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  1. Glad to see the Arabs have arrived on the Thread. #runningscaredofTheSons
  2. Be great if United could roll over & let us get a result for a 3rd time this season on Saturday. Thanking you in advance
  3. Battle Royale for me, plenty of strategically placed explosives & instruments of decapitation.
  4. Some more of this on the Alba tv this Saturday please Robert...
  5. Following The Sons requires an element of reality & no delusions of grandeur. We crumble in the games we think we'll win & pull something out the bag in games we fear the worst from
  6. We did something silly @ the weekend, down at Palmerston I'll have you know.
  7. Yeah, forgot about the draw with Falkirk, a similar scoreline this week would be nice. We've been decent against United this season.
  8. I went to the match at Tannadice earlier this season when we lost, narrowly. Would like to think we can get a point on Saturday. Maybe break our 'duck' on Alba, as in not losing whilst being shown Live on BBC TV (Airdrie playoffs being the exception)
  9. Magnificent result Sons, outstanding.
  10. Doubt they'd even get a beamer either *adopts straight-face*
  11. Politicians are fairly good at that.
  12. They've maybe got an interest in our 'move' too.......
  13. Condolences to ThirdRock's family. RIP
  14. An away draw at Palmerston normally wouldn't be a bad result for us, depends how other results pan out though. Would really like to win & be masters of our own destiny tbh.
  15. Flightless birds running around 'The Kingdom'..... should be easy prey for the locals.