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  1. 6/10 Tuesday and Wednesday Sent from my F3111 using Pie and Bovril mobile app
  2. My only ever warning point was because "calling other posters windowlickers is unacceptable" in relation to a meme I posted in a stirling Albion thread. Should've just asked me I could've answered the question for you
  3. Just heard from an inside source that BWV fielded an ineligible player on Friday. As a result he should be deducted 3 points and I should be in the play offs. If this doesn't happen I'm going to the media
  4. Posted mines yesterday. 7
  5. 6/10 for Wednesday
  6. No need for that if she puts the heating up full and opens all the windows her car will be fine...
  7. 5/10 knew the first one
  8. He's never a target man in a month of Sundays anyway. Spence works best off of defenders mistakes. He won't challenge in the air for a header from a long ball most times but instead he'll start to make a run in behind the defender and hope he misses it. Doesn't sound very target man like and if Raith want to use him as a target man then I expect you won't get the best out of him.
  9. Different guy then
  10. Ginger boy? If so he doesn't post once here