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  1. Anyone had a new terracing cover or shed built recently?

    Who's ground is this?? [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] I like the idea, but they might have at least got rid of the Tesco branding lol [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji85][emoji85][emoji85]
  2. Anyone had a new terracing cover or shed built recently?

    The containers look not too bad! Wee lick of paint to suit your Clubs colours, and maybe a few adverts to the rear or inside and it would look great [emoji106]
  3. Central Sectional Cup final

    Should be a bumper crowd and a decent atmosphere [emoji106][emoji460]️[emoji106]
  4. Kilsyth Rangers 2017 / 2018

    Away you go and crawl back under the stone you came from!! On here spouting your shite, thinking you're above everyone. I think you need to remember where Darvel have been over the years and go about your business in a more respectful manner! Think before you speak!!! I'm sure karma will catch up with you lot at some point and I'm sure the good guys here at Kilsyth won't be feeling sorry for you. Anyway, away back to your own thread now. We're fed up with your pollution now on here [emoji23][emoji23]
  5. Re facilities

    Got to be honest here but Huntershill is not fit to be a junior venue. Nice facility for the good people of East Dunbartonshire to make use of, but not for a Junior Club to call its home. It's a public park that anyone can get access to, and with regards to supporters, there are zero facilities that can be accessed. Anyone can view the games from the grass to the rear or from the road behind the goal lol. Absolutely laughable!! It would be nice to have a Bovril/coffee, or a pie, or even a cheeky wee beer before or after the game lol. Not a thought for the supporters of Rossvale's flagship senior team. In terms of viewing of the game, how hard could it have been to have a little raised concrete area for the supporters within the park (inside the fenced area) to get a better view?? And a small cover for supporters to view the game in all weathers?? After all, it is an all weather surface isn't it?? It's a brand new facility, supposedly built with Rossvale in mind as main users / tenants. Surely the above points, or at least some could have been taken into account?? With regards to Gartcairn. It's not too much better. However, at least they have covered over the fencing with Club colours and the odd advert here n there to avoid the public outside the pitch viewing the game. They have tried to give it a wee bit of identity. The ground looks as if it belongs to a club. That's what I'm getting at here!! If this is what Clubs would choose as a home with so called facilities available in all weather, then you can keep it, because all of the other basics have been forgotten about with regards to the people attending the games!! I don't see how you can't have a bit of both. Just look at how well Renfrew in the West and Blackburn in the East (to name a few) have managed to include all in there facilities.
  6. Kilsyth Rangers 2017 / 2018

    Thank you to Darvel for all the coverage!! I'm sure our boys will be even more fired up for the game against them than we normally would now [emoji122][emoji122]
  7. Kilsyth Rangers 2017 / 2018

  8. Central Sectional Cup final

    Terrible that Clubs such as ourselves and Shotts who have worked hard to have grounds in such good condition, aren't even being considered for a final. Both Duncansfield and Hannah Park have fantastic large playing surfaces, plentiful covered terracing and have the facilities needed to host a final. Both are well sized grounds, easily large enough to take a large sized support. The SJFA don't take much consideration for the Scottish Cup Final by hosting it at Rugby Park each year and it's always well attended. Let's give us other clubs a chance to host the provincial cups. I'm sure it would be a great advert for the game and still well attended wherever it's held!!
  9. Central Sectional Cup final

    I'm quite sure no matter what day the game was played, there would be a fair sized neutral contingent at the game! Many supporters tend to take in a game as a neutral when there own team are away from home, including supporters of Kilsyth! In terms of the size of crowd, I'm pretty sure both Pollok and Clydebank would bring a fair amount on there own without the neutrals. All in all, a good sized crowd and a decent atmosphere would be had I'm sure!! HOPE IM SELLING THIS WELL TO THE SJFA!!!
  10. Central Sectional Cup final

    Play the game on a Saturday afternoon at Duncansfield when Kilsyth are away from home. What's the problem with this?? Why either the Friday night or a Sunday lol?? Trains and busses all run a plenty on Saturdays, if this is the only real issue. However I'm sure both of these two bigger clubs following will travel a plenty by supporter busses anyway!
  11. Central Sectional Cup final

    Common sense at last!!! We'll have it Kilsyth please. Ideal for the size of crowd, great pitch and decent facilities no worse than the likes of Camby! Sure the fans won't mind a slightly further Travel to see a good game at a great venue.
  12. Kilsyth Rangers 2017 / 2018

    Got to agree with the previous comments! What the f##k is happening with our team on the pitch?? They looked all over the place today. Players looked out of position, arguing with one another and very little, if any quality at all!! No disrespect to some of the guys, but on recent evidence they are nowhere near good enough to be playing at this level. Too many not fit to represent the club!! We lack pace all over the pitch. Particularly up front, which could be doing with being sorted! Today, Bullit, Gary Wright and Scott Davidson were really the only players worthy of a mention. The rest very poor. Felt sorry for our keeper who I thought had a real dodgy game today. Been fairly decent IMO, however his defence gave him very little confidence, therefore he was forced in to making careless mistakes. Sort the defence out, and this gives the keeper half a chance to settle!! Really depressing stuff. The coaching team will need to get the finger out asap and change things. From the Largs game we showed glimmers of hope with some good play and a spirited performance. Since then it's all gone downhill big time!! Suggestions: Sort out the defence. Organisation / solidity. Need a striker with some pace asap, to create and score some goals! Too many players out of there depth in this league on recent evidence!
  13. Today's scores 9 th sept

    We'll be bottom of the League this year on this performance alone!!!
  14. Kilsyth Rangers 2017 / 2018

    After Saturdays performance, hopefully the new manager has identified the urgent need for another striker. With a bit of luck he can use his contacts to bring someone in. It's desperately needed, so fingers crossed!!!
  15. Today's scores /talking points

    Cambuslang 2 v Kilsyth 0 Kilsyth in desperate need of a striker!!! First goal: A very soft penalty that I'm still scratching my head, as to what it was actually for lol?? Definitely a kick in the teeth as It was all one way traffic for Kilsyth and ourselves playing the better of the football. At least 3 or 4 brilliant chances squandered by our strikers not long after this. Decent build up play for us, but lacking the final finish up top. Goal 2: Taken very well by the big striker! Silly error at the back from our left back, eventually leading to a ball delivered low into the box for the striker to meet. Game over!! Our guys up top need to learn a lot from that, in terms of putting the ball in the net. The strikers only real clear cut chance on goal all afternoon, and he tucks it away nicely. Could've been a different story today if we could put away the chances we missed. Goals win games, and from that performance, we won't win many games if we can't score!! Hopefully the new gaffer see's the same weaknesses the supporters do and gets some new bodies in asap!!