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  1. Not quite as handsome as some of the others. decent for a DUFF though IMO
  2. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    I left the cinema thinking this film was a 0/10, but I look back and remember it quite fondly. Not sure I'll ever watch it again though!
  3. We're all waiting, Falkirk. Get this shit sorted - I want to see some more handsome faces in the famous navy blue.
  4. League Cup 2018/19 Group B

    Why am I being subjected to Michael fucking Coulson chat? He won a watch when we signed him, even admitting himself that he'd been shite for most of the season prior to getting the offer! Two year deal ffs. The world cup is alright but I can't wait for the proper stuff to kick off again next month. It will be interesting to see just how good the new look Falkirk are, although I'd imagine their side will probably still be gelling when we come up against them. Presumably we'll have started pre-season by then. Still no word on when we actually start up again.
  5. Robert Thomson seems to reckon Saints are going to kick into action this week. Whether that's news about Callum Davidson and his replacement, new players, pre-season friendlies, news of when pre-season begins and whether or not this Austrian training camp is happening, the new strips or the new sponsor is anyone's guess, but hopefully we'll get more than just Saints Lotto numbers on the club's twitter account shortly.
  6. Couldn’t even let us dream for a few days.
  7. I fear opposition supporters will be Bawling with laughter.
  8. I think there’s more chance of Saudi Arabia winning the World Cup than us signing May.
  9. This is the point I was trying to make ham fistedly earlier. The lack of updates make it look like the club is doing nothing and, given how important this summer could be for us, that’s not a great perception to put out. I was wrong to just put that onto Wright. The football on display at home last season wasn’t great either, so lack of positive updates and absolutely no pushing of season tickets is only going to result in a big drop in sales.
  10. Aye I’ve made an arse of this lads. I’m frustrated with the lack if information from the club right now generally and lack of input from the manager is part of that, but he doesn’t deserve it both barrels. I’d like some news all the same!
  11. Why not? He works pretty much all the rest of the year. Guy deserves more respect from Saints fans. Judge him and Broon after the window closes. The knicker wetting going on just now is ridiculous. They’ll be the first ones to moan about season ticket sales and lack of budget yet have done absolutely nothing in terms of good will and positivity to try and build the sales up. Im not panicking about lack of signings - it’s the middle of June not August - but the apparent lack of action at the club is a tad concerning. It would be easily remedied by just putting something out in the courier. Even they seem to have run out of padding stories and are just running stuff they’re seeing on Twitter.
  12. 25. Wright has had a month just now, has a week during most international breaks, has 2 weeks during the winter break as well. A cushty number if you can get it.