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  1. Why is Bell starting at the corner flag? To be fair this may actually be an improvement. ?? He is in the goals on my PC! But aye, true enough.
  2. Surely for the Banter Years XI we need Rob Kiernan at CB. This needs a lot of thought, so I reserve my right to edit, but right now I would go for: Bell The Blue Cafu Kiernan Bilel Wallace Barton Black Huniday Pena Waghorn Gardner Subs: Sandaza, Dodoo (for scoring the goal to win the Champions League at Firhill), Lee McCulloch, Dalcio, Morelos, Barry (9m RB Leipzig) McKay, Manager: Pedro Chairman: Charles 'xmas message' Green The (main) reasons for each being: Bell: for the Motherwell 'save' The Blue Cafu: for **** gushing over him, being a stalwart of the journey, costing goals continuously and being referred to as the Blue Cafu. Kiernan: ooft. Bilel: Probably peak banter at Motherwell post final whistle. Wallace: Grass memes. Barton: As mentioned above, getting bitched after talking about dominating the league. Got nutmegged a cracker on his debut by Ali Crawford. Gambling debacle. Black: Being the archetypal *** and the gambling debacle. Halliday: Being the archetypal ***, 'av goat this', hooked after 40 minutes Pena: ooft Waghorn: Martin 'Say it to me face' Waghorn, being fucking shite but **** gushing over him. Gardner: **** trying to get his shitey song to xmas No.1 - and failing, him never scoring but **** gushing over him, <2m fee, sitting in A&E in his strip. Anyone like to offer some way to 'improve' things?
  3. Stranraer Vs Raith Rovers

    Our away record is disgusting. With even more pressure on us now logic says we will shite the bed again and lose or draw. Hoping that this is the time we turn it around - but the hope is blind. 1-1. Also, IF we were to win another major factor is that we could do with QP getting something and Albion Rovers getting beat meaning that they have to get a point at least on the last day at Ayr. Otherwise even an Ayr draw on Sunday would likely see them champions as guaranteed 9th Albion will be concentrating on the play off games in the midweek and will likely roll over.
  4. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    Was just on to comment about that - absolute sycophancy. Also amusing and annoying in equal measure to hear the complaining about how unfair the premiership play off system is - designed by clubs like Yinited, Hibs, etc to protect them - when it hinders getting 'oor big clubs in the tap league'. Its lovely when protectionism comes back to bite.
  5. Scotland v Costa Rica 23rd March

    He's only 28
  6. Forfar vs. Raith Rovers

    Thankfully I wasn't at the game, absolutely no surprise seeing the goals come through on SSN. All season we have not had a recognisable pattern of play, especially away from home. Barry Smith has had a shocker - all season to sort it out and no change. This points to his lack of quality and the fact he is unfit for the job. Shame it looks like we have made another manager mistake (albeit not as bad as the last one). Congratulations to Ayr, they will be worthy league winners based on their final points and especially goals tally. As for the play offs, pffffffffffffffff... without a managerial change its hard to see us do anything other than our usual shitemare. Especially now the last 6/7 games will effectively be dead rubbers and will, in all liklihood, see confidence drop even further. I have accepted we will be in this shitey league next year. The fact all of this is down to the boards ineptitude in appointing Gary Locke - without which we would likely be kicking about midtable in the championship this season - and part time football may beckon because of it, is genuinely depressing. Doubt I will be back to see the team until our two game stint in the play offs.
  7. Ayr vs Raith

    Agreed. Can we just fucking bin that forever (it made an appearance on Saturday)? Its shite banter anyway.
  8. Ayr vs Raith

    That last game down at Ayr was one of the worst games I've seen in terms of how poor we were/dominated. The fact I was absolutely mortal and had a wine in my 'tea' cup made the game bearable. I will be there again and again have a similar feeling of hopelessness. Should hopefully make the inevitable defeat easier to take. These play off things sound like a stroll in the park anyway, i'm sure we will walk them ...
  9. Ayr vs Raith

    Will be heading through but fully expect an Ayr win. Would be pleased with a draw.
  10. Forfar vs. Raith Rovers

    snow scheduled in Forfar in the lead up to the game and below freezing temps...
  11. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    I wouldn't be surprised if we were behind going into the game at Somerset. f**k me. The low's are fucking low.
  12. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    4 points dropped in about 4 minutes of football. Brutal stuff. Ayr's free scoring and killing teams may finally be showing to be the difference. Christ that sinking feeling two weeks in a row is hard to take.
  13. Raith Rovers v Arbroath (24/02/18)

    Looking at our remaining fixtures our away games are very tough (Airdrie, Ayr, Stranraer, Arbroath, Forfar). Unfortunately there is nothing to suggest that we are going to stop dropping points away from home, so this puts added pressure on the home games. I have a feeling that out of our remaining five home games we need maximum points. Arbroath (other than Ayr and Airdrie) have been far and away the best of the rest to have played at Starks, have a lot of goals in the team and are in good form. Tough game and one where we could do with everything falling into place (they have an off day, we have a good one, early goal etc.). Fingers are crossed. Confident based on the home record. Shite'ing it based on the fact its the Rovers and its football.
  14. Albion Rovers V Raith Rovers

    I think I will go for the St Andrews bar, cheers folks for all the info. (ETA: any pub that is pernickety about football colours of non-old firm can get itself to f**k!). Rational side of me ha got a deal of confidence. Less Rational side is shiteing it. Only two of our usual 5 are able to make it today - any other folks getting the sense that it will be a decent/poor crowd today? Think a big number behind that goal could make a bit of a difference.
  15. Albion Rovers V Raith Rovers

    Does anyone know the best pre-game pubs? We went to Owen's last time and it was ok, although not a classic football pub. Are there any others people would recommend? Are there any classic home/away pubs in town? Cheers!