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  1. Cheers Gents, much appreciated!
  2. Buddies, Best place to drink in town and watch the Old Filth game before kick off? Any suggestions much appreciated/still hope we pump you despite the niceties etc.
  3. Eh I think its really context specific. If Saints, Dumbarton and Ayr all lose it gives us a massive boost going into our next two games. The opposite scenario puts more pressure on - however, it does have the advantage of the team 'knowing what they have two do'.
  4. Hmm that is interesting - although not overly surprising given how poor Saturday nights game was. I hope you get your season back on track on Saturday... a good 5 or 6 nil would be just great!
  5. In response to the above comment saying United have nothing to play for, surely this game is enormous for United due to the massive advantage finishing second has? Or have any thoughts of sneaking up via the play offs disappeared (both among the fans but more importantly the players/manager)?
  6. f**k off Locke you incompetent fucking arsehole c**t f**k
  7. To the Queens fans who were kindly offering suggestions for food/tele-based football on the previous pages, much appreciated folks, cheers!
  8. Looking forward to my trip down - it will be a really tough game but the optimism is far higher than it would be pre-Hughes. A win here would really take some of the pressure off of the Ayr game - lose and it will squeaky bum time on Wednesday. Queens fans, any recommendations for a place to eat post game? Likely some pub grub type thing (but preferably not a Wetherspoons!) - as an added bonus, any pubs that do food that will likely show the Hibs v Townies game at 5:15? Cheers in advance!
  9. It is a weird one with the crowd. Family traditions mean I won't be there - the same is true for the other 5 that make up our little group. However I have spoken to some people who are delighted they have an excuse to have a day out at the football on Christmas Eve, especially those who usually work Saturdays. I think the latter group are a minority, however, and I would expect the away end to be sparsely populated.
  10. We stopped in at the spoons, will also be in shortly. Come and say hello and I will buy you a pint for your kind hospitality mate - me and my bro in blue!
  11. Nae bother on the train from central to gilmour street
  12. Cheers mate, much appreciated!
  13. Just arrived, and to my disappointment the Caledonian bar is shut! Sitting in the Alamo now but looking for something maybe withe the football or just a bit more 'alive'. Any suggestions Saints and rovers fans -PLEASE!? Eta - sports bar pool table/darts would be a bonus!
  14. If getting an early kick off, saturday would have been preferable - however the money is more important. Someone might be able to confirm, but I recall from discussions a few years ago that a live game in the cup earned each team around 100k? If Hearts sell their allocation that will be around another 50/60k. With hospitality and our own sales, a conservative guess would be that we could make around 150k profit from the game - thoughts on my arithmetic? On a related note, regarding our own support 1) what do you think the likely crowd will be (2000, 2500?) and 2) how many tickets will that mean sold i.e. how many Premium season tickets did we sell? I think the answer to question 1 may relate heavily to how we are doing at the time - the result against the townies on the 2nd may have a big impact.