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  1. Queens v Dundee United

    Its a must win game! Of course he'll go with 2 sitters.
  2. Dundee United 2017/2018

    Bilel Welhsni?
  3. Dundee United 2017/2018

    Skye's the limit? Id quite like a tour there actually...
  4. Brechin City v Dundee United

    1-1 draw. Lewis to start. Will chuck one in and we will equalise via a Durnan back post header in off the hedge. Csaba to say he was happy with the performance but the team, he did not play well.
  5. Rating your team's signings

    Dundee United minus Bilel Mohsni 4/10 Bilel Mohsni - 11/10
  6. Your club player of the year

    Im being deadly serious. I cant think of a single player we've had who's been as influential. Maybe Fyvie but hes been put for ages and Mohsni has steadied the sinking ship.
  7. Your club player of the year

    Bilel Mohsni. Country mile.
  8. Let's get back to being United again.

    These guys were frustrating as they had the ability and talent to run the entire show but had one or two weaknesses ie being a mentalist or getting fed up of getting blootered about the pitch. What frustrates me about Fraser is when he gets the ball his head is down. He takes far too long on the ball and gets tackled. Or he takes on far too many players and loses the ball. Or he just isnt interested and slowly jogs about. He rarely gets involved in physical games as hes an utter pap. He can hit a good free kick and play the odd great pass but has no consistency over an entire game. His best time imo was when Fyvie was running the show, creating space, bringing others into play and Fraser could just do the attacking stuff. Fraser needs to be in a team that can handle him fading in and out, not doing much other than the occasional nice pass or free kick. Thats not a team struggling to make the playoffs in the Championship. Maybe when he finally allegedly signs for Hertz they'll get more out of him than we did. If hes not constantly injured. I wish no ill will on the guy, its just frustrating watching a team when hes the main focal point. Tin hat on.
  9. Dundee United v Falkirk

    I assumed he meant Fraser Fyvie but he wasnt on the bench. But he rarely lost the ball, made us tick and made a few wee flowers in our team look good because he did the hard stuff.
  10. Dundee United v Falkirk

    He is young but by God he's rubbish. See the post by MacArab. He's shaky, has really poor judgement in coming off his line, terrible at kicking and dosent organise or command his defence well, if ever. Deniz looks more confident, stronger and seemed to be able to kick the ball and keep it in the stadium.
  11. Dundee United v Falkirk

    Simply put - he's shite.
  12. Let's get back to being United again.

    And always injured. Id suggest hes the most frustrating player we've had in modern times.
  13. Flat Earthers Open Shop in Inverness

    Flat Earthers come up with some cracking stuff. Genuine loopy c***s. I like the one where they suggest the Earth is flat as there is no visible curve on the horizon. And gravity is a conspiracy. Attention seeking tubes.
  14. Dundee United v Falkirk

    So if we start with Lewis, both teams will have a Hazard in goal.
  15. Dundee United v Falkirk

    I can see us being humped big time but i can also see us not getting humped big time. I do not trust these players or Csaba to get it right twice in a row. I see Csaba changing the team about. Stanton is suspended for this one i think, which will be a blow. This would mean putting Lewis in goal again because. McDonald will be in behind Mikklesen, Gillespie will get dropped again and its McMullans shot at left back i think. Fraser will come on at some point when its too late to make a difference. We'll lose a hilarious goal. We'll score after a massively laboured passing fest accross our defence leads to a fucking hoof up the park being scrambled in. We'll then start playing some nice stuff and either score a couple or lose another hilarious goal at the death.