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  1. Maybe he's realised he's just a bit pish?
  2. That referee was the worst I've every seen. For both teams. Our first goal, a number of hilariously bad elbows in the head from Sutton and Co. and why did it take so long to allow the St Mirren player to come back on after he'd been bandaged up. Utterly dreadful football match but really exciting. What a goal from Mikkleson, even better foul from him! Hilarious back pass too. The keeper should have just punted that one... Kuate looks like an enigma wrapped in an riddle, wrapped in 2 duffle coats and fifty-five cheeseburgers. Looked like he couldn't run, couldn't tackle and flattened Flood. At one point he lost the ball, fell over and tried to grab the ball from the st mirren players foot... Then hit a couple of cracking passes and sets the goal up with a terrible shot straight to Mikkleson. Clearly hadn't been given any instructions as he was all over the place He needs a good bit of game time to get him fit. Looked like he wanted about 5 minutes on the ball each time he had it.
  3. Well, I made a right c_unt of myself there...hands up to that one I'm not posting before I'm fully awake again... But yeah, I've not got management figured out but I've seen enough duds over the years to spot another one.
  4. You've missed my point. He's got 3 years experience as a manager. A year of that was in this league last year. Those guys had no managerial experience going into their 'big club' jobs. 3 years doing the same job, albeit for different employers, after being part of that background for 20 or so years, should be viewed as reasonably experienced. In coaching the foundations of a football player, he should at least know how to spot someone who cant kick a football into the box, or pass it more that half a yard. Mckinnon has had difficulties, but most of them are due to him playing stupid tactics or players on the wrong positions. I'm not asking him to be Morinho, but he really dosent need to be in the Scottish Championship...
  5. Jim Mcintyre, Alan Archibald, Tommy Wright who are all doing better than Mckinnon didnt even manage anyone before getting the jobs they have. (I think) He's managed Raith Rovers. In this league. Brechin before that. Then juniors before that. So what, 3 years of football management. All the badges (for whatever they are worth) from Largs or wherever. And as Granny said, he can't even spot when a corner taker can't take corners. Not one player has improved while he's been here. They've mostly gotten worse. I hope he has a non promotion clause in his contract...
  6. I don't buy the "young inexperienced manager" thing tbh. He's 46 years old, played football for his whole adult life, played under some really good managers, managed a few teams, got all the badges to be a manager and he's had a years experience in this league - last season. He's failed to get more than three good performances out of this team this season and really, the football is fucking garbage. I honestly think he's out of his depth. He's already outsourced one of the biggest jobs a manager is supposed to do - recruitment. Mind you, his transfer record suggests that's maybe a good thing. Would anyone really be confident if we went up this season he would keep us up?
  7. I'll do it. I promise to play attacking football, 2 strikers and sign at least 2 wingers. I also demand free pies and be allowed to play in games too. Just when I want to injure an opposing (or one of my own) teams players.
  8. 2-0 going on 5 for St mirren. This is the worst United team and manager I have ever seen. I'm going all the way back to 1990. I actually can't remember a worse team than this one. I'm at the stage where I either want us to win or get battered 5-0 so the management get a photocopy of McNamara's P45 post-it note.
  9. Could it be Maz? Also could just be a funny shaped rock. If that's the case I'm sure they've made that intentionally Maybe more likely to be a Yoda force ghost if he appears on screen? I've got a feeling Yoda will appear and speak to Luke like he did with Obi Wan in Empire. Predictions for TLJ : Luke to bail out after training Rey due to PTSD and appear at the end of the film, totally unhinged, go postal with the force lightening, fry a few mother fuckers and absolutely destroy Kylo Ren, brutally chopping bits off him with his lightsaber then finishing him with a force crush to the cranium. Third film will be : Luke to go on a mad assault for Snoke, Rey to try to sort him out and after watching him torture Snoke to death, then realising she will have to take him on in an all epic 'Jedi ending' battle. Rey kills him but dies Padme style when it's revealed she was Leia's secret daughter to Palpatine. Finn and Poe start a brothel on Tatooine and live happily ever after. Darth Jar Jar to feature as emperor in the third trilogy.
  10. Looks amazing. Cant fucking wait!
  11. I'm only believing that if I hear it from a Dee.
  12. I'm trying to figure out who the two players with sell on clauses are! Could be anyone! Armstrong? J Souttar? Robertson? Gauld? Russell? H Souttar? GMS Noel Hunt? Ciftci? Scott Allan? Steven Glass? De Vries? Hasney Aljofree? Dave Narey? I'm sure only he knows. (My guess is Noel Hunt and Mark De Vries)
  13. Toshney will start. Nothing surer. Toshney and Allardice would give us height in the midfield at least...
  14. Fair enough. Where did you read that?
  15. He is. He can't control a football. Countless times he either controls it with his shin or knee. His dribbling is only rarely good and his finishing is pretty poor if you look at the number of chances he gets. His attributes are running at and harrying defenders. I'm glad we've started playing 442 more often as it's allowing him a bit more space and his general play isn't such a big issue. I'd rather he was out wide with Mikkleson on Andreu up front, he seems to be getting a few more assists from wide positions. Also, yes we are in the Championship. This IS the level we are at. He is part of that reason. I don't think I'm giving him a hard time, I'm stating my opinion on him. I've never bood him or shouted abuse. He tried really hard and for that he deserves slack. Dosent change the fact he's a poor player.