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  1. Turn off camera shake. I changed my camera settings to make the camera a lot further away from the car too. I use ball cam most of the time except when miles away from the action and just topping up on boosts. Just try messing around with settings and hopefully you'll enjoy it more, such a good game. 2 years I've had it and I'm still shit.
  2. I love our fans.
  3. Been loving Pictish Trail recently, the album Future Echoes is well worth a listen. Django Django are a class act too.
  4. If it's just a rumour you've heard why scare fellow dees like that? Not cool man, not cool.
  5. A video that my friend filmed just after it went 2-1 has gone viral on sportbible. Best scenes I've been involved in without actually being at the game. It was filmed in the Globe in Dundee and was shut shortly after FT as there were so many smashed glasses and a pint went flying through one of the flatsceens. So gutted we could hold. Here it is.
  6. I'm moving to Canada in August this year with my girlfriend. I'm a dual national and she's going on a 2 year working holiday visa. Never been before but very excited to see what it's all about. 2 week holiday (without the bird) first to California to see a friend who emigrated about 18 months ago. Then fly into Vancouver where I'll meet her and try find some work. Mostly planning on staying in BC, so any 'must do' things in Vancouver or BC would be welcome.
  7. If I had a cap I would doff it to you sir, going to 8 home matches last season means you probably had to endure some amount of pish fitbaw. Fair play and welcome to dens.
  8. 2nd time in a week Rocket League has deleted itself off my PS4. Very annoying! Totally and utterly addicted to this game again.
  9. Bit nippy in Manchester
  10. Agreed, Nelms did a great job keeping his cards close to his chest before McCann was announced. The bookies didn't have a clue either.
  11. Div is bricking it on twitter that we're going to steal Jack Ross.
  12. To be fair, I would be miserable all the time if I was a Falkirk fan.
  13. Haha, I tried to edit it out but it wouldn't budge. In hindsight it deserved to stay.