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  1. Id rather Murdoch was at RB for 2 years than Toshney for 2 games. He did well there and probably isn't on a huge wage. I'd rather we had two fast as f**k wingers and a big powerful striker added now.
  2. He would literally eat the championship alive. I, for one, would love to see him back.
  3. Thanks for taking him off our hands. Enjoy all the papping out of tackles and all the shite corners you can shake a stick at. Played a big part in our relegation / unsuccessful promotion period.
  4. Hmm, that's like me saying hail Dundee FC, winners of the Scottish Cup. That's a slow burner too. Am I doing it right?
  5. Ps who the f**k is going bust? I assumed we were going bust, is it someone else now?
  6. St Johnstone have had a better defence than us for about 5 years. If they wanted to keep Scobbie, and looking at how shite our defence is, then its good signing in my book. Not a glamorous signing but as long as he can kick and header the round thing away from our goal regularly then he's an improvement on what we have.
  7. This. Forgot about Toshney till I read your post. Spoiled my day now!
  8. So I'd assume then that it's a left back needed and the defence would be sorted. That's if Murdoch re signs and acts as cover at right back/midfield and Robson as backup out left.
  9. I thought we had more or less signed the guy from Ayr and we're waiting on it to be announced..?
  10. A good, steady player is exactly what we need. Him and Durnan will be the main 2 this year I'm guessing / hoping. New left back next please!
  11. Didn't watch the game, watched the highlights and as blah as I am towards the Scottish international team, I am gutted I wasn't there or even watched it live for that reaction. Immense! Anyone else think Mulgrew should have done much better at the equaliser? Granted, it was a decent ball in and Gordon might have come for it but I think a centre half should be heading that away. Or at least making it more difficult for Kane. Still, 2-2 v England is a good result, maybe not as much in this case but I did expect a 2 or 3 goal win for England before the game.
  12. Genuinely some player. He can leave you thinking "how the hell us a player like this at our club?" sometimes. His corner taking is remarkably consistent and I've never seen him lose a 50-50 tackle. It's a shame we can't afford to keep players like him and Telfer (watching him and Spittal play together is something to behold). I'm not sure if we would be due compensation or not, but I think you guys would be wise to pay whatever it is. He could have you guys competing in the Champions(hip) League one day soon.
  13. Ironic with Angus voting Tory...b*****ds
  14. Then give Trump a call telling him ISIS are there too. See who bombs it first.