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  1. Taking things a tad personal there lol. An opinion is an opinion and I think you'll find that all supporters opinions will vary!! As for what the post is trying to achieve, it's a forum!!! Debate between fellow supporters is what you'd expect lol. Chill out, it's close season
  2. I would say that Waters and Bullit are certainly easily good enough to make the step up. But that's good for us that we have players such as this in our team! Im still a huge sceptic with regards to Paul McBride. On his day he can be excellent, and was out top goal-scorer, but I don't think he'd do the same in the league above. All ifs and buts?? Im not sure if he'd be what I'd call a big game player either. Just my opinion!! Still a decent player tho, and happy if he does the same this year!!
  3. Just to echo that point: Gary Kelly and Chris Reid (Bullit) also outstanding!!! A fair chunk of our team were easily some of the best players in the Division.
  4. He's a great wee player if he's given the right amount of service of the ball. Never had the outstanding season last year as he did the year before, but still a great player on his day!!
  5. Bathgate, Linlithgow, Hill of Beath, Sauchie??
  6. Anyone else have any updates??
  7. A lot seems to be happening elsewhere with players committing and new players coming in etc. Hope Hoggy has got things organised early doors. We need to try and kick on from last season whether we are loosing a couple of bodies or not!!
  8. I've just heard that couple of players are moving on.
  9. All Kilsyth Rangers News
  10. Any new signings to come??
  11. Kilsyth will be fine for the game. No problems at all!!!
  12. Plenty Gems out there!!! Anyone in the senior game with a wee bit of imagination would clearly see that the juniors is littered with talent, more than capable of playing at senior level. The junior game is as good as anywhere for the lower senior clubs on tight budgets to shop for great up coming talent. The question is: would any of these potential "Gems" want to go senior?? It would depend on the club, what league they are in, and the players own aspirations?? Some players enjoy the chance of success in the juniors, the opportunity to win trophies, and the amount of competition available to them.
  13. Can't see Kilsyth game being played on Saturday?? Drove by there earlier on, and pitch still covered in snow.
  14. Can't believe I'm getting involved in this debate, but it's complete common sense, the whole issue. Summer football can only provide us with a better product on the pitch. You only need to compare some of the games at beginning and end of the current seasons. On better pitches, played in better weather, provides for more exciting games at a higher standard!!! Sure the players would also agree!!! The grass pitches are in top order over the summer period! Not because they arn't being played on, but because the climate is perfect for them to continue growing. Don't forget the amount of sunlight / daylight to allow a pitch to grow and repair between games. I'm no expert, or greenkeeper, but you only have to see how often the golf courses are being cut in the summer time, for example. They're being used on a daily basis for longer periods of time over the summer compared to winter months, and still stay in top order over the summer! Summer time gives a far better all round experience for the supporters / spectators involved in the junior game. If the weather is cold, wet n windy etc or reasonably warm and dry, I think it's common sense to say that a few more supporters or even neutrals will take in a match. We live in a modern society, where families tend to go away on holidays now all throughout the year. So you can't even submise a drop in revenue from a reduced crowd over the main summer period. People will always be around to watch football, no matter what the time of year! Maybe a few more fans from the senior game will take in junior games to get their football fix over their close season?? This could give local clubs a small lift in revenue?? It's time for the junior game to show the rest of the football fraternity in Scotland, that by modernising and moving with the times, by changing to a summer schedule of football can lift the overall game!!!! Summer footy all the way for me!!!!
  15. Can't see the game being on!! Plenty snow, turning icy now!!