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  1. These adverts are getting ridiculous.
  2. What a load of pish. They only players we still have from then are Kerr and Wighton.
  3. I thought Haber was ok tonight, f**k all support and a lot of poor deliveries.
  4. FWIW I didn't think it was a foul on O'Dea. He was caught on the wrong side of Doolan and went down as soon as he thought there was contact.
  5. Betting on the important stuff. #highroller
  6. Does Rory Loy post on here? Thank you.
  7. Seen him DJ in sub club a few years ago and it was the best set I've ever heard. Seeing him live has been on my bucket list for years and chances don't come around very often, especially in Scotland. How fast does everyone reckon the tickets will go? Depeche Mode being the most popular of the gigs?
  8. Think I'll try get tickets for Bonobo and Thundercat. Great line up over the weekend.
  9. The owl curse will take care of the monkey.
  10. United fans are a right laugh on twitter tonight for anyone bored now that we've stopped doing business for the night.
  11. They're £65 on Offspring.
  12. Tele still being minters.
  13. Get in the queue, behind Jamie Vardy.
  14. Never change, Dunfermline.