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  1. F1 2018

    I’m sure once people get used to it, it will be fine. I’m not a fan but if it stops another fatality I’m all for it. Although it must be strange for the drivers as it must impair their vision somewhat.
  2. F1 2018

    I actually think the halo looks fine when the teams have made it look integrated with the rest of the car, like Ferrari have. But when it looks like it’s just plonked on top of the cockpit, it looks daft.
  3. F1 2018

    Not a fan, then?
  4. F1 2018

  5. Irn Bru

    Stop being a cant
  6. I’d be disappointed if the pizza topping wasn’t some sort of fish based flavour...
  7. China to cut down on funeral strippers

    What’s the point having a stripper at your funeral? You’re already stiff enough as it is.
  8. ^^^ reminds me of... When David Beckham scores, he drinks Becks. When Kenny Miller scores, he drinks Miller. Bet you David Seaman is relieved he is a goalkeeper.
  9. Unfunny comedians

    I thought Frankie Boyle was decent although you could tell the audience were waiting for him to “cross the line” with some of his jokes, going by their reaction. Listened to 30 seconds of Simon Evans then gave up.
  10. Unfunny comedians

    Watching an old episode of Live At The Apollo last night, and some Irish burd called Aisling Bea was on. I’m sure I’ve had doses of diarrhoea that were funnier than her.
  11. Duffy steamroller continues. 2-0 Morton
  12. Ton v sons

    Pars play QOTS on Saturday so if we were to somehow win up at Inverness and those two draw, we would be looking good for a definite top four finish.
  13. Ton v sons

    Agreed. I got carried away this time last year and was around 90% certain we were going up before we went on that run of not winning games. I’m not making that mistake again this season!!
  14. Ton v sons

    I was impressed with Dumbarton last night. They pass the ball about well and look dangerous on the break. They certainly don’t look like a team that’s 9 points adrift in the relegation play off place. Just a pity (for them...) that their decision making and final ball isn’t the best.