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  1. Quadrangular Tournament 2017

    This whole situation just sums up the total lack of attitude and foresight by the sjfa towards us the fans. As long as the blazers are having a good few days out that's all that seems to matter.
  2. Quadrangular Tournament 2017

    Graham Wilson after 7 mins
  3. Why No Fixtures on 14th October?

    Surely they could at least play 23rd Dec most poeple will be working up to that date anyway then give them the 30th off in between .
  4. Today's scores 23rd Sep

    FT Neilston 1-2 Benburb
  5. Today's scores 23rd Sep

    Neilston 1-2 Benburb (pen)
  6. Today's scores 23rd Sep

    Neilston 1-1 Benburb
  7. Today's scores 23rd Sep

    HT Neilston 1-0 Benburb
  8. Today's scores 23rd Sep

    Neilston 1-0 Benburb
  9. Games off 23rd Sep

    Just because the ugly 2 are playing everyone thinks oh game off must be because there playing . Im sure we have played plenty home games when the ugly 2 have played .
  10. Central Sectional Cup final

    Yeah we can't have the blazers missing out on there own teams game on a Saturday, let's just f**k over pollok and clydebank and there fans. I'm sure they will take over the wee bar at New Tinto and not let anyone else in just in case us supporter's upset them. Wouldn't put it past them to reserve the seating section for themselves. Mind you that would mean they would have to leave there drinks behind.
  11. Central Sectional Cup final

    Big family that mcgregor one.
  12. Central Sectional Cup final

    Hope not , is that not the Sunday after the international tournament. We got 4 players involved and have you not got 1 as well .
  13. Any clues when and where this might be held .
  14. Ardagh cup final venue

    I know this might be to sensible but could they not do it on a rota system. Grounds that are suitable to hold the final put on list and move the final every year to a different ground . If you happen to get to the final and it's your home ground so be it. But then what would I know I'm only a fan that doesn't count to them.
  15. pollok for the league

    Tell you what pollokTillIdie17 give it a rest you making a fool of yourself can't get players name right can't get Newlandsfield right the only thing you did get right was spelling pollok with out a c . #MTLN