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  1. He's in good form just now.
  2. I'd be happy with a point, would hope Stevie doesn't set us up to play for a point though, however if we got a point, gained from whatever tactical set up he selects, it would be a very good point gained away from home. A draw for me.
  3. Could be Ross McCrorie. Note that he is still viewing the goalmouth action though. Kler Heh used to also favour that spot behind the floodlight power box too.
  4. #threadofthemonth *knew 'absolutely massive' was the correct tag*
  5. I agree with your post, although we could be sitting pretty in 6th, 7 points above 9th place. The other teams around us all have games in hand too. We can't afford to be so charitable in future games.
  6. Absolutely agree.
  7. Any published attendance figures at the C.I.D stadium require a decent pinch of salt tbh. I'm more concerned with the empty seats in the Home end.