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  1. Fair enough I can see why you think that, My own view is that the booing was absolutely about Martin coming on. Probably a bit of both in reality.
  2. Like you I understand the frustration. I could understand some booing if we were losing but at 0-0 in a "must win" game it`s just pathetic in my view.
  3. OK fair point to an extent but in a game at 0-0 with time running out he`s not an obvious sub. The notion that people weren`t booing Martin just isn`t credible IMHO. Even if they were booing Strachan it must have been pretty gutting for Martin, Dreadful stuff from those who booed.
  4. Why not boo when Anya came on then. He did well but wasn`t an obvious sub for a more attacking player in Snodgrass in a game at 0-0 that we needed to win. Martin was a much more obvious sub given the way the game had gone. The booing was aimed at least in part towards Martin.
  5. Oh come on. People at the game booed when Martin came on. For all his faults he does his best and as it happened scored the winning goal tonight. Let`s not defend the booing by saying if you weren`t there you can`t have an opinion. I wasn`t impressed when Martin came on but have to say it was sad to hear the booing from the "best fans in the world". Really poor stuff.
  6. I thought Naismith did pretty well. Strachan got his subs spot on. As for the 2nd point, presumably Martin is meant to be able to make that distinction. Dreadful stuff by those who booed him. Really poor.Those who booed are morons.
  7. It`s absolutely not a game that we must take something from in terms of staying up.
  8. Great result. Thought Armstrong was absolutely superb tonight. What a debut. Robertson and Tierney were excellent. Scott Brown had a very decent game and was exactly what we needed in midfield tonight. Strachan got his subs spot on tonight. As for folk booing Martin- GTF. I don`t rate Martin but booing a player on is fucking awful.
  9. Fair comment I`m not saying we are but it would probably take some odd results to put us down. Big result for us today not so much for the point we got but the 2 points you didn`t get. FWIW I think Raith will be fine too.
  10. 3 points more safe than Raith though.
  11. I think we will stay up but we aren`t absolutely safe as of now.
  12. Oops
  13. Ooft. In absolute free fall. Sounds like they were the better side until they conceded first goal. Not even in the play-off spots now as Exeter scored in 88, 91 and 92 mins to come from 0-3 down to get a point v Yeovil.
  14. Agreed.