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  1. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    If money is tight the loan market may be an option that is used a bit more than we would all like. I would imagine the price of say Hendry on loan is less that any FT jobber at this level. Hendry would be a very good acquisition (as long as we get him for the full season). The loan market is precarious as f**k though. Two other Hendry-level (at the latter end of last season) or above signings would see us look decent. Get those wrong though and our squad could be gash. Its that tight when we are dealing with such a small number - Barry better get this fucking sorted!
  2. The Pelé Podcast - Neil Parry

    Really enjoyed that second part from Grant Anderson. Cheers for putting it together mate!
  3. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Pretty happy with the clear out and if all those offered contracts sign. If not on a deal already I would have liked Mathews to be released - he has really not came on at all and had a very poor season. Mark Stewart f**k me I have had enough of 'strikers' who never score and don't link the game. Terrible football player.
  4. Hearts vs Hibs

    Anyway, c'mon Hibs. Let's get these **** out of Europe in May this year.
  5. Hearts vs Hibs

    Any other c**t shagging the day?
  6. Hearts vs Hibs

  7. Alloa vs Raith Rovers

    Ooft that team #Smithiola ETA the laughter is manic
  8. Alloa vs Raith Rovers

    No trains back to Glasgow after - an hour bus to croy and missing the subway - so 'unfortunately' I won't make it. Hoping to be proved wrong but got a feeling it will be abject and a defeat.
  9. Aye but... but... Rule Britannia and WATP and that eh
  10. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    I'm removing myself from this until Saturday evening. It's making everything worse. See you all on the other side c***s.
  11. Stranraer Vs Raith Rovers

    There are a few points here I think. The main one is that this is our third 8 hour round trip due to the mid-game abandonment, so many will have had enough of Stranraer. Another point is that for weeks now whilst we have not really been 'chasing a league'; you have been huge favourites and the fact we are still in it is a mystery. most people are consigned to the play offs and waiting for those. Another point is that for well over a calender year our away form has been diabolical. Many are picking and choosing after such bad experiences. You lot on the other hand have excellent away form - is it a surprise most people don't mind a trip when you win 90odd % of the time? Another is that, reading off the Ayr forum, there seems to be many of your fans that are actually really excited about winning the 'title' as your club haven't won even the third tier for over 20 years so for most fans under 35 this is a first chance to really enjoy winning something. It makes sense that many want to travel and watch every game. I think I speak for most Rovers fans that winning the league is all about promotion and 'the title' means f**k all. Anyway, if we are crowd wanking, your home gates are diabolical despite scoring over 100 goals. On to the game, very good win. Over to Jobby McCall. Hoping Alloa do us a favour!
  12. Stranraer Vs Raith Rovers

    Lot's of options from the bench today. Makes a change from so much of the season. Would have liked Spence instead of Buchanan and Herron instead of hendry. Glad Dario Z is starting. Echo Calderon, would be delighted with a win but we are still wayyyyyy second favs and play offs looking very much odds on. Hope to be wrong! Mon!
  13. Why is Bell starting at the corner flag? To be fair this may actually be an improvement. ?? He is in the goals on my PC! But aye, true enough.
  14. Surely for the Banter Years XI we need Rob Kiernan at CB. This needs a lot of thought, so I reserve my right to edit, but right now I would go for: Bell The Blue Cafu Kiernan Bilel Wallace Barton Black Huniday Pena Waghorn Gardner Subs: Sandaza, Dodoo (for scoring the goal to win the Champions League at Firhill), Lee McCulloch, Dalcio, Morelos, Barry (9m RB Leipzig) McKay, Manager: Pedro Chairman: Charles 'xmas message' Green The (main) reasons for each being: Bell: for the Motherwell 'save' The Blue Cafu: for **** gushing over him, being a stalwart of the journey, costing goals continuously and being referred to as the Blue Cafu. Kiernan: ooft. Bilel: Probably peak banter at Motherwell post final whistle. Wallace: Grass memes. Barton: As mentioned above, getting bitched after talking about dominating the league. Got nutmegged a cracker on his debut by Ali Crawford. Gambling debacle. Black: Being the archetypal *** and the gambling debacle. Halliday: Being the archetypal ***, 'av goat this', hooked after 40 minutes Pena: ooft Waghorn: Martin 'Say it to me face' Waghorn, being fucking shite but **** gushing over him. Gardner: **** trying to get his shitey song to xmas No.1 - and failing, him never scoring but **** gushing over him, <2m fee, sitting in A&E in his strip. Anyone like to offer some way to 'improve' things?
  15. Stranraer Vs Raith Rovers

    Our away record is disgusting. With even more pressure on us now logic says we will shite the bed again and lose or draw. Hoping that this is the time we turn it around - but the hope is blind. 1-1. Also, IF we were to win another major factor is that we could do with QP getting something and Albion Rovers getting beat meaning that they have to get a point at least on the last day at Ayr. Otherwise even an Ayr draw on Sunday would likely see them champions as guaranteed 9th Albion will be concentrating on the play off games in the midweek and will likely roll over.