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  1. Junior football, what is the future?

    I find it blizzard that junior football ( by far the biggest non league body in scotland) should move HEAVEN and earth to join the minority leagues that are mostly no better than the junior set up .I see senior clubs with inferior facilities and yet junior clubs are constantly slated for a lack of investment in facilities . The greed that has destroyed our big game looks like it will take junior football as it's next victim .
  2. No clubs wanted a game .dry yir eyes .Your too good for junior football so away and play with your senior pals .cheerio
  3. Games off Tomorrow

    Pitch still unplayable ..i hear the beith fans are delighted with the later INSPECTION I'm sure they will get a nice fresh sandwich . And just to add to this .LIVINGSTON game a few miles away also off due to frozen pitch .safety of players rightly taken into account .
  4. Games off Tomorrow

    PLAYERS contracts stipulate " THEY HAVE THE CHOICE TO PLAY ON SUNDAY" a player will not be in breach of contract for refusing to play on a Sunday. These contracts are drawn up by the sfa for ALL scottish non league clubs . Here lies the problem with Sunday games .
  5. Games off Tomorrow

    Checked armadale pitch at 7.30 still frozen at 9.30 .still needs rolled and lined . Looks like still be frozen at 12.30 as soil temperature still not one degree . Baker has eight dozen pies to make .canteen stories and soup to make .half time and full time sandwiches bought from local shops ...should the club just buy all the above and throw in the nearest bin .join a junior committee and see how much work is involved by a very few COMMITTED people .
  6. Games off Tomorrow

    11ish what about behind the scenes ..pies sandwiches .players travelling from work .pitch work .line etc . Clubs have pitch inspections at these times for a reason .
  7. Think your missing the better calibre opposition that junior football brings ..the Kelty fans desperate to watch decent games. Admit it and you can have the odd comment on this forum .hope your giving the superior east of Scotland league break as much stick on there forum as you are the juniors , after all they are taking football away from their public as well with the winter shutdown .
  8. What difference does it make to Kelty? Why have you no league match ? Junior league decisions don't affect you any more .
  9. I've heard only 3 clubs asked the Secretary for fixtures during the holidays .one off them insisting on a home tie . Looks like the beeks decision was correct
  10. I believe it's only the SATURDAYS that no permits will be issued .rumour is difficulties in all regions allocating officials during the festive period led to the decision .
  11. East Region South League 2017/8

    Aye mate scored 3 so far in3 games .lots options up front .not so many options at the back .Liam Gray scored another wonder goal .
  12. East Region South League 2017/8

    Willie rodger ,2 for colin allison and a last kick winner from Liam Gray
  13. The Pyramid: A Proposed Structure

    I have no issue with the Pyramid system, however the argument that we will lose good clubs if we don't join the party is utter nonsense. If the clubs are as good as they think they are they will climb the leagues and match who? The mighty Stranraer or Elgin, true they might become the next Ross County but there's s good chance they will become another meaningless club and the junior big boys like pollock,Auchinleck and lithgy would no longer have the glorious silverware laden team pics that the supporters want. If you want to join the Pyramid leave junior football and go in search of your dream EASY. I'll see you at kettles first champions league home game.
  14. The Pyramid: A Proposed Structure

    .Kelty season tickets on sale for £130. On the website. If the riches in the EOS league are so large why have Easthouse and craigroyston both left for the juniors ( with others I hear kean) and why don't these clubs have super facilities? If you don't like the junior set up leave, simple solution.
  15. The Pyramid: A Proposed Structure

    Kelty nowhere to be seen when it comes to taking on the best in the West. Bo'ness and linlithgow have made no intention to leave junior football ( small fish in big pond doesn't suit them) linlithgow gave no need to leave as they have a licence . I happen to like junior football, I've followed it since I was a young boy,. If I wanted to watch senior football I would but I choose to follow junior football that's lasted all these years without this nonsense. I take it you see Kelty,linlithgow or Bo'ness as potential Scottish cup winners in the future, I see them struggling in senior football that also has a dwindling support. How many Blackburn supporters would pay over ten pounds week in week out to watch there team lose?