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  1. Honestly, f**k knows. We've looked pretty strong throughout pre-season, aside from the Aberdeen game which was effectively youngsters, second string and guys coming back from injury. I think our strongest right now would be: Mannus Foster Anderson Shaughnessy Easton Millar Davidson Alston Scougall Wotherspoon Maclean I think Wright would prefer a 4-4-2 and we've seen quite a lot of that during pre-season, with Scougall playing off the left and Wotherspoon/Alston on the right. We're still after another winger and a striker so that could change things again.
  2. Treehouse Tam accused of being a racist and of indulging in extra curricular activities with other men all on one page. We hardly knew ye, Page 192.
  3. Sam is a Bolton, not a Tarly. CONFIRMED.
  4. Looked like random cup bearers to me who had no idea of what was going on. One girl looked shocked as all around her tumbled. Agree with the general point that Euron is much more like I'd expect so far. He's got an easy charisma about him and he's clearly unhinged.Also good to be shot of at least 2 of the sandsnakes. I think only Ellaria and bad pussy survived?
  5. Nymeria is clearing playing a big part at some point this season. She's either going to sacrifice herself to save Arya, or just save Arya in some other way. There's no way she's being brought back just for that very brief scene. I thought the first couple of minutes in the opening scene felt very wooden, but things improved immeasurably thereafter. I'm glad they addressed Varys trying to kill Dany in season one, although I'm sure they could've had that conversation on the boat over from Meereen, a journey which would have taken weeks to make! Sansa having real power should be scenes and I'm excited to see what happens with that, especially with Bran and Arya on their way. Jon and Dany FINALLY meeting next week. Seven seasons and 5 books in the making.
  6. ^^^ barely concealed racism IMO. Will be singing 'oooh Romain, ooooh Romain' in no time.
  7. Yeah I'd say so. Results have been very encouraging and a lot of the young players have shown up very well too. To go 7 pre-season games and to only concede in one of them is quite an achievement, especially as the standard of opposition has been much higher than the usual tour of Angus. We've played some good passing football too, particularly last week against Sunderland. Doesn't necessarily mean we're going to get off to a flier, but certainly feeling a lot more positive than I was after the Trakai home match.
  8. I thought the turn and shot was a pretty decent effort in fairness to him. Caught the ball well. The cross was with his left foot, the shot with his right so hes clearly reasonable with both feet. In an ideal world, he'd still be here to have another look at next week but it doesn't seem to be an option for us. I think he's got something different and would be quite happy to see him sign but, all joking aside, I wouldn't be devastated if he left. Tommy said in his post match interview that he still wants 2 players in, but they have to improve the first 11 and not just be squad players. He seems relaxed about it and I suspect that he won't sign anyone in a panic late in the window if nothing comes off. I still think we need a left sided player and a striker. Scougall is wasted slightly out left (although he was very good today as he seemed to have license to drift or switch position if he wanted to) and I want to see him being glorious in an advanced centre mid position.
  9. Seems that we'll be sitting down with Habran next week regarding whether he'll stay or not. Tommy still sounds interested but I suppose it'll all depend on PSG and/or his demands. He certainly looks capable enough.
  10. Yeah I'm not sure if Habran will get an offer either. He was fine and would give us a different dimension, but I'm not sure Tommy will be up for the flicks and tricks. I'd much rather Habran than a typical premiership jobber tbh. Guess we'll see over the next few days.
  11. Habran just attempted an overhead kick from 18 yards out
  12. 11 minutes into his first start, he's just set up Macca to make it 1-0 as I type, he's taking the piss with flicks and tricks. Contract tonight please, Thomas.
  13. If you've not signed Coulson, then that's an excellent trio of non-signings.