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  1. Hopefully stay the same as Tuesday, Yule was very good
  2. Stranraer vs Arbroath

    They normally upload the goals onto their YouTube channel
  3. Stranraer vs Arbroath

    Will there be highlights for this?Sure I seen someone recording in the stand
  4. The Arbroath Thread

    Tonight a brilliant example of why Bobby Linn should be starting every game possible in this team. Class player.
  5. Stranraer vs Arbroath

    See Stranraer got pumped by Forfar yesterday. Looking forward to us going down and playing for a 1-0 win now.
  6. Arbroath v Alloa

    That would get the game of soccer stopped
  7. Arbroath v Alloa

    The wind machine doesn’t get turned on until 2.45 anyway
  8. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Drive. Enjoyed this, Ryan Gosling is cool as f**k and the soundtrack was brilliant too.
  9. Stranraer vs Arbroath

    6 days notice lol some dunt
  10. The Arbroath Thread

    Been saying for ages that we should try something like Montrose have been doing, even if we make a loss due to stewarding policing etc, which I can’t see given that we only ever see extra stewarding when we play the old firm etc, it’ll be worth it if some of those who take advantage of the offer come back. I personally think u12s should be free at all SPFL games, it’s much easier to get fans when they are younger rather than trying to change the habit of a lifetime with people who have never gone.
  11. Arbroath v Alloa

    Was in the paper at the weekend that McCord is out for a month
  12. Stranraer vs Arbroath

    I doubt there’s any foul play, Stranraer are skint and they certainly won’t make any money with stair park sitting empty on a Saturday afternoon
  13. Stranraer vs Arbroath

    Can’t agree our big win flattered us...if anything we should’ve won by more and the Stranraer manager admitted that himself