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  1. Darvel Juniors 2017/18

    Anyway, congrats on the 3 points even though i think we were hard done by, officials were shocking on reflection, see yous at darvel when fixture man decides to schedule it
  2. Darvel Juniors 2017/18

    Doesnt answer the question about the club and park
  3. Darvel Juniors 2017/18

    Ul no get me biting to that Neil,get the rod away haha If you were the goalie for darvel today, what a save to keep it at 1 nil, great save
  4. Darvel Juniors 2017/18

    Yes they were, I had a good discussion with them at halftime about ur club & the park etc Interesting, what did they know?
  5. Darvel Juniors 2017/18

    Home supporters behind me said it was a penalty They werent home supporters
  6. Darvel Juniors 2017/18

    Thank fuk for that, mature comment btw lol
  7. Darvel Juniors 2017/18

    Ha ha you should be on the stage big man
  8. Darvel Juniors 2017/18

    Honestly pal, you had to see it to believe it
  9. Darvel Juniors 2017/18

    Building bridges and now we are irrelevant, ha ha , you couldnae make it up, gave ma opinion on you keyboard warrior
  10. Darvel Juniors 2017/18

    No they werent lol
  11. Darvel Juniors 2017/18

    Couldnt care less mate, there wouldnt have been any bridges to build if the wee fat pie heed didnt go running to the papers telling lies
  12. Darvel Juniors 2017/18

    That wee rat of a chairman is exactly how i pictured, shat himself claiming everything he said was a joke, as for you, well.......... Darvel didnt beat us today, the officials did
  13. Darvel Juniors 2017/18

    Officials were poor today, felt we deserved the win but when it went 2-2 anything could happen, good thing for us is we're finishing game stronger now At least you can post somethin decent, agree, anything could happen at 2-2, should have been 2up but what a save from your keeper, tremendous stop, then the officials stepped up, that linesman is horrendous, had him before when he was giving offside from goal kicks, what chance you got
  14. Darvel Juniors 2017/18

    Nae wonder the wee guys whistlin, embarrassing to say the least from the men in yellow