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  1. Things The Lower Classes Do

    You've got it mate. After landing there is a mechanical system that interrupts the normal thrust flow. Instead of straight behind the aeroplane it is forced in the direction of travel, or as close to as possible. The engines are then accelerated to maximise thrust in the opposite direction causing the aeroplane to slow down. The wheel brakes are only used when at low speeds. They can be used to slow the aircraft at higher speeds in emergency but it causes them to overheat. Overheating brakes can cause fires or melt the fuseable plugs in the tyres which will cause them to deflate.
  2. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    Bonnyrigg were just better than us all over the park. Another injury to add to the list as well. Any news on Turnbull?
  3. Bonnyrigg Rose should they stay or should they go...

    We need governance from the governing body.
  4. Things The Lower Classes Do

    Without the jacket buttoned when standing up.
  5. Things The Lower Classes Do

    'Help' the waiting staff by scraping and stacking their plates after a meal in a restaurant.
  6. Brewdog - Beer For Girls

    330ml bottles are shite! However, I do like the fact that you get some niche beers in cans now (easier for the train). Williams brothers are apparently installing a new canning line, once up and running they assure me that they will be producing larger cans!
  7. Today's scores

    TC straight from a free kick. Roddy had to be helped off with 5 mins to go with an ankle injury following a poor tackle.
  8. Today's scores

    Finished Lithgae 5 Dundonald 2 Absolutely freezing but some good stuff from the Rose in the second half - 4th goal a cracker!
  9. Car advice

    Took my last car to WBAC and to be honest got a decent price for the limited hassle it was. Listed everything that was wrong with it, all the dents etc so they didn't even try and knock the price down when I took it in.
  10. Most romantic UK towns/cities

    Bath is nice with some really good wee places nearby like Bradford-on-Avon. Plenty to see and do in the Cotswolds.
  11. Unhealthy Debate In The Juniors

    Don't look at me... LOOK AT ME!!!
  12. Eurodisney

    I was there last weekend. On the trains you can get a Tgv direct, we just missed one (would have made it if hadn't picked up the wrong bag!) when we arrived at Cdg and the next wasn't for a couple of hours. Got the RER instead. Only cost about €20 but took about an hour an a half. Got the Tgv on the way home €80 for 9 mins travel for 2 adults and 2 kids... The tgv, the one we were on at least was a double decker, but I am sure there will be accessible carriages. Disney itself - I just had the feeling of being trapped and getting fleeced at every single opportunity. Everything is expensive and set up to get money out of you - it gets on your tits. Even last weekend when it was freezing the queues were horrendous. 70 minutes to get a picture taken with a princess, 80 minutes pretty standard for any of the kids rides. Didn't try the adult stuff as my youngest is too wee. Waited 45 minutes to get served a shitey hotdog in one of the 'fast food' restaurants. The illuminations are impressive but as previously mentioned all the good spots are taken well in advance. Didn't look into the fast passes, might be worth doing if you can stomach giving them even more money! I think I would have gone mad with a week of it. ... Enjoy yourself though.
  13. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    Getting stuff for free? Is that not contrary to the fairness etiquette that you were snivelling about last week?