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  1. Sounds like Carlisle played well tonight and were a bit unlucky to lose.
  2. Great stuff. Well played.
  3. Week 1 Aberdeen. Week 2 Raith Rovers Week 3 Dundee United. Week 4 Ayr United.
  4. 14 goals in 34 international starts and a quote from Jose that there is no way he`d have let him leave ManU. Clearly shite though
  5. Falkirk fans seem in a bit of a meltdown but no doubt it will be very tough there next week,
  6. Just watching the Solheim Cup. Some brilliant stuff. Couple of the European team just did 18 holes in the 4 ball in 8 under and never looked like winning.
  7. This.
  8. Good point well made.
  9. He didn`t score against Airdrie albeit 3 other defenders did.
  10. I got the impression for Pars fans who posted that Fordyce was a very decent player but had had issues with injury. Have to say I was concerned that we let both Dowie and Higgins go but so far so good in terms of the defence.
  11. Saves them having to go shopping with the wife I suppose.
  12. Goals from today.
  13. Excellent result. 3 goals, 3 points and a clean sheet. Sitting 5th in the league with 6 points from 3 games.
  14. ^^ Strictly fan.
  15. What`s pink and smells of ginger. Fred Astaire`s cock.