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  1. They might, but I can't see it. They won't win any of the 3 seats they don't currently have, they'll almost certainly lose Edinburgh West, Berwickshire, Dumfries and Aberdeenshire. Which gives a margin of 3 to get over 50. It's doable, but the vote needs to turn out and the unionist vote needs to split kindly in some places too.
  2. I'd add at least 3 North East seats (Aberdeen South, Aberdeenshire and Moray), Perth (North Perthshire more than the South), the the other border seat you've missed out and possibly a couple of others in Edinburgh as being in play. The local SNP branch have been pretty vocal about how much they dislike Paul Monaghan in the Highlands, the lib dems will fancy their chances in Fife North East as well... The Tories in Angus. At least 10, probably more, seats the SNP currently hold in play I'd say. The SNP will be able to rely on a couple of % bump in some places where the greens aren't standing though. I'd agree as well that some of the left leaning SNP voters may be tempted by labour's offer. Even if the SNP lose 10 or so seats (which I still think is unlikely) that can't be cast as a failure. They'll still hold 4/5ths of the seats in Scotland and will comfortably win the election.
  3. The EsEs game was the one and only European home game we've had on season tickets. Pretty sure Alashkert was pay at the gate.
  4. A guy with a camera, 4 or 5 public sites around Perthshire, our own players during work time and last season's kits. Crippling.
  5. God's own country. #perthshire
  6. We've got a friendly against Connah's Quay of Wales on the 24th of June. That's a side we can actually draw in the Europa League, so that could be potentially awkies if we do.
  7. That is preclsely what I said.
  8. He got his ticket in the pre-sale.
  9. I wouldn't be shocked to see Keith Watson rock up in Paisley again to be honest. They were linked with him in January. No one is stupid enough to take Coulson off of our hands though.
  10. Sometimes I want a bit of strawberry, not just vanilla. A summer where we need 10-12 signings would be brilliant fun. Just check out the St Mirren thread. They've all got stiffies because they're getting new signings left right and centre.
  11. Can't wait for the signings of Brian Graham, Martin Woods and the usual right back tbqhwy.
  12. Those close season is shite when you're a St Johnstone fan.
  13. I'm staggered that a guy playing in a Dutch amateur league turned out to be a complete huddy tbh.