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  1. Unpopular opinions.

    Great post mate, chin up.
  2. Croatia [emoji1082] v Nigeria [emoji1184]

    I’m more disappointed with the lack of crowd fighting in city centres and England fans launching cafe chairs.
  3. Croatia [emoji1082] v Nigeria [emoji1184]

    You know it’s bad when you can leave the house to go for a Chinese takeaway and not actually miss anything.
  4. Croatia [emoji1082] v Nigeria [emoji1184]

    Wow somebody did a thing.
  5. Croatia [emoji1082] v Nigeria [emoji1184]

    Has the game started yet?
  6. Fixtures 2018/19

    Yeah I don’t understand the complaints. With highland teams in the league you are going to have to make at least four journeys. If you draw the short straw and have to travel on a Tuesday night, tough shit. County and ICT travel to the central belt more than four times a season, don’t hear them complaining.
  7. Croatia [emoji1082] v Nigeria [emoji1184]

    Think they used to have blue shorts, not sure about the socks though!!
  8. Croatia [emoji1082] v Nigeria [emoji1184]

    Nigeria wearing their away kit. Boooo.
  9. ANOTHER fire at Glasgow School of Art

    This. The amount of grieving on social media as if someone had died is unbelievable.
  10. Peru vs Denmark

    Nice save there. Thought that was in!!
  11. Argentina vs Iceland

    Superb. GIRUY Messi ya wee rat.
  12. Argentina vs Iceland

    Commentator gets an erection every time Messi is in possession.
  13. Argentina vs Iceland

    Cheating cnut.
  14. Argentina vs Iceland

    “Hit like if you think Ronaldo is better than Messi” Facebook comments incoming.