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  1. Absolutely humped them on the foul and card count too. What a team.
  2. Absolutely fizzing. Great point - hopefully a springboard for the rest of the season. If the defence has rediscovered a propensity to defend again, we’ll end up safe with a few games to spare.
  3. Our very first competitive goal was from a set piece . Unless we're counting penalties or the Chris Kane's goal from Joe's long throw, then nope. Couple that with the number of goals we've conceded from said set pieces, that's yet another issue which has to be rectified.
  4. Scotland name squad

    As an aside, I had no idea Joe Bryan was eligible to play for Scotland. He's quality, albeit he's yet another left back.
  5. Scotland name squad

    I like this. 12 players almost certainly gives us the edge over most opponents we come up against.
  6. A hero of both St Mirren and St Johnstone
  7. Alan Nixon‏ @reluctantnicko FollowingFollowing @reluctantnicko More Swansea u23 coach Cameron Toshack also on Barnsley manager list. Allowed to speak. StMirren’s Jack Ross meeting today. 5:00 PM - 14 Feb 2018 This boy seems to ken his shit.
  8. Lionel will almost certainly be better than Noel Gallagher. I've had my fill of tanked up neds swaggering about in fields over the years so think I'll be giving Noel a wide berth. Edit: That and I haven't secured my brief.
  9. Isn't that wonder boy Mark O'Hara? Well I fucking never.
  10. That's another sore spot Thomas. I am unable to grow a beard.
  11. I always preferred the away days in the lower leagues, definitely. Added bonus of having Queens, ICT and potentially Ross County for some long distance away day bantz for those who are into that kind of thing. Careful though PauloPerth - you'll be getting labelled a doom merchant with this kind of chat