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  1. Why a shock, other than the league there's Peter Murphy, part time, close to home, sounds plausible to me.
  2. Alloa, Airdrie and Forfar all have plastic pitches I suppose that must be acceptable to McCall.
  3. Forrest has never excited me, with the Killie game coming up I can't help but feel he hasn't really progressed in three years since the last. I don't really understand why Adams is getting special treatment. Certainly plenty positives otherwise.
  4. I took from it that despite what he said before this season he is trying to convince the board that FT is the way ahead. "Full Time has been the discussion for most of the last year and beyond. I would love to commit to full time football, and Ian is laying out his case for that, but at this time it is not confirmed one way or the other unfortunately."
  5. The accounts for last year are on the companies house website, this years are late. Not much in them other than we seem to be around £1M in debt, the only cash you can see going in is a £173k 0% LOAN which seems a little odd. No info on wages or other specific outgoings.
  6. Don't get this Ayr/'insert lower division team here' are my wee team crap. Personally I get my big stadium kicks at Scotland games.
  7. Don't know where this confidence for the playoffs comes from, sure Moore is back touch wood but it took us an eternity to scrape past Queens Park and Clyde do how would we fare against the likes of Alloa? I'm not sure I could take more of the Stranraer playoff type games. I know we'd still be up but geez it would be painful to watch.
  8. Booooring, badge is rotten, re-brand for me.
  9. Stevo in nets for them tonight.
  10. 87 Sons fans at Raith, eighty-seven
  11. Who said anything about going public? Every other club in the league got deals done straight away. 6 days? More like 3/4 during which time Dundee United managed to import a player from Denmark.
  12. My only gripe is that we never seem to have a plan ahead of the transfer window, few that come to fruition anyway. As of today every other team in the league have already signed at least one player this window. Whether they're any good or not remains to be seen however everyone else seems to have their targets well in advance of being able to take action on it. We regularly seem to be waiting on these proven players/whoever's left for them to ultimately knock us back. I'll be gobsmacked if Nisbet stays after his performance on Xmas eve and McCalls reaction.
  13. Re Preston my understanding from when he signed for us in January was that his contract with Blackburn was up this month, not sure how accurate this is
  14. Regardless of their legal status surely you can't completely separate the two. Surely an ambitious football club would benefit the community, the Academy and vice versa. Without Ayr Utd Academy players would have to go to other Ayrshire senior clubs or the juniors, seems awfy blinkered to me to say United is 'just another business' est 1910. Christ we must be mugs, cos God knows we don't get much 'product' for our money.
  15. Pretty sure around about the time of Lithgows capers Airdire fans were invading pitches, snapping crossbars, general thuggery and wearing KKK masks to matches.................