger matches, probably generates the same income but gets a lot of new faces in the crowd, like for non league day
  2. Is Junior Football to Cheap?

    Should clubs then be allowed to set their own prices for the season?
  3. Is Junior Football to Cheap?

    Kilwinning Rangers do t charge kids with an Adult and Dalry give under 14s free burger and chips.
  4. Is Junior Football to Cheap?

    You don’t get much these days for £6, going to watch a local cover band in a pub costs £8/10 People refer to Junior Football as value of money, what would indicate it’s too cheap. Would charging £8/£4 really Make much of a difference to fans?
  5. New Fixture Secretary Post

    Never being on a committee is the strongest reason to choose you, If an alien ship landed at Hampden, I’d knock on the door and ask them if they fancied a shot at it. No one in the West Juniors has experience in fixtures or they’d already be doing it
  6. Junior football, what is the future?

    This season Irvine Vic V Saltcoats Vics, 48 people, don’t know how many of them where Committee Kilbirnie V Auchinleck, less than 120 and 40 them easily Buffs fans it’s not all great crowds in the juniors
  7. Summer Football (Junior Level)

    The summer football topic is always talked about in the depths of winter, with the usual stoppages being players on holiday and it rains in May Tonight Buffs play Medda in the Ayrshire Cup on a Wednesday night in May, they’ll be keeping players for their playoff place, and it’s a cup that usually has the managers stripped, so let’s actually see what sort of crowd it gets, that should be the only metric for changing it, will it increase viewers?
  8. Dalry Thistle

    Best of luck to dalry, lots of hard work over the season #monthenomads
  9. Player of the year

    The Hurlford keeper against Talbot is best goalkeeping I’m ever likely to see, the best 90 min performance
  10. Promoting west region

    Don’t have proper foundations for the bar, can only get occasionally licenses that require 14 days notice
  11. Promoting west region

    Yip, start with Fixtures and work from there, our next two league games have no license as we didn’t have 14 days notice. How the fixtures in May can’t be sorted I’ve no idea, anyway, cost to the club £4k plus crowds will be down probably 50-100 per match , so about a £6k loss, which comes right off the upgrading budget. Thats why clubs can’t afford youth teams and floodlights, their own association is killing them
  12. New Fixture Secretary Post

    Cronyism in its finest. Not able to do the job so reduce the responsibility to keep someone in position. The place needs gutted from top to bottom if any hope of keeping any form of junior association going
  13. Player of the year

    Player of the year: Pettigrew best moment of the season: Watching Wardrope Score from his own half against Beith worst moment of the season: Obviouly the Medda game in the West Goal of the Season: Tought one and both of them are David Winters, his goal against Beith and the one against Hurlford, I think I’d go with the Hurlford goal
  14. Kilwinning Rangers 17/18

    Licenses are in but doubt it
  15. Kilwinning Rangers 17/18

    Stephen Brown has given us 5 in 3 games the other 18 match refs have given 3