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  1. Motherwell vs Celtic V - Scottish Cup Final

    Brilliant, absolutely nails it
  2. Motherwell vs Celtic V - Scottish Cup Final

    I see him quite a lot around Edinburgh near Shandwick Place and out jogging at lunchtimes, didn't realise he was a lawyer type. I actually thought our top referees were full time.
  3. The Ultimate Super Ayr Thread

    Fantastic now please get the season tickets on sale! Would be brilliant to establish a good core home support for every league game.
  4. Who do you want to come down?

    Thrilled to be part of a "pwopa" league again, if only for a season. Got a cousin that now lives in Dingwall so one away game is sorted, maybe the next one a cheeky weekend in Ullapool if someone is daft enough to drive. Livingston is a bit pish but a good excuse for doing something else down South or abroad. Partick are close and do bring the fans though. It's all very exciting when you remember Methil is no more. For a while.
  5. Alloa vs Raith Rovers

    I'm starting to wonder whether we won the league because we had slightly fewer goalkeeping howlers.
  6. Alloa vs Raith Rovers

    Looking at your recent form there's no reason to not be confident. Sure the football might not be pretty which seems to be the general complaint but you've become increasingly hard to beat. I don't think games like these should be on season tickets, everyone knows at the start of the season what the deal is when purchasing a book. I don't know if the potential extra two home games makes up for the reduced league prize money but at the end of the day the club is not a charity. Anyway, good luck. Wish this was on TV, I have no interest in goings on in Rome.
  7. Kind of disappointed the season is over so early! 92 goals in the league and some tremendous days out. Let's get the season tickets on sale NOW and maximise the buzz and goodwill generated yesterday. For once lets do everything in our power to stay in the league. Cannae wait!
  8. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Was going to come on here and gloat but having seen the decent posts from Raith fans and knowing how bad I felt this time last week, I definitely feel your pain. Similar issues as well trying to get local punters to come along more regularly rather than following two tedious teams from Glasgow. I'm not sure it's in our interests having you guys win the playoffs but may the best team win.
  9. Alloa vs Ayr

    It's time to adopt a cunning siege mentality!
  10. The Super v Stranraer FC

    You've got to hand it to Stranraer, the way they've responded to losing key players has been impressive. I would be disappointed if they couldn't grab a point off Raith on Saturday. I've never been so scunnered after an Ayr game but it wasn't so much the final result which was bad enough, more the sending off of a key player, the new injuries and the implications for the next two games, and the fact we've suddenly handed over the initiative by playing on the Sunday. I'm at a loss to explain why the Moff wasn't on earlier, it was crying out for someone to hold the ball further forward. Too many high balls towards Moore didn't and never will work. What a disaster it would be to lose the title to a team with fans that have spent the whole season moaning on here and barracking their manager while still top of the league when they played us. It cannot happen
  11. The Super v Stranraer FC

    You never can tell with the Ayrshire public. Perhaps the OF game being on Sunday might help. There are plenty of people in Ayr that give it the "I've got a soft spot for the local team" chat.
  12. 1987 was the first season I decided in advance to go to all the home games. Parents moved to Tarbert in March so I missed the celebrations. In 1997 I was at a reunion party in England (not Berwick sadly) so I missed that too. Hoping the players will finish the job so I can at last experience this "lifting a trophy" razmatazz.
  13. The Super v Stranraer FC

    It's forecast to be a nice sunny afternoon but I doubt we'll get much over 2k if at all. In saying that I was gobsmacked how many we got in for the playoff v Stranraer, albeit at reduced prices. The players definitely deserve it.
  14. The Super v Stranraer FC

    Wonder what constitutes "interesting hospitality"?
  15. Yes, and it can only be "mined" using colossal amounts of computing power which has caused power shortages in some parts of the world! Not to mention theft of powerful computers. Crazy stuff. Remember the good old days when we were sponsored by a local paper