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  1. Even if everything worked out great with this 'dream move' to the edge of nowhere, I know very few fans who want to watch DFC there. Utterly soulless, in a bog of a field near a bypass. At least we're still in the heart of town where we are just now, there's shops, pubs, takeaways nearby. Fear the very worst for The Sons if we end up at Dalmoak.
  2. Heard Supporters' Bus is full for Saturday What time is it leaving Church St? Nothing about a departure time on SonsTrust site.
  3. "Whatever is built at first"....Hmm Prediction - Another 1-stand 'stadium' on the edge of town.
  4. Big BerbaThom is on fire just now
  5. Come on The Sons!
  6. Good article, I recall reading the Sunday Herald one about "offshore owners" some time last year too.
  7. Thread genius found
  8. What a thread *Cringe*
  9. I'd love to see WDC put up the £1m or so & make BooBco disappear. Turning our current stadium intae a proper "Community facility" used by us and other local teams etc. It'll never happen in reality, sadly.
  10. To be fair to big Thomson he's played out of his skin since signing the pre-contract with Morton in January. No downing of tools from him. The shot he hit before bagging his 2nd goal today was similar to an attempt he tried V Dunfermline early on last week. If only it had went in the net. Less said about last week the better though
  11. Gottae say lads, that's the poorest Raith I've seen in years, our keeper Alan Martin had a couple of decent saves, but The Sons were never really in danger today. That was a real show of character from us after a 5-1 humping last week @ East End Park, for me that was the difference between the two teams, the Rovers players looked as though they'd never played together before, whereas Sons worked their arses off for each other. I genuinely hope you stay up though, enjoy the banter wi the Raith fans before games in the boozer.
  12. Well done Sons, great way to bounce back after last week's farce. Clawed back some goal difference too.
  13. You don't say
  14. Shilling/5p betting syndicates, f**k me, our crowd are totally Tonto nuts. Incredible stuff, honestly can't believe I read that. I'm betting thruppence ha'penny on Queens Park to beat Third Lanark this weekend, I stand to win a farthing if the wager stoats....