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  1. East Region South League 2017/8

    Aye mate scored 3 so far in3 games .lots options up front .not so many options at the back .Liam Gray scored another wonder goal .
  2. East Region South League 2017/8

    Willie rodger ,2 for colin allison and a last kick winner from Liam Gray
  3. The Pyramid: A Proposed Structure

    I have no issue with the Pyramid system, however the argument that we will lose good clubs if we don't join the party is utter nonsense. If the clubs are as good as they think they are they will climb the leagues and match who? The mighty Stranraer or Elgin, true they might become the next Ross County but there's s good chance they will become another meaningless club and the junior big boys like pollock,Auchinleck and lithgy would no longer have the glorious silverware laden team pics that the supporters want. If you want to join the Pyramid leave junior football and go in search of your dream EASY. I'll see you at kettles first champions league home game.
  4. The Pyramid: A Proposed Structure

    .Kelty season tickets on sale for £130. On the website. If the riches in the EOS league are so large why have Easthouse and craigroyston both left for the juniors ( with others I hear kean) and why don't these clubs have super facilities? If you don't like the junior set up leave, simple solution.
  5. The Pyramid: A Proposed Structure

    Kelty nowhere to be seen when it comes to taking on the best in the West. Bo'ness and linlithgow have made no intention to leave junior football ( small fish in big pond doesn't suit them) linlithgow gave no need to leave as they have a licence . I happen to like junior football, I've followed it since I was a young boy,. If I wanted to watch senior football I would but I choose to follow junior football that's lasted all these years without this nonsense. I take it you see Kelty,linlithgow or Bo'ness as potential Scottish cup winners in the future, I see them struggling in senior football that also has a dwindling support. How many Blackburn supporters would pay over ten pounds week in week out to watch there team lose?
  6. The Pyramid: A Proposed Structure

    Just noticed our village idiot has got involved on this thread, what I can't understand is this constant feeling in the East that lowland league and EOS league clubs have in some way such better facilities than our junior clubs, this is utter nonsense most off the facilities in these leagues are below the standard off junior clubs ( although I do believe we need to bring our facilities upto a better standard) how these clubs have entry into the so called big Scottish cup while clubs like Auchinleck and others don't is at best laughable, but that doesn't mean we should jump ship to play these clubs, it's not long since clubs in these leagues were knocking on the juniors door ( 2 recently in the East region) if the clubs that make most noise on change were the ones regularly winning our premier cup then I would get worried, however until now that has not been the case. I believe junior football has more to offer in Scotland than the lower senior clubs.
  7. Fauldhouse United 2017/18

    Ex Armadale thistle. Tell you whit ti dae :-)
  8. Reorganisation of East Region Leagues

  9. Armadale

    This must have been before my time and I'm five years on the committee. Never heard of any these suggestions and I attend every meeting off the Club. Anyway another post made up to hijack the agenda. Put it on the community club section of pie and bovril.
  10. Armadale

    As one of the so called spivs that spends dozens of hours per week working to ensure the town of Armadale has a junior football club, I find it offensive to state the volley is a ruin, in actual fact it is probably the best pavilion in Armadale and far from the worse in junior football, recent memory serves me that the wood Park pavilion ( a superb modern changing facility) was recently closed to renew the floors. A small band off volunteers work tirelessly in Armadale and to be constantly told the place should be demolished is a bit disheartening. if the people who volunteer services at the club were to actually turn up.and do the work the place may look a bit better, as of the now it's Armadale only junior ground and that's how it will be for the foreseeable. Good idea pie n beans but doesn't fit into the only show in town idea rammed down everyone's throat. I used to be open minded but not anymore.
  11. Armadale

    OBVIUOSLY it's only your opinion that counts. Why weren't Armadale thistle football club never invited to the table until it became clear huge funding could be obtained thru the clubs volunteer park. The club have been in Armadale 82 years. ARMADALE THISTLE WILL PROSPER AS THEY HAVE BEFORE. And for the record Broxburn is probably the worst playing surface in junior football. Just ask any junior club. ATTEND THE AGM AND HAVE YOUR SAY.
  12. Armadale

    The Club understands that a good youth set up would only benefit the club. However the current West Lothian league doesn't go to under 21's which is one of the reasons we feel for kids leaving football late teens. It would also benefit youth teams if a pathway to junior football were available and possibly encourage teams to keep going to under 17's 19's etc. The history surrounding volunteer park should be a selling point for Armadale clubs. All the visitors to the volley are mesmerised by Armadale great history. A rebuilding programme for the club is about to get underway and we encourage anybody with an interest in the club to attend the AGM.
  13. Armadale

    Not the best season for the dale. But rebuilding all aspects off the Club are underway. The clubs AGM is the 28 this month in the pavilion at 12:15. Feel free to attend and give the club your views,.as for standing still that is far from position the club are in. Again attend the AGM and listen to what the club plan for the future.
  14. Reorganisation of East Region Leagues

    It's understandable that clubs on the up like Blackburn are going to be disappointed if there is any reconstruction. I personally think the fans should be asked for there opinions.travelling is a big issue not just the cost but the time spent on match days by committees, coaches and players. As you say Tuesday evening will clear up how junior football will be contested in the East.
  15. Armadale thistle

    Your HOAT. Take off your maroon tinted glasses. Near ripped the strip of the dale player. Sub 15 elbowed Armadale 5 in box. Keeper kicked in head. Hope yeez get staoted aff Bathgate yeez are honking. N managers a complete tadger.