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  1. Kens the game
  2. Indeed we played Morton on 10th October. Having no match on Boxing Day meant we went from 11th December to 23rd January without a home match. Dreadful decision. Some of our fans got into the festive spirit in the October match.
  3. Oh no it isn`t.
  4. Totally agree, gymnastics is shit.
  5. Indeed. An absolute superstar. I always remember Alex Ferguson stating he watched a masterclass of defending where Maldini didn`t even make a tackle. What a guy.
  6. Ex AC Milan and Italy legend Paola Maldini qualifies for event on Challenger Tour. Rich, famous, handsome and hugely talented. I`m not even a tiny bit jealous Am I bovvered
  7. My driving is generally a strength of my game. I`m in a phase of making an error and then compounding it with awful decision making. It`ll get better.
  8. Played 18 tonight. Won 1 up despite being 1 down with 2 to play. Golf generally good but seem to have absolute horror show on 2 or 3 holes each round. Started with 2 pars solid pars tonight, then went double bogey, triple bogey, triple bogey on 3-5 then played really well after that.
  9. Indeed. Dreadful news for Doddie and his family.
  10. Another player who has featured for us. Think I might have to make Falkirk my big team.
  11. Nice one. You May well be right.
  12. Eagles : New Kid in Town
  13. Jackson Browne Sky Blue and Black
  14. Brilliant concert. He`s 68 years old now and still puts on a show. Played Sky Blue and Black which was the favourite song of a really good friend of mine who died last year age only 37. I cried like a baby through the whole fucking song. I don`t believe in any after life but if there is one Ally would have pissed himself laughing at me.