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  1. TNS v Dumbarton

    Well chuffed for Dumbarton and their fans. As others have said had the two goals been scored by certain other players or teams you would be seeing them on tv for weeks. Have a brilliant day out in the final.
  2. Modern Pop Music You Like

    Aye, This songs certainly grown on me. Another shout for Rita Ora as well, Like her song with Liam thingummyjig.
  3. Funny that, Just as i was reading your post it came on the tv. Have to say i wouldnae mind licking it of her nose before giving her a mullering.
  4. 3 Leagues of 16, 16, 16

    I would just scrap the play-offs and have three promoted and relegated.
  5. QoS vs Partick Thistle

    Aye it,ll be whatever Thistle sell plus 1,400
  6. Love the non-bias commentary there.
  7. Only an Excuse?

    Purposely didnt watch this last night and going by the comments on here it was a wise decision.
  8. Bancroft

    Aye im watching it and enjoying it. Have to say though i almost gave up on it after the first 30-40mins but glad i stuck with it.
  9. I'm A Celebrity 2017

    Dont see the point of having celebs there when they cant do the tasks due to medical reasons e.g Stanley.
  10. QoS v Livi

    The general consensus was that if we played as well as we did against Montrose then we would get hammered today. Result, We did and we did. Utter gash. Btw well done Livi.
  11. c***s on the road

    This also happens on the Dumfries bypass its called traffic calming measures. Im sure the council pay the c*nts to do it.
  12. The Apprentice 2017

    I know, That must be the easiest time anybody,s had in the boardroom that was on the losing team. She didn,t say a word and nobody said anything to her. Pure f**king wid though.
  13. Blue Planet II

    Or when rocks from icebergs go past you.Brilliant stuff again though, It was quite amusing watching the eels coming out of the brine.
  14. Extra holidays for non-smokers?

    Good post. I smoke at work and i certainly dont take liberties and tbf my boss doesnt smoke but nips out for some fresh air whilst drinking his coffee occasionally. Swings and roundabouts and all that. People need to chill ffs.