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  1. Me too
  2. There was approx 300+ in the 'Home End'. The 'Away End' was far busier though. Sons played ok, Stewart took his goal well, Hutton was capable, we could do worse than try & get Ryan Hardie on loan to bolster our strikeforce. Our defence is shaping up nice I think. Pleasing win.
  3. Yes. Believe the criteria is that the ground/stadia has at least 1 Stand/Seating area minimum. We hosted Rangers youth games for a few years.
  4. We'll take the big chap off your hands, he'd do well for us with our better coaching.
  5. re - Austin. Big Nathan Austin excels on the counter attack, play him a ball into a bit of space, he'll finish most of the time & punish the opposition. Did it to us a couple of years ago in the Cup @ Methil. Big threat 'on the break' every time.
  6. Good point gained for us today. I felt last week that if Ally Roy got a goal sooner, rather than later, it may give him a right good confidence boost. Well done Ally Son. He has potential for us, great pace & enthusiasm.
  7. Dear god, he's implying your akin to a highways stalker/nutjob, Rutger Hauer type, wanting someone to molest, kill or torment, on the way to Grangemouth for the match. But fear not, these Grangemouth folks are known to have relations within their own families themselves. Rest easy. 2-1 Sons
  8. Apart from one total howler - the mix up between keeper & defender(s), hesitating, and allowing the ball to almost fall to a Morton player in the 2nd half, I thought our new keeper saved us a few times. Some very good saves yesterday.
  9. Decent 2-page spread in today's Sunday Mail with Stevie Aitken
  10. Truly terrifying tbh
  11. Quite happy with a point from today, Morton should possibly have won going on the 2nd half pressure. We created nothing. Poor fare though for all spectators.
  12. You seem like ICT's version of Viking Ton
  13. Youngster's got a cracking set of wingnuts, communication on the pitch shouldn't be a problem.