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  1. Absolutely fucking beautiful.
  2. 'Good day out'. It was a cup final and your manager fucking shat his breeks when he should've went for the jugular. Sums Aberdeen up tbh. Perennial shitebags.
  4. Like I said. That Hayes cutback to McLean was the potential game changer. Why didn't he just play it with his right? Just slot it across and McLean has a tap in ffs.
  5. Colour me stunned that Monkey tennis is stinking out yet another thread and auld GinKardine is backing them up. Howling.
  6. One of the worst bits more like.
  7. Lies you sent me a snapchat earlier with loads of Irish flags giving it 'ooh ahh up the ra'.
  8. That cutback from Hayes to McLean will haunt them for fucking years.
  9. See when you read through that, that's what makes the cup win so much more special.
  10. Jim was my coach at city u14's & 15's. Great guy, delighted for him.
  11. Big Efe was part of a backline that managed to keep Messi & co quiet for 90 mins. Berra can't even keep his kid quiet for that long lmao.
  12. Dougie Imrie what an angry wee man
  13. Shree years for Christophe. Decent signing tbf. Shame he'll be surrounded by shite
  14. You are a fucking head case.