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  1. Your HOAT. Take off your maroon tinted glasses. Near ripped the strip of the dale player. Sub 15 elbowed Armadale 5 in box. Keeper kicked in head. Hope yeez get staoted aff Bathgate yeez are honking. N managers a complete tadger.
  2. Decent performance from the dale. Laughable that Armadale keeper sent off for hand sign, when ARNISTON manager abused opposition players all game ( as usual) and nothing was done by ref. Also deliberate kick at stand in keeper and deliberate elbow on dale centre back resulted in no action from referee. All that's wrong with football. Deliberately trying to cause injury should receive harsher punishment than sticking up the vickies. DALE AWAY TO FORFAR NEXT WEEK...... UNBELIEVABLE 3 LONG JOURNEYS IN A MONTH..
  3. Very long deal deal for a player who historicaly last no more than half a season. Didn't really get going at Armadale. Seldom at training. Part of the famous nine nothing team.
  4. armadale thistle have placed Lewis Milton on the transfer list. Interested parties should contact club secretary Scott Watson on [email protected] Lewis is based near airdrie
  5. It's so Chris can spend more time watching his beloved rangers on a Saturday.
  6. Armadale Thistle have placed defender kieran brennan on the transfer list. Interested clubs should contact club secretary Scott Watson through email [email protected]
  7. True or not true. There are no clubs over fifteen years off age... What happened to the girls team? Great to see so many kids involved but after a point the interest seems to go ( not only in Armadale but Throughout) football needs a good juvenile league system that takes the players right upto adult ( and therefor junior) football. I'm sure young men would rather play at a juvenile club that gives them the chance off junior football rather than pub league football.
  8. Dale keeper getting his face rebuilt tomorrow following an accidental clash during Saturdays game.
  9. The club have been patient and went thru all applications with an open minded approach, desperate to make right decision. the players should be applauded for playing on and playing well . the serious injury to the dale keeper on Saturday has put things back a few days but the club hope to finish interviews this week, with the new manager appointed shortly after.
  10. More than a dozen applications. now making shortlist for interviews mostly experienced juniors and senior managers. a couple off local rookies. hopefully sorted soon
  11. Burne were losing 2-0 with minutes to go when I left . gartcairns never a junior set up. NEVER
  12. Applications close Friday 25 November with interviews shortly after.
  13. Taken down as becoming a platform for the community clubs inane drivel. Team picked by players, coached from sidelines by frankie. Quite a few serious applications for job, none local.
  14. change to email contact please contact [email protected] previous account has been hacked
  15. junior clubs usually end up in the league that finances dictate , in the case of armadale a lot off locals would rather support teams far away than there own club and sadly this shall dictate the league the club participate in in future years . however to say the south league is where the dale and bathgate belong shows your lack off knowledge when it comes to the game in west lothian as both clubs have spent little time in the south league .a bit off local support both from individuals and bussiness and both clubs would thrive .