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  1. Money's too tight to mention. Aitken gonna do the right thing etv
  2. Sparky will stroll that league, if not for the head butt he would be with us
  3. John Gemmell, waste of a jersey. Cue doing from Shakey
  4. I'll decide whose views I represent thanks
  5. Have to laugh the Hibs galacticos are going to crush all before them next season, yes this season and last you are hardly dished out a doing to Dumbarton the best part timers in the country [emoji106]
  6. The Dobbie show that December day in Montrose was one of the best in my 30 odd years of watching the sons.
  7. Fantastic sons, what a great achievement again. Monthesons
  8. You want to sing sectarian songs and have a green brigade you wire in. On the pitch they are currently very good and have some great players but they are far from The finished article
  9. Sadly it looks that way Mr C, I cannot see our lovely new 4000 capacity arena being filled by the likes of East Stirlingshire or Cowdung [emoji35]
  10. Well done you boys, 7/4 on the coupon was a steal yesterday
  11. Another point to add, if Kevin Smith scored against us we must be honking
  12. Let's get this right on current showing we have a first class ticket to the first division. Nade papered over the cracks last season and it was him and one of two others that saved us from going down!! Worry times for the sons imo
  13. I don't need to be careful about anything, freedom of speech and all that guff
  14. Going to be a long season at this rate, first manager to be punted [emoji106]