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  1. Conrad Logan is a professional athlete. I refuse to believe this.
  2. no. We much prefer to just take m8
  3. That's one the strangest things ive ever seen on this forum. Always thought you were a bit strange Gav but not a complete weirdo.
  4. Dundee McCann
  5. he's not even our best either, that goes to Mr. Two trophies Lewis Stevenson
  6. Rugby
  7. I'm quite sure seeing Ofir Marciano in shorts and his missus in the stands beats that at a canter better luck next time.
  8. for an extra £2 you could watch Premiership football in the glorious capital in a 4 sided stadium, get better food, better view, better transport system and not live in the fear of turning into a mutant because your stadium lands in the Grangemouth area.
  9. £20 for championship football is quite frankly a disgrace.
  10. Don't think we should be taking any players from this league tbh. They're all below the standard required to play for Hibernian Football Club.
  11. Standard Hearts fan
  12. think getting tickets for ibrox will be very difficult. especially with about 150-200 away season tickets so there could be about 700 tickets up for grabs
  13. pre season started yesterday, went past Arthur seat in the van and seen the team fucking about at the bottom of the hill.