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  1. PATG
  2. Possibly so, but I'd imagine Jim Goodwin is also looking in that area. As with most seasons I'd imagine more clubs than not are after strikers though and it's a hard market to recruit in through January. If we're going to stick with 3 centre halves getting one in was probably a bit of a priority though aswell so we've recruited in one position we needed to and are probably biding our time to find the right striker that would be obtainable.
  3. You're really criticising the pubs in Alloa whilst recommending peppes? Peppes isn't the worst pub I've ever been in but it's not somewhere id frequent either. It's known to be the local "Celtic pub" and anytime I've been in there's been at least one or two jakeys sipping there pints. The other pubs mentioned are all okay and also the Thistle just next to the bus station isn't bad.
  4. We've been playing three centre halves recently with Goodwin in centre half for a lot of it so it could be possible he's been brought in to take that third centre half spot. As someone has already mentioned I'd like to see more of Hoggan throughout the rest of the season but having another experienced player in our back line will hopefully be good.
  5. We'll you're kidding yourself then. Most people have been at a game that there team has deserved to win but only taken a point or even no points and vice versa. That's just football and part of the excitement that comes with it, anything can happen.
  6. Think Caddis biggest highlight for me was away to Raith Rovers when he was on loan at us. Came on as a sub and had been on the park for about 30 seconds when he got his first touches of the ball, next to no pressure on him and he dribbled straight out the pitch
  7. Always got the feeling that his heart was never there. Ability wise I don't think he's very good especially considering he's played European football but league 2 is a bit of a jump from championship so may be OK.
  8. Can confirm this rumour. Just seen him and Jim Goodwin at McDonald's having a meal and looked to be quite an important meeting going on.
  9. Isn't that what I just said? Isaac wanted to go to Brechin and JR said no.
  10. He may read the teams out before kick off but he has no inside knowledge as he regularly shows on this site.
  11. You don't know nothing and everyone knows that...
  12. Isaac wanted to go to Brechin on loan, JR didn't want him out on loan in this league which I think led to a bit of a falling out between them, I think JR put feelers out to all league 2 clubs and Stirling were the first to get back.
  13. Really? I've heard completely different about Isaac that he shows up most days to do extra training sessions on his own, that he reflects back on games and looks to see if he put his stuff in training to use in games. Was a while ago I was told that right enough and things may be different now.
  14. Friday December 30 Afternoon Session (1pm) James Wade 3-5 Peter Wright Gary Anderson 5-3 Dave Chisnall 180s - Anderson Evening Session (7pm) Michael van Gerwen 5-0 Daryl Gurney Raymond van Barneveld 5-4 Phil Taylor 180's - MvG
  15. Forgot to put today's in, if it's not too late I'll miss out the first game and 180s for the afternoon session. Chisnall 4-3 Klaasen Wade 4-2 Smith Evening Session: Peter Wright 4-0 Ian White Phil Taylor 3-4 Kim Huybrechts MVG 4-0 Darren Webster 180s MVG