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  1. I'd agree with that.
  2. Call me old fashioned. Too many extra stripes & bands.
  3. #round-the-clockbevvying
  4. I'm on tenterhooks... *hits refresh button repeatedly
  5. If that was Gold it would be lovely.
  6. Christ, they must think that the world is watching & waiting.
  7. Yes, Robert loved his Irn Bru (from a glass bottle of course)
  8. Today's Reporter newspaper reports archaeologists saying that a Manor House inhabited by Robert the Bruce may lie on the Young's Farm site.
  9. Not a chance. They really are such jolly japesters at DFC towers
  10. Nice, retro. The old style D.A.F.C lettering would have really made it though.
  11. Welcome. I believe there is a poster called 'Northern Son', not sure if they are nr Brechin or further North.
  12. Lyle's gnashers are as luminous as the trim on the away kit.
  13. They are maybe still hand-stitching the stars onto the new kit
  14. Mid-table for The Sons, challenging for the Promotion Play-offs.