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  1. C**** on a Train

    Someone had to do it
  2. C**** on a Train

    Was visiting a relative in Aberdeen a few years ago and on the train back to Glasgow the guy across from me fell asleep. He woke up when the train was at Montrose and realising that was his stop, jumped up and off the train in a hurry. He didn’t realise he had left his shopping behind. It was top gear too, trainers, jeans, tshirts and a cracker of a jacket. Sold it all to a mate. Easy £500.
  3. Champions League 2017/18

    Anyone see the video of Spurs fans in Madrid last night singing “wake me up before you go go, who needs Bale when you’ve got Sissoko”.
  4. Metallica @ The Hydro

    Blackened and Four Horsemen are the two songs I want to hear the most. Hearing Atlas Rise and Moth Into Flame live should be superb
  5. The Metalhead thread

    It’s a strange one cos even though they are big enough to headline arenas here, they would be the perfect support act for Metallica or Maiden on an arena tour. Saying that, I still think my perfect gig would be Metallica - Volbeat - Trivium - Ghost. I would die if that tour ever happened over here!!
  6. The Metalhead thread

    Only one support band unfortunately. Yeah was hoping for Volbeat too they would be much better support but America always seem to get better tours than we do
  7. The Metalhead thread

    Anyone listen to Kvelertak? Checking them out on Spotify just now as they are supporting Metallica next week. Sound quite decent from what I’ve heard so far.
  8. Metallica @ The Hydro

    This will be my fifth time seeing them. Always a special experience. Even if they just stood there on the stage for two hours and didn’t play any songs I’d still stand there in amazement going “holy shit, it’s Metallica!!”
  9. Metallica @ The Hydro

    Thought this deserved a thread of its own. 12 days to go and I’m buzzing for this gig. Been watching some YouTube videos of their US stadium tour during the summer and they sound as good as I’ve ever heard them live, James especially - vocal and guitar wise. The Hardwired stuff will be amazing to hear live and the old stuff should be superb too. Cannot wait. Who else is going?
  10. No offence to Brechin but this would probably be down to you sitting in and making it difficult for teams to break you down, rather than coming out and playing a bit of football yourselves.
  11. Terrible Jobs

    As long as you lift with your knees, you'll be fine.
  12. Slovenia Vs Scotland - Official Match Thread

    Been thinking about this for the last hour or so and will probably get hounded for this, but is it maybe not time that we actually conceded that Scotland are not good enough to be qualifying for tournaments anymore? I think too much of the problem is that everyone thinks that it is our right to be at every tournament once a new qualifying campaign begins and then get on the back of the manager and players when we don't do it. Maybe it's time to look at the bigger picture and agree that we don't have the ability to beat the 'up and coming' nations and we shouldn't be over reacting when we don't get the result that we want. I mean, as much as I was disappointed with tonight's result, I kinda just shrugged my shoulders and was over it five minutes after full time as I was kinda expecting it to happen. Maybe we should go into a campaign expecting to not qualify and then get behind the manager and players throughout the whole campaign. None of this booing players just because we think they aren't good enough. I think that's half the problem, the players and manager (no matter how good or bad they are) don't get enough support from the fans.
  13. Who should retire?

    For a second I thought you were referring to Chris Burke...
  14. Week 5

    Panthers go 4-1
  15. Week 5

    TD Panthers. 17-10.