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  1. You havin a laugh lol [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] I'm at the games praising the team when we are playing well and likewise on P&B. The same goes when we are playing poorly. I'll voice my concerns both here and at the game if I think there is an issue. A spade is a spade [emoji106]
  2. Cheers Jimbo [emoji23][emoji23][emoji14][emoji14]
  3. I don't think so. Totally disagree!! Do you not think we are just sitting inviting teams in to attack us then?? As for us "trying to be hard to beat" I don't think that it's working very well at the moment, going by our League position!! We've got some decent wide players (Pearson, Faddy, Frannie to mention a couple) and we have Diack as a good target man, along with Bullet and Davie as our main defenders. Can we not try build a team around this?? Three reasonably quick (although light weight) wingers playing in a narrow team?? Get them playing to their strengths in a wider position where they can run with the ball and at least trouble the opposition?? Playing them narrow in a more physical area of the pitch does nothing but dilute their strengths. Bullet is a must at that back. Without the big man we are like an open door at the back. He's been a massive loss by being left out the squad?? Davie Waters is top notch and his recent ban hasn't helped us. His positioning, backing up Bullit, and delivery of the ball makes him our best player and a must in the team was being week. With regards to big Diack. He seems to be the last man of attack? Would it not make more sense having the target man playing deeper behind the main striker, to win the high ball or knock the ball on. The big man is well experienced, and still got lots to offer, but just lacks that bit of pace for being the last man? As a passionate supporter of the Club I feel that it is only right to voice concerns. As supporters we all want to see the team improve and develop, so an opinion is an opinion.
  4. And I will still be there getting behind the team too, like I have done in the past during tough times. Time will tell next season if that's the case, and he is allowed to bring in the players he wants? I'm not trying to be disrespectful to Chris and the guys. I'm sure they're a good bunch to speak to etc. I'm just having my opinion on what I have seen so far from the season. If you don't have the strongest of Squads, at the very least try and play to the strengths you have, and make yourself more difficult to beat. Poor squad or not, at least put the strongest team on the park and play them in the correct area of the pitch. Using the size of your home pitch would be a good start in home games, which we don't seem to be able to do. We are very narrow and negative. Hopefully things change for the better as the season comes towards its end and we can pick up some more points and stay in the league for next year [emoji106]
  5. I hope you're right about your first point. It's been a very poor season for us. From the word go, we were always going to playing catch-up, with the manager walking away on the eve of the league commencing. Even at that, the guys who have came in just haven't been good enough. You can't expect to build a team of players from the lower end of the Junior leagues and expect them to come in and compete well in the Super Leagues. I'm not by any means trying to be disrespectful, but this is just fact! We just need to try and consolidate this season
  6. Peasy to win the League and my own club Kilsyth to go down the way things are looking!
  7. Games ON - Sat 10th Feb

    Is this a joke?? Maryhill must have a Micro Climate of its own lol
  8. kilsyth 0v2 carnoustie panmure 3.2.18

    Very few, which is a shame
  9. Scottish Junior Cup

    I like wee Davie and his passion for the game, but I think Arthurlie at home, and that wee bit extra quality in the squad will be enough to see them through!
  10. Scottish Junior Cup

    Arthurlie v Gartcairn replay?? Lie win
  11. Scottish Junior Cup

    Ford Mighty Blasties No comment Bo'ness
  12. Scottish Junior Cup

    Darvel Legend - He's a knob
  13. Scottish Junior Cup

    Hope for a few of the bigger boys left in the competition to draw one another later 🤞🤞
  14. Scottish Junior Cup

    Shows you that it was a good decision from them then! Doesn't take anything away from the fact that Pollok were well above Rossvale.
  15. Scottish Junior Cup

    Take it as a compliment. Rossvale tried hard, but were were never going to win the game. Pollok too strong and were only delayed in their scoring due to the conditions they played against in the 1st half!