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  1. If i remember correctly he played with Hill at back and Stan James just in front of them.
  2. Who,s the Queens No5
  3. You ve never been to wanlockhead then.
  4. Another 2 crackers.
  5. Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neal Peart and Alice Cooper.
  6. Thought it was a penalty at the time and the photo has just confirmed it but the ref has to be sure before giving it. At the end of the day it doesn,t matter we got beat 1-0 roll on next season cos the last couple of months have been a drag just waiting for this season to finish.Btw Dunfermlines no8 was brilliant yesterday, Thought he ran the game.
  7. Hope Queens win and Dobbie scores 2 or 3, also hope Dumbarton stay up cos i quite like them.
  8. Ken Bruce and Jeremy Vine shows probably my favourites as soon as Steve Wright comes on though the channel promptly changed, What a useless f**ker that is.On a side note my works van gets the travel news from bbc radio Cumbria.The other day it came on to tell you that there was no reported problems in the area.What the f**k is the point of that.
  9. No seriously, We are f**king rancid at the moment.
  10. Fair point mate however the fag smoker probably cant afford a bike with the price of fags.
  11. In hospitality for this game so i hope we show a bit more interest than we did against Morton or i might not bother coming out for the second half.
  12. Well buy a bike ya lazy bugger
  13. Over 1.5 goals in the games at Fleetwood Oldham Wimbledon Carlisle Crewe Notts Co Morton Dumbarton Albion Stranraer Alloa and Forfar returns £105 for a fiver.
  14. They could sign the pastie munching keeper from Sutton Utd.
  15. Aye i must admit if that incident had happened later in the game Delboy would have been given at least a yellow card.