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  1. Clyde Vs Cowdown

    Doubt Goodwillie will stay in League 2 if there is an offer from higher which I’m sure will come. Same for Lennon?
  2. Elgin city v Montrose

    Still a booking whether you agree with rule or otherwise.
  3. Elgin city v Montrose

    Thouraghly enjoyed the game. Thought we were unlucky to not win in the end but guess Montrose would say they deserved a point. Good all round performance against a well organised and stuffy team. Peterhead still best team we have played but they seem to enjoy playing and spanking us! Can see Montrose winning league though. Was quite pleased with our defence, thought they handled Templeman well, soft second goal aside. I don’t like criticising refs as I believe poor decisions are part of the game and even themselves up over a season but, he cannot be pleased with his performance, Fraser should have been booked and therefore off, number 5 forearmed Sutherland in face, not even a booking and definite foul on Reilly in build up to first goal. We must be due a fair bit of dodgy decisions in our favour! Hope Mo go on to win league and show that smaller spending teams can be successful. The transformation from the team I saw Elgin gub at Links Park last season is remarkable.
  4. Elgin City 2017/18 Season

    Couldna argue with that but think manager would say that he did not want to upset the balance of the defence at that late stage.
  5. Elgin City 2017/18 Season

    Think the idea is to add a bit of presence up front. Good to see Bronsky back. Thought he and McDonald handled Tempelman well.
  6. Elgin city v Montrose

    Looking forward to the game. Best home record in league against one of if not the best away record. I don’t believe Elgin are a top 4 team at the moment but our home record keeps us hanging in there. Not too confident about tomorrow. I can’t see us scoring more than one against Montrose’s we’ll organised defence and can’t see us keeping a clean sheet! Hope I’m wrong.
  7. Trapdoorwatch 2017-18

    Will Cove be overcooked or up to game speed and EK undercooked or well rested?
  8. Elgin v Annan

    The lack of pie or exercise in walking to other pie shop will do you good!
  9. Elgin v Annan

    Yeah another good win against the Annan cloggers. Must be the most anti football team seen at BB this season.
  10. CLYDE FC Season 2017-18 Thread

    Call them plonkers then admit you switched off early and didn’t listen to them.
  11. Montrose v Stenny

    Maybe because weather forecast is crap!
  12. The Binos v Elgin City

    A point would be good.
  13. Elgin v Stenny

    Give us a break!
  14. Cowdenbeath FC. 2017/18 Season

    Muzza. I’ve seen Cowdenbeath twice and Cove twice this season and I would make Cove big favourites over two legs to beat the current Cowdenbeath side.
  15. Elgin v Stenny

    Sorry respect your opinion but are you being serious about Bronsky and Mchardy up front?