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  1. Queens v Morton

    Quitongo,s goal well it,s all been said really,Brilliant.Not really getting the critisism of Kane i thought he played ok on Saturday. Dont think Martin could have done much with the goals either. I did comment during the game that i thought he looked a bit sluggish though. Overall i think we did enough to get a point but heyho well done Morton.
  2. Berwick Rangers v Queen Of The South

    I wouldnt think we,ll bring that many, Iknow the Travel Club bus is full so i would think about 150-200 of us.Would,ve been more had it been the scottish cup.
  3. This is exactly how i felt but the two signings did cheer me up a bit.Really pleased with the Kane signing.
  4. Overrated "Iconic" Songs

    Last Christmas by Wham.Awful pish.
  5. Pish Adverts

    Definately this. One f**king annoying advert but not as bad as Gary " you hhad me at oven-baked" Lineker.
  6. League Predictions

    If Dundee Utd cant get out of this league this season then they could be here for a while. As for Queens going by what i,ve seen so far this is going to be a long season.Falfirk and ICT will be thereabouts at the other end Queens Dumbarton and Brechin will be scrapping it out.
  7. Group G

    If i remember correctly he played with Hill at back and Stan James just in front of them.
  8. Group G

    Who,s the Queens No5
  9. The Loch

    You ve never been to wanlockhead then.
  10. Biggest Tear Jerkers

    Another 2 crackers.
  11. Mount Rushmore of music

    Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neal Peart and Alice Cooper.
  12. Thought it was a penalty at the time and the photo has just confirmed it but the ref has to be sure before giving it. At the end of the day it doesn,t matter we got beat 1-0 roll on next season cos the last couple of months have been a drag just waiting for this season to finish.Btw Dunfermlines no8 was brilliant yesterday, Thought he ran the game.
  13. Queen of the South -vs- Dumbarton

    Hope Queens win and Dobbie scores 2 or 3, also hope Dumbarton stay up cos i quite like them.
  14. Radio shows

    Ken Bruce and Jeremy Vine shows probably my favourites as soon as Steve Wright comes on though the channel promptly changed, What a useless f**ker that is.On a side note my works van gets the travel news from bbc radio Cumbria.The other day it came on to tell you that there was no reported problems in the area.What the f**k is the point of that.
  15. Rovers v QoS

    No seriously, We are f**king rancid at the moment.