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  1. ADL Season 17/18

    Is the ardagh glass still happening next season with this reconstruction?
  2. Dalry Thistle

    I laughed that hard there my intestines came out my arse
  3. Dalry Thistle

    Is Lewis the fat one at the back?
  4. ADL Season 17/18

    The referee was horrendous last night for both teams ardeer v Muirkirk, All about him. Roll on next season.
  5. ADL Season 17/18

    I’m embarrassed having been told what some of the ardeer players are on!! Unreal getting super 1st wages for players who have been rank rotten this season and giving up. Some on good money and are happy to be bottom of the league! Get them to f**k. Never knew our players where on what they are on. As I said Embarrassing
  6. Irvine Victoria 17/18

    Winton time and time again fail, If the set up was that good they would be in the premier. They’ve tried Frye, Strain, McLean, Slaven etc etc and still no joy. I think Stevie Wilson is an excellent coach who would be taking a step back going to the Winton. However he may feel he is the man to take the Winton forward. The Winton jobs like the Chelsea job. Win the league then there’s no progression and relegated back to square 1. Manager quits..The next manager can take us to the premier with our excellent committee and resources. That’s all well and fair but committees don’t win games.
  7. ADL Season 17/18

    Trevor McDonald
  8. Darvel Juniors 2017/18

    Tell the pieman to contact Ardeer, I want Kilmarnock pies and no Kandy bar pies next season
  9. ADL Season 17/18

    Dalry need that pitch sorted it’s been a shambles for years with drainage, You could spill a pint of water on it and it would be off.
  10. ADL Season 17/18

    The wintons problem is they believe they are already playing a division above them without kicking a ball. With the right man in charge they can be a premier team? Frye, Strain, McLean, Slaven.....All good managers who everyone on here liked to have there say in what the winton “Could” Do. The winton are like England at a national tournament, Tim henman at Wimbledon if you like. The pressure before a ball is kicked is there to see, Have ambition but be realistic also. Support your team through thick and thin
  11. ADL Season 17/18

    Would be an interesting one, Winton have been poor under Slaven
  12. ADL Season 17/18

    Aye seen Dalry on weds they looked good, Will be a good finish to see what happens
  13. ADL Season 17/18

    From what I seen in recent ardeer games against whitletts and Craigmark, Whitletts are a lot stronger. Can’t see Craigmark beating them
  14. Hurlford United 17/18

    Has Michael Mullen played with the juniors to?
  15. ADL Season 17/18

    I was quite impressed wae Whitletts on Saturday the number 8 is a decent midfielder, What’s happening wae big geo? Has he got a wooden knee? He was hobbling about like a Cumnock prostitute. No 4s a dirty b*****d