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  1. That's nice Dear.
  2. He's into his stride now at Sons, he'll score on Saturday & celebrate in front of the Cowshed.
  3. Thanks. I may well pay into the Shed then.
  4. Any idea if we'll be in the CowShed or is it the Main Stand? Bit of a bogey ground for Sons, we're due a result there maybe, and after 2 losses we need something this Saturday.
  5. Saints v Sons

  6. Saints v Sons

    Is it wee Chick Young??
  7. Sons' sorrow

    Sadly, that's looking highly unlikely. 5-0 down at h/t to Rory McAllister FC
  8. Its usually a decent match, with goals aplenty when Sons play Raith. Hopefully another goalfest with a home win & The Sons into a Semi Nice to see young Vaughan again too, as long as he has a stinker & Mark Stewart has a blinder obviously. eta - bowling club still exists.
  9. Saints v Sons

    Yeah. I agree re the Colt teams.
  10. Saints v Sons

    I'd love us to get to the Fizzy Cup Final, we might even take 500. Anyway, back on topic, fancy a 2-2 draw this Saturday.
  11. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    Happy with that draw. Sons are going all the way.