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  1. Tuesday - 1/10 Wednesday - 2/10 Thursday - 1/10 Promoted in my first season then won another playoff to survive making it 2/2 playoffs then it was all downhill from there.
  2. Flourished in league 1 but jumping two divisions is a big step. I think he has the potential there though. Took a few decent free kicks aswell. Quite a high energetic player likes getting forward but makes sure he gets back to do his defensive duties.
  3. Vida The Snuts Shambolics
  4. I can, ex Rangers player with lower league experience who has been down south gaining more of an experience recently [emoji848]
  5. 4/10 to end the week. Knew 2 of them
  6. Isaac signed for Brechin now
  7. Knew one got 2. 2/10
  8. 6/10 for Tuesday
  9. We have the best artificial pitch in Scotland atm and it's also better than most grass pitches in the country aswell.
  10. Got to admit my favourite bad joke is: Why did the chicken cross the road? To go to the shop. Did you find that funny? (Await person replying "no") Neither did the chicken cause the shop was shut.
  11. In
  12. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]two playoffs, two random answers, two playoff victories. #winning.