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  1. Took me a bit to figure out what you meant there... never even noticed that before.
  2. You are an absolute cockwomble
  3. Cheers mate
  4. Any Alloa fans on the train for this? Missed out on a seat on the bus.
  5. I've missed most recent games so think I've only seen him 2/3 games. He's looked decent when I've seen him though and offers something else up front. Going by what I've heard from other fans he's definitely made an impact and we missed him in a game he didn't play.
  6. Tbf, my comment was in jest if it was Alloa in your position I'd imagine we would be the same as you guys. Livi have been consistent throughout the season, we had our dip in for which has ultimately cost us (and our inability to take 3 points from you so far). Livi deservedly will win the league now and the question is just when and where, but I'm happy with 2nd place considering we changed managers midway through the season and Goodwin had a stuttery start as he found his feet as gaffer.
  7. Wow, shocker of a full time team winning a part time league.
  8. That's just because he has the reading skills of a primary school pupil. Assuming now that he's back Mike has decided that paedophile slurs and constantly abusing both home and away supporters online are acceptable. Sad really.
  9. Two young boys decide that they are old enough to begin using swear words, so they hatch a plan... "Today at breakfast, I'm going to use the words 'hell' and 'damn', and I want you to use the word 'ass' ". Then they procede down to the breakfast table. Their mother asks, "What do you boys want for breakfast?" The first boy quickly replies, "Aw hell, just give me some damn Cheerios!" Their mother immediately slaps him, scolds him, and sends him up to his room. She then glares at the other boy and asks him what he wants. After a moment he replies, "I dunno, but you can bet your fat ass it's not going to be Cheerios!"
  10. Not just that but we recently had a midweek game vs east fife as well. Been a busy few weeks for the side recently and to come out the other end still on an unbeaten run is the sign of quality from the side. The good form will hopefully help with what looks like will be play offs for us at the end of the season. It's not easy for a manager who takes post mid season especially for their first management job but I think JG has done well, in fact exceptionally well, since finding his feet and learning to juggle managing and playing.
  11. Jim Goodwin, manager of the month, managed Alloa when they gained more points in the 3rd quarter than our good 1st quarter. Aye the mans useless...
  12. Cypress hill. "Shake my tree, where’s the apple for me Tickle my feet with the enemy No point laughing if you don’t know why I phone my love just to hear her smile"
  13. Just found these guys by chance on you tube tonight. May be one of the best voices I have ever heard.
  14. I had Ed Sheeran castle on the hill in my head today. I don't even like the song