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  2. Idiot.
  3. lolwut. Forrester plays for Rangers and again, is English.
  4. Forrester is English and plays for Rangers.
  5. Different kind of player but I love watching McGeouch. He uses the ball really well. In my opinion when he's fit he's our best midfielder but that's the problem, he's never fit for long enough.
  6. I hope Houston is sitting fucking raging at the Hibees sailing off into the distance. Beetroot faced, bitter ugly hearts c**t that he is.
  7. Hey. No need for that.
  8. Aye. The general consensus is I had a bleeding nose when I got in but we'll ignore that and pretend it's cause I'm hard as f**k.
  9. Away and have a piece n ketchup you.
  10. I'll handle you no bother you fucking c**t. xox
  11. Yeah hunni I'm ok xx
  12. Waking up with a cunter of a sore head, phone smashed to bits and your hands covered in blood.
  13. I hope not. I'm sick fed up of seeing/playing your lot