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  1. I'll sit in the home end. Zero fucks given.
  2. Check for updates on the repo and it should show.
  3. Doesn't the Gorgie hold significantly less due to the top left hand corner (facing from the roseburn) being brought in because of the flats behind?
  4. Could say that about anything though, for £75 which is effectively a day on the lash, it's worth it and more for me. If it packs in then I've had my money's worth. Got an android TV with Kodi installed.
  5. If you have ultimate mania it should show on the repo. For all the movies, sports (UK and US), entertainment, movies on demand all in HD/4K? Considering I was paying £75 a month for virgin I consider it an absolute steal tbh.
  6. The guys behind Ultimatemania etc have released a TV guide and it is the absolute dugs danglies.
  7. I can't see it in all honesty. Isn't there some sort of rule that you would have to play every club at Murrayfield to make it fairer for all the teams in the league?
  8. That's going to struggle to be ready for their game against Aberdeen in September.
  9. That is so shite it's good.
  10. League cup winner Scottish cup winner Full Scottish internationalist. He's achieved more in 4 years than any Falkirk player in their entire career. Mintastic.
  11. See if Boyle could shoot/cross/DO FUCKING ANYTHING he'd be a great player.
  12. How the f**k is that no a sending off
  13. Who's this Shalick for County? What happened to Shalk?
  14. Aye because it's a lot easier to get to Dingwall for 7.45pm on a Friday than it is to get to Inverness for 3pm on a Saturday you utter melt. Good start from us, Murray looking busy up top and Swanson getting in wee pockets here and there.
  15. Liff midfielder coming in tomorrow according to Lennon on BT.