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  1. No seriously, We are f**king rancid at the moment.
  2. Fair point mate however the fag smoker probably cant afford a bike with the price of fags.
  3. In hospitality for this game so i hope we show a bit more interest than we did against Morton or i might not bother coming out for the second half.
  4. Well buy a bike ya lazy bugger
  5. Over 1.5 goals in the games at Fleetwood Oldham Wimbledon Carlisle Crewe Notts Co Morton Dumbarton Albion Stranraer Alloa and Forfar returns £105 for a fiver.
  6. They could sign the pastie munching keeper from Sutton Utd.
  7. Aye i must admit if that incident had happened later in the game Delboy would have been given at least a yellow card.
  8. Aye pleased with that though didn,t think West Ham were ever going to score.
  9. Over 1.5 goals in games at Everton Watford Newcastle Sheff Utd Bristol Rovers Carlisle Mansfield Luton Exeter Motherwell and Partick pays £72 61 for a fiver.
  10. Agree with you. Iwas confident St Mirren would win today, backed them at 9/5 before the game and at 11/1 at half time.Didn,t think the game was in doubt once you equalised.
  11. Feckin shite you,ve got to walk everywhere
  12. Barring the first 20mins that turned out to be quite an enjoyable game. Iwould even go as far to say we were the better team over 90mins. No real complaints about the result though so good luck to United in the final. On a side note Lee Robinsons going to get penalised for his antics some day there,s no need for pushing opposing players to the ground all the time.
  13. Disagree with you Mr X we deserved nothing from that game today. I would,ve loved it had we equalised but it would have been daylight robbery we were clearly second best today even if Hibs didn,t play that well.
  14. As has already been mentioned Days of our lives by Queen and This womans work by Kate Bush are two great choices but If you could read my mind by Gordon Lightfoot always gets me.