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  1. Stranraer v The Kirkcaldy Juggernauts

    Aye echo the above comment! I have mentally prepared myself that it will be off - forecast looks horrrrrrrrrrrrrific!! http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2636719
  2. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    Analized in the Allianz
  3. Stranraer v The Kirkcaldy Juggernauts

    Aye, to follow up on this, forecast looks horrific for Saturday. Does the park drain well or if it is heavy from midnight until kick off (as currently predicted) is the game fucked?
  4. Stranraer v The Kirkcaldy Juggernauts

    Work is a mare this week. Is it not fucking saturday morning yet so I can start filling my body with greasy food, copious amounts of alcohol and travel hundred of miles to watch some men kick a ball (rather poorly at times) about some grass? I love Saturdays As for the game I wouldn't be surprised if the same team starts as did last week. I think like most games this season scoring the first goal is crucial. We get it and I would expect us to win the game. Stranraer get it and it could be a sticky afternoon as trying to break a team down with something to hold on to can be a nightmare. Hoping we get the first goal I will go for 0-2 or 1-3.
  5. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    For those of us non-local dwelling folks will minutes be posted? Or would some kind souls consider summarising on here?
  6. Stranraer v The Kirkcaldy Juggernauts

    That is brilliant mate cheers, sounds ideal!
  7. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Cheers mate, much appreciated! However, I am struggling to make anything out of that bus timetable!!!
  8. Stranraer v The Kirkcaldy Juggernauts

    Really looking forward to next week. Never been down to see us play at Stair Park and an excellent train trip down from Glasgow! Think our train gets in at 1ish - Stranraer (or in the know) Rovers fans, where is the best place to drink before the game (ideally with the football on)? Also think we will get the 7pm train back so would appreciate any advice on where to grab some food (nothing fancy!) and a beer after the game too! Cheers in advance
  9. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Has anyone travelled to Peterhead using public transport? Or perhaps any Rovers fans up that way could enlighten me... Google seems to be saying its a 2 hour bus from Aberdeen!? Surely there is an easier way!!?
  10. The mighty Rovers v The red lichties

    Really big game for us. Despite Arbroath's fantastic away record we really can't afford to be dropping points in consecutive games. Hopeful that we have enough to grind out a win.
  11. Dundee United v Linfield 7th or 8th October

    hahahahahaha get your prejudice away to f**k
  12. Dundee United v Linfield 7th or 8th October

    Get these Bigots humped min
  13. Sky Coverage

    My advice would be go to a place with f**k loads of tele's that is usually quite and politely ask for the smallest one with the shitey'ist view to have the scotland game on it. As someone mentioned above, the sports bar in Trafalgar square is an establishment of this sort! Good luck!
  14. The wee Rovers v Big Rovers

    Oh ya hoor is it not Saturday yet!