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  1. Cove v Spartans / Spartans v Cove

    Would rather Cove relegated Cowdown. I don't mind Ainslie Park but the thought of going there 4 times in a season is a bad thought.
  2. Edinburgh City

    In his head aye. Moses is honestly the biggest loser I've had the displeasure of ever meeting.
  3. The Tennents Lager Appreciation Society

    Work done for the week so kicking back with some fine necTar. It really is gods gift to the world.
  4. C'mon thats not in the spirit of the new friendship derby.
  5. Modern shite patter

    LADbible pish that.
  6. Warsaw

    Went in February, absolutely loved it. Old town is nice, good few pubs there as well. The history of Warsaw museum there is quite boring though. History of the jews museum is a must.
  7. No. The banter years is an era of comedy gold. You buying a Hibs top despite supporting Celtic is embarrassing.
  8. I'd say we've been overdue a win for almost 2 months. But does a team that lets Blair Henderson score a hatrick against them really deserve a win?
  9. Love the confidence from the Clyde fans. We've lost our last 4 conceding 13 and scoring 2. If anyone is winning this it'll be Stenny. Mon the draw.
  10. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    Don't mind the Irish and Welsh sides being in it, but get the colts to f**k. They offer absolutely nothing.
  11. Clyde can still catch the both of us, although unlikely us. I would take a draw right now, but we have needed a point the last 2 games and lost both. Hopefully a big support from both sides to watch a fantastic 0-0 draw.
  12. Berwick vs Stenny

    Frightened of Peterhead tbh.