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  1. Football Manager 2018

    Fallen 7 points behind Celtic after a 5-1 humiliation at Celtic Park. Also drawn a couple of matches of late so it seems like I've Aberdeen'd my title race with 11 games to go. I am still a point above Rangers however. I've set a few players for release in the summer also. Keith Watson, Alan Mannus and Matty Fryatt the notable ones, with a few youngsters and loan players (Hopper, Demetri Mitchell and my winger from Bari) also departing to make room for a few new signings in the summer.
  2. Football Manager 2018

    Lewis Morgan. 5 games, 3 goals, 4 assists and an average rating of 7.86. He just scored a double and got an assist at Tynecastle... in a 5-1 win. This game is a piece of piss.
  3. Scott Tanser has been named in the SPFL team of the week. Here's all you lot doubting the poor boy as well. Always knew he'd be a star for us. On a slightly different note, Tommy seems confident that we'll get McMillan signed up this week. Here's hoping.
  4. Football Manager 2018

    I think you've got Saints mostly spot on, although the caveat I would have is that I've not used some players at all so I'm not actually sure if they are about right or not. (Foster, Comrie, Millar, Paton, Gilchrist, Gordon, Cummins and Johnstone have all either been sold without playing or haven't played any minutes as yet). I sold Cummins to Barnsley and he's ended up in their reserve. Paton is a regular at Hibs, Millar has moved to Charlton and Foster has dropped down a league to play for Falkirk but it's too early to say whether they'll feature heavily or not. Wotherspoon is maybe a bit OP, but I can understand why because his actual statistics are probably better than what we think we see on the pitch in real life. Whenever he plays though, he seems to score or get an assist for me on top of playing well. Joe has developed into a better player than Ando over the course of the season and Easton is probably one of the best left backs in the league... I can't keep a clean sheet for love nor money though - I've only managed 2 in the league all season, albeit with a gung-ho tactic. I'd say that Clark is comfortably better than Mannus in the game on the basis of what I've seen so far, but not sure that's the case in real life. Again though, that might just be down to the in game mechanics - an older players' stats seem to decrease quite rapidly if they have any time out of the team, and Clark has been first choice for me most of the season. Not sure if you had anything to do with the squad dynamics/social groups but they're quite clearly spot on. Think it's clear in real life who the leaders in our team are and its who I'd expect in the game.
  5. Football Manager 2018

    I had £3 million in the bank and got to the play off rounds in Europe so I wonder if that had something to do with it? I asked for more money for transfers expecting a couple of hundred of grand and they increased the transfer budget to £1.2 million. I had to shift some of that into the wage budget so didn't spend as much as that, but was still able to spend £400k on Goncalves, £110k on Peter Grant and £300k on Lewis Morgan.
  6. Football Manager 2018

    I think this year's version is much better than the last couple at least. Still a problem with some players being ridiculously OP (Kris Doolan has 29 league goals after 22 league matches ) but that apart it's really good. I really like the team dynamics and social groups addition and players seem to get lots of niggling injuries - missing one or two days of training but are able to play in the next match. Certainly feels more realistic in terms of game play, even if St Johnstone having £1.5 million to spend (and only £700k of that coming from transfer fees) feels unrealistic.
  7. Football Manager 2018

    In fairness, that is some achievement. 22 games into my season, I'm sitting second level on points with Rangers and a point behind Celtic. I've lost 3 matches all season (Rangers, Celtic and Aberdeen away) and Isma now has 16 league goals. I've lost Michael O'Halloran but Lewis Morgan has come in and has looked ok so far. He's only played 2 or 3 games to date but he's not looking out of place. I've had a bit of a clean out of old stagers/diddy youngsters (Millar, Foster, Gilchrist, Greg Page all gone - Craig Thomson has signed a pre-contract with Inverness too). and my only other signing has been this lad on an 18 month loan from Feyenoord. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/emil-hansson/profil/spieler/276002 He's 4 stars with 5 star potential, natural at MC, AMC and AML. Pretty much the perfect signing. I'll try and make it a permanent deal if he shows up well and if I get decent money for Wotherspoon/Scougall, who are both valued at around £3 million. I think there's still a week or so left in the window, so contemplating sending Hopper back to Scunthorpe and bringing in another striker as he's just not up to scratch. I'm looking at pre contracts but a lot of the players I'd quite like to bring in want to wait until closer to the summer before deciding their future. I've tried to sign Liam Henderson too but he reckons I don't have the resources to meet his demands. I would also like to extend Isma's contract but he wants £5k a week basic salary which is over what I can afford. He's got 2 and a half years left on his deal though, and I'm quite sure I can get him to stay longer.
  8. Football Manager 2018

    12 goals in 12 starts now for Isma and another 4-1 win registered. This time against Aberdeen. The Saintees juggernaut continues.
  9. Football Manager 2018

    Isma Goncalves 10 goals in 11 starts and 2 sub appearances. Now won 8 of my last 9 games, drawing one and I've won the last two matches 4-1. One minor issue - I've kept one clean sheet in that spell.
  10. Football Manager 2018

    In contrast to poor RandomGuy, I've won 5 games on the spin after a wee blip. Dundee, Hamlton and Aberdeen saw us go 3 games without a win (two 1-1 draws and a 2-0 defeat - Goncalves scored against Hamilton as well as previously against Dundee). Since then we've beaten Rangers and Hearts 2-1 (goals from Scougall, Goncalves and 2 from O'Halloran), beaten Ross County 4-1 (Raphael Martinho, Goncalves, O'Halloran and Scougall,) and then another two 2-1 wins against Thistle and Celtic (Raphael Martinho, Maclean ( ), McTominay and Davidson). Those results have taken us to second - 2 points behind Celtic and 5 ahead of third placed Thistle. Doolan has scored 15 goals in 12 league game Hibs at Easter Road next with us 2 points behind Celtic and 5 clear of Partick Thistle who are currently 3rd. Hearts are 9 points adrift at the bottom and Hibs are sitting in 10th on goal difference ahead of County. Table looks a little strange if I'm honest! On the transfer front, I've managed to sign Lewis Morgan for £300k. He'll come in at the beginning of January to replace the departing O'Halloran. I tried to sign him permanently but Rangers want too much for him and the game reckons I can't extend his loan.
  11. As we all know, attendances win points and football matches. Take your medicine, diddy. We’ll be back in our rightful place (4th, above Hibs) in no time.
  12. I’ll never love a man more than I do Steven Maclean.
  13. Football Manager 2018

    Oh ya fucker I didn't even notice that!
  14. Football Manager 2018

    I'm not sure I see enough of Saints for that. How much time do you need to commit to it?