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  1. Livi v Utd

    And like alot of his tactical decisions recently it will end up leading to nothing but a face palm.
  2. Livi v Utd

    When our other central midfielder who plays right back was injured. Ffs. You guys are worse than Dundee fans.
  3. Livi v Utd

    You do realise Flood is a central midfielder?
  4. Livi v Utd

    Fucking hell. Feels like alot more than that sometimes. Sure you dont mean 13 years?!
  5. Livi v Utd

    Its interesting. Since the Levein/Houston days, not one single manager has managed to get the best out of Flood. Seems to me you have to make Flood the wee terrier. Just go and chase people down, win the ball and then give him strict instructions to pass to the closest football player in the same team. Our most recent managers havent done this. Its all Flood is really good at.
  6. Livi v Utd

    Telfer was gash. Flood is less gash. I think he still has a minor part to play this season. He should go after that though. Gillespie looks a good replacement.
  7. Livi v Utd

    I think you make some valid points. I havent seen the new left back but most games when Scobbie plays, Robson seems more settled. I have also heard the new guy is shite. Murdoch is pish. Hes done ok some games and, while i accept that he is an out of position right back, playing out of position at centre half V Aberdeen, he was utterly garbage. Id give the young lad Ballantyne a shot there for a few games. If he cant handle this level then he wont handle the premiership (if we ever get back there). Plus he's a natural full back. Lewis purely needs a break. Hes all over the place and has no confidence. His kicking has been shite and hes not been commanding the defence. Give the new guy a shot i say. Were not going to win the league, we are playoff fodder again and will need to cope with injuries and rotate this piss poor squad too.
  8. Livi v Utd

    Mehmet Ballantyne Durnan Scobbie Robson King Gillespie Stanton Smith McMullan Mikkleson
  9. Livi v Utd

    I would go with this tbh. Only way Flood could play is if McMullan was up front, Flood and Gillespie in the middle and Stanton wide. Which i hope dosent happen. That team has a chance of doing something. Hopefully its winning. #PrayScobbieIsFit
  10. Dundee United 2017/2018

    Im perfectly within my rights to be perfectly within my rights. Im also perfectly within my rights to think Livi will skelp us 4-0. We'll have Mikkleson up front on his own, both wingers will be on the wrong foot to get crosses in and Edgenguele and Murdoch will start. As i said, 3rd place finish. I really hope Spazlo proves me wrong but i cant see it. Dosent seem like the type to go for it.
  11. Dundee United 2017/2018

    Is that light at the end of the tunnel? Or is it a train...? We'll get pumped by Livi and we'll just stagger over the finish line in 3rd.
  12. Dundee United 2017/2018

    Press conference at 9 am
  13. Dundee United 2017/2018

    Probably be ok woth Robson as long as Scobbie is at CH. I would rather Ballantyne got a run of a few games regardless as it would be a novelty to have a left back and a right back (loose use of those words) on the pitch since the days of Dixon and McGowan. Its scary to think the last right back that was any good was big Keef who should never have been punted.
  14. Dundee United 2017/2018

    Maybe swapping would work but id rather Mcmullan wasnt wide because he cant cross the ball but his pace up front would be useful. Maybe put King right and Smith left and hope King gets some crosses on his good foot? Is Kadded a winger, attacking midfielder or a forward? We need pace and width imo. Theres no player we can use who can play a defence splitter so its crosses from wide areas to a big guy for me. Robson needs a rest but dont have a clue if Mason is better. Can he be any worse? Robson will improve if / when Scobbie is back. Honestly, what a pathetic team we have...