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  1. Rab Douglas? He's finally retired has he not?
  2. One wee thing, not think we were still glaringly missing a natural left mid?
  3. Aussie rules Perth derby, 40k sit together, on this weekend incidentally, maybe on BT sport, double that in Melbourne at MCG. All sport very family oriented including football. Were you at the last one in Kilmarnock with the running battles in the streets after? Seemed like young boys but nonetheless. You can still hear it all from the 'Family' stand, your not far from the SRE, enclosure etc. I never mentioned everyone, my best mate is a Killie fan. I'd probably never have mentioned it if it wasn't for certain invaders on this thread or the chat about them in our end to the extent the Police are taking measures.
  4. I take all your points, I think most of us including myself enjoy the darker side of things that give these occasions the 'edge' especially when I was younger but times have changed and now I have a family I'd be hesitant to take them. We can have these games and football in Scotland can continue to wither and die or promote a more inclusive, family friendly culture and grow the fan base. What do you think a large portion of Ayr fans are doing on a Saturday afternoon that stops them going? wishful thinking but other countries do this stuff so much better than us, at the end of the day it's supposed to be entertainment, just because some places are 'worse' than here doesn't justify it.
  5. How about a wee bit of pragmatism for a change? Scottish football fans have the potential to be the best and the worst. How about as many people as possible turn out, create a healthy atmosphere, and put on a credible show for the few neutrals that might watch. At least not damage our pitiful profile. Wonder how many, families particularly, have been put off by the prospect of trouble, a venomous atmosphere and foul language? Coverage in the media is all about the ticket situation not the game. There are plenty other derbies across the world, in other sports, as big as anything in Scotland with a healthy rivalry and fans can even be trusted to sit together! Evolve or die.
  6. Seems he can play 'across the back' cb/rb would be good, as long as he's not another Mckenna, you would hope McCall has learned
  7. Geez is there not a dedicated thread for this dross? Sincerely hope our lot are as much of a nuisance on yours, but maybe they're too interested in their own team.
  8. Why a shock, other than the league there's Peter Murphy, part time, close to home, sounds plausible to me.
  9. Alloa, Airdrie and Forfar all have plastic pitches I suppose that must be acceptable to McCall.
  10. Forrest has never excited me, with the Killie game coming up I can't help but feel he hasn't really progressed in three years since the last. I don't really understand why Adams is getting special treatment. Certainly plenty positives otherwise.
  11. I took from it that despite what he said before this season he is trying to convince the board that FT is the way ahead. "Full Time has been the discussion for most of the last year and beyond. I would love to commit to full time football, and Ian is laying out his case for that, but at this time it is not confirmed one way or the other unfortunately."
  12. The accounts for last year are on the companies house website, this years are late. Not much in them other than we seem to be around £1M in debt, the only cash you can see going in is a £173k 0% LOAN which seems a little odd. No info on wages or other specific outgoings.
  13. Don't get this Ayr/'insert lower division team here' are my wee team crap. Personally I get my big stadium kicks at Scotland games.
  14. Don't know where this confidence for the playoffs comes from, sure Moore is back touch wood but it took us an eternity to scrape past Queens Park and Clyde do how would we fare against the likes of Alloa? I'm not sure I could take more of the Stranraer playoff type games. I know we'd still be up but geez it would be painful to watch.