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  1. Nou Campie or No Campie? The quest for a full 4 sided coo shed of a stadium continues for the Derry Dobbers.
  2. Thats an awful defence. If it wasnt for Robertson and Tierney, I'd class that as the worst selection of a Scottish defence I've ever seen. Not that there's much more to pick from to be fair to Strachan. But Berra?
  3. I dont think King is too bad. So far seems a bit of a crapper and disappears ala Spittal, however he also seemed to pick up after Flood came on so maybe theres something there. Im willing to give him another 90 mins before writing his entire career with us off. Well, maybe 45. I think at least 80% of our on field problems would also vanish if we got a semi competent manager. Im by far a Fraser fan but he is wasted on the right with two midgets in the box and no right foot. McDonald and Keatings are too similar and both seem to want to come short for the ball and have literally no body strength whatsoever. Nkoyi looked to stay further forward and jostle with defenders which allowed more space for the midfielders hence why we need a big target man who can hold the ball up. In days gone by, we would head up to Tannadice thinking, well, knowing Levein and Houstons teams were fit as fiddles, strong and would never shirk a tackle, be organised and have a game plan and a style of play. Now I expect f**k all other than complete confusion in defence when under pressure, no midfield cohesion in either an attacking or defending sense and strikers that see the ball on the ground once or twice a game. Mckinnon is really howling.
  4. That was minging. This team is set up to not have a clue what its doing. Im sure Mckinnons pre match goes - Two wee guys up front, launch the ball at them, hope it works and see you guys at half time. Then half time - Ok guys, doing great. Same again. We'll go 451 for no reason randomly then back to 442, swap the wingers over and back again then when no ones got a fucking clue whats going on, especially me, we might put a subbie on for shits and giggles.
  5. I'm assuming you will be going for the playoff place in League 1 next season then? I'll let you fill in the gaps _ucking _rutal When he had no confidence he was an utter shambles. He was worse when he was confident because he really thought he could do all the things. Honestly one of the worst defenders I've ever seen and I truly felt sorry and embarrased for him at times. He'll make a good flag pole one day. Maybe not quite corner flag material though.
  6. F**k sake, Toshney at left back? Who's handing out the crystal meth this morning?
  7. Apparantly they did make one.
  8. Yeah. It will be. Thank you. Ps when's the commemorative mug for your result today coming out? I might buy one.
  9. Good signing. Hopefully its him and Durnan when Quinn is fully fit. Maybe give Edge a rocket up the arse too.
  10. Just over 4 million I think. Ps the bank debt was bought out by rich fans. The bank accepted a lower offer. I think a few teams have done this. Aberdeen and Killie maybe? So no jobs were lost and no businesses got shat on.
  11. That's generally what happens. When a team has good players, bigger teams tend to buy them. It's not that hard surely? Don't be daft. Dundee don't pay silly things like bills.
  12. Wait a minuite....he's got previous...
  13. Fall in line sir. Repeat 200 times - 'The Edge is shite' Then, 500 times - 'So is Fraser'
  14. We always have and always will be the biggest team in Dundee. Oh, you mean the league.........
  15. Was that not when he got his new contract? Has he had the cigars oot since then? Other than that I agree with you totally. Still far better than Toshney and Donaldson etc.