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  1. All of match threads turn into a pricing bitchfest these days. Bring back the days when all we did was abuse Richard Brittain.
  2. Playing all but one or two matches in a successful season makes it worthwhile in my eyes. That and he's the ginger prince and I love him.
  3. The ginger prince has extended his contract for a further two years.
  4. His mazy which led to the away goal against Trnava was quite special.
  5. I wouldn't be devastated if Tam got another contract tbh. He might fancy himself as a first pick for someone in the league though. I'm sure that's why Gary Miller ended up leaving without an offer as well. Tommy's 'jewels in the crown' comment is so going to bite him in the arse when we inevitably end up signing a 30 year old, released from a bottom six club.
  6. Oh how I am raging at Falkirk conceding a last minute winner to Hibernian FC Club. Grrrrrr.
  7. Reunite Ranks and Pates. Lovely
  8. There's Wright in the Courier this morning saying that he's confident we'll get a deal sorted with Swanson. He reckons the 'pieces of the jigsaw are now coming together'. He mentioned that he thinks Swanson may be the next to sign a new deal. He also wants to attract a couple of 'jewels in the crown' this summer. A winger, a striker and maybe a central midfielder would be my guesses.
  9. Coulson is shite. I think RandomGuy is being kind tbh - I haven't seen any particular strengths in his game at all.
  10. Coulson was one of his favoured targets last year - he signed a pre-contract in February or March!
  11. Goalkeepers Alan Mannus (2017) Zander Clark (2020) Mark Hurst (2018) Defenders Keith Watson (2018) Richard Foster (2019) Joe Shaughnessy (2019) Steven Anderson (2018) Tam Scobbie (2017) Brian Easton (2019) Ally Gilchrist (2018) Liam Gordon (2019) Aaron Comrie (2019) Midfielders David Wotherspoon (2019) Craig Thomson (2018) Michael Coulson (2018) Blair Alston (2018) Paul Paton (2018) Murray Davidson (2018) Chris Millar (2017) Liam Craig (2017) Danny Swanson (2017) Strikers Steven Maclean (2018) Graham Cummins (2018) Chris Kane (2018) Greg Hurst (2018) The current state of play. I'd suggest Mannus and Scobbie are probably goners tbh. Craig and Millar have both surpassed the appearances needed to extend their contracts, so I'd suggest that's a mere formality given their time served at the club. The longer the Swanson saga lasts, the more likely it looks he'll be leaving us. Post-Christmas Swanson is replaceable, pre-Christmas Swanson was indispensable. I hope we can come to some kind of agreement with him, but quite happy to have Alston off the right and Wotherspoon off the left in the absence of a new signing to replace him. I hope we try and extend Alston's contract beyond next summer now too. He's really coming onto a game now and I don't fancy our chances of getting him to extend beyond next summer if his current form continues into next season.
  12. Mind when the Dundee fans were telling us all of our best players would leave us this summer? Evidence over the last 6 weeks or so suggest they were correct. Like rats fleeing a sinking ship. Brilliant news.
  13. This is love.