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  1. Won't matter, he's not been doing a hell of a lot for the last couple of months due to him being shoved out on the left.
  2. Well, according to F'ud, we seem to have lost a million pounds since the accounts were released a few weeks ago. So pretty shit.
  3. Ahh good. Glad a Dundee fan can clarify things.
  4. I assumed that was included in the loss. Oh well, maybe we are buggered then. Hamilton, you're off the hook!
  5. Well we've made losses of 1.5 million after getting relegated (shock) and we've had to borrow cash, just like alot of other teams (shock). Its not great but we'll be fine. Especially if we get promoted. If not it's budget cuts as you would expect.
  6. Yep. If you ask any Dee (they are the financial experts when it comes to United) we're stuffed. Haemorrhaging cash, selling everything in sight and borrowing off anyone. It's a miracle we've got any money for Thompson to be skimming!!
  7. We'll be wound up and liquidated by half time next Sunday imo.
  8. Was nice to see Andy Webster and John Rankin in the United end.
  9. new deal please. Showed what he can do. Played really well tonight. Great lad.
  10. All part of Rays plan. Give the wee guys some hope then send on Nicholls the destroyer. Pin point cross for big Paul. Like taking candy from a Bairn.
  11. Fucking great result. No idea how we pulled that off but on sheer effort alone we deserved that. Paul. Fucking. Dixon.