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  1. I'm partaking in deetv tomorrow as I'm currently in Jamaica. Looking forward to hearing the beeling Dee commentator when we score our goals. It's cute how much this game means to Dundee fans. Barely registers with us.
  2. I'd rather we just stuck with a formation and formula that has worked so far. Not against giving Johnstone a chance though.
  3. Correct - Coyle turned us around after Clark/Stark took us backwards and Connolly sunk us completely. Coyle brought in some solid pros for us, brought back a feel good factor and an identity to our team and started our upward trajectory. We went from 8th to 2nd in his first full season, finished 1 point behind Gretna (who scored in the 93rd minute of their match - arguably the best thing that could have happened to us in the long term, but that's a point for another thread) and then started slowly the following season before he left for Burnley. Should be remembered that he also brought in McInnes, who took us up and carried on what Coyle started. Coyle left us at the right time - I felt at the time he was running out of ideas, although we did improve in the final month or so of his tenure - but he'll always be fondly remembered by Saints fans for starting the best period in our history after a desperately poor few years before. He's had a patchy record since Bolton but I think he'd do a great job for Falkirk if he ends up taking the job on.
  4. Seems we have found the Shadwell Dog's profession.
  5. St J vs Hibs

    Daylight robbery. GIRUY If only we had an experienced midfielder who is excellent at retaining possession on our books.
  6. Kiddy on one way rivalry - we don't care about clubs who consistently finish so far beneath us.
  7. Hardly surprising - it's a huge game for Dundee. A bit sad really, but there you go.
  8. St J vs Hibs

    We manage it by living beyond our means.
  9. St J vs Hibs

    Braw. Should go some way to funding our permanent deal for Michael O'Halloran.
  10. St J vs Hibs

    Mannus Foster Anderson Shaughnessy Easton Davidson Paton Scougall Wotherspoon MOH Maclean ^^^ Our best team right now. Until we get Swanson back in January anyway.
  11. St J vs Hibs

    Simon Immensing/Mincing, depending on whether he was good or shite. I was literally frothing at the mouth and started chanting 'Benji's getting lifted' after he flipped us the bird after the 2nd goal. I regret nothing.
  12. Im_Rodger is quickly becoming one of my favourite posters, despite his political leanings and the fact he supports the club who employ Dougie Imrie. Some effort.
  13. St J vs Hibs

    I hope Saints release a statement praising our support for the restraint we're showing under SEVERE goading. Edinburgh Celtic - Scotland's shame.
  14. St J vs Hibs

    Hopefully the two managers will sort out a deal to bring Swanson back to saints in January tomorrow. It's clearly going to happen, so might as well just get the finer details sorted now.