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  1. Community Club?

    My argument is .the clubs like pollock and Talbot have invested over long periods off time ( my club haven't and there for are not worthy off the same rights as those who have) so for these clubs to be denied sfa membership because they are junior is a joke . I remember bsc Glasgow groundsharing with junior club maryhill now they have sfa membership and still have no park . So in the eyes off the beaks it's better to have no park rather than no toilets. Oh and by the way Spartans is the best non league set up by miles .
  2. Community Club?

    Correct park is tired .work has nmbeen underway over last 5 years inside the pavilion ( rewired,ventilation system ,wipe down walls and floors, revamped lounge ) spectator toilets now on going and funding underway for new roof to pavilion and floodlighting . Having said that can never remember it being the state off the pavilion below .
  3. Community Club?

    Cumbernauld = clyde/ council ground Raydale ...are you serious Gala not bad main stand .rests a bit school parkish. Not even close .let's drop into South and East senior leagues for some right toppers .look north for decent senior grounds .highland league miles ahead off the crap lowland league farce .
  4. Community Club?

    Tell me one lowland league ground better than Talbot or linlithgow ....how can clubs get entry level sfa membership with no grounds???? While clubs like pollock , Talbot. With decent grounds can't. Hate to burst your bubble but my club are now in the lowest league in the East region .I believe we will have more paying customers than edu sport or bsc Glasgow in the MIGHTY lowland league . This is a junior forum what makes it so interesting for the glorious senior clubs , could it be your own leagues are boring .I find it hard to find any mainline media intrest in these leagues , unlike junior football .spoke to two previous senior clubs now junior recently who tell me the senior leagues are poorly run and miles away from the junior standard .
  5. Community Club?

    And your parks the maracana . Very basic facilities . Auchinleck linlithgow miles in front off lowland league .yesterday's derby at pollock proves junior football is very much alive and kicking with 1200 spectators at a local derby league match.
  6. Community Club?

    I personally think it's a disgrace a club like Talbot who have constantly upgraded there facilities over the decades should be barred from sfa membership .having visited the tips that guise as lowland league grounds ( we have clubs with no grounds that have sfa licence ) it's shocking and cannot be justified .the biggest non league clubs in Scotland exempt from sfa membership is a complete farce .and not all the blame can be laid a Tom Johnston's door .look South for guidance .no need to re-i vent the wheel .Talbot desrve better treatment from the sfa and any other club that's put 30 years off steady progress off the field and on .
  7. Junior football, what is the future?

    I'm entitled to an OPINION .as you are yours . And in my opinion your club has neither the history, class or stature of any the clubs mentioned .clubs that have constantly evolved and improved through the decades in the junior game . I'm well aware of my clubs failings during the same period but I don't look on with envy .use rather try and get things right . Anyway this is a junior forum and your club are no longer a junior club so why don't you start telling the East of Scotland and lowland league teams what they should be doing .CHEERIO
  8. Junior football, what is the future?

    As I said don't count your chickens . Clearly a huge club now kelty .imo a minnow compared to linlithgow/ boness/ auchinleck pollock etc.but that's none of my business .a severe lack off respect for others thankfully your well out off the junior game . Hope you realise your potential in never never land .
  9. Junior football, what is the future?

    How many ground improvements took place at kelty before the sugar daddy came ? None Thinking your above others probably led you to play in the league your in . The supporters off armadale have dwindled .we asked them why .response .' Too many games miles away and too much travelling ' Facilities at armadale have stagnated but we are in the process off putting that right with a ten year plan. So we asked supporters and we act . Remember we were once thought off as a big junior club so don't count your chickens.
  10. Junior football, what is the future?

    The same eos league craigroyston and easthouse Lily left .not a good league .doubt the sosfl is decent so yes on par with lowland league .but as I have said ground improvements required again both East and South of Scotland league facilities very poor . While the sjfa must start asking clubs what they want .clubs must start asking FANS what THEY want .blazers are blazers at all levels .be it a club blazer telling FANS what THEY want or league/association blazers telling clubs what's best for them .
  11. Junior football, what is the future?

    If junior football had to be integrated into the pyramid .surely a simple form off playoffs from the junior super league winners giving a spot in the league playoffs would be a simple solution .however facility improvements must be incorporated into the criteria .hate to say it but look South of the border for guidance..
  12. Has he ! Constantly running down the junior game .but his club craves decent competition from junior clubs . The senior league clubs were ready to walk into the junior grade .2 have already joined the East, with one junior club heading in the other direction . Junior football has issues but so do the minor senior leagues . Thinking that money will filter down to junior clubs if they join the pyramid system is a myth .the money will become diluted with the Additional mouths to feed from the same dwindling pot .
  13. Junior football, what is the future?

    I don't think it's unrealistic for the sjfa to have there say in the future set up off scottish non league football .given they are bigger than all the others put together .after all we allow two clubs in Glasgow to dictate senior football simply because off their size .but your correct that the sjfa leadership aren't up to the job off representing the clubs in the association. The recent it's a holiday oh sorry it's not a holiday around Christmas FIXTURES continues to make the junior game a laughing stock .I believe that like our friends South off the border any clubs climbing should be improving facilities as they go .clubs in our sulerleagues should have floodlights for instance . ( impose a system like the green guide on junior clubs )
  14. Junior football, what is the future?

    I find it blizzard that junior football ( by far the biggest non league body in scotland) should move HEAVEN and earth to join the minority leagues that are mostly no better than the junior set up .I see senior clubs with inferior facilities and yet junior clubs are constantly slated for a lack of investment in facilities . The greed that has destroyed our big game looks like it will take junior football as it's next victim .
  15. No clubs wanted a game .dry yir eyes .Your too good for junior football so away and play with your senior pals .cheerio