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  1. We will promoted and walk right into second place. We're not here to take part, we're here to take over HH
  2. Ken what? I don't think I've ever been as happy as a hibs fan. I just witnessed a team full of Scottish cup winning legends dicking hearts Infront of a sold out Easter road, whilst we sit top of the league and on the brink of returning to the top flight. what.a.club.
  3. Absolutely love that hearts fans still use this. 7 derbies, 3 years. Boabied out the cup two years in a row whilst we were still in the championship one of which we went on to win and this year you never know, we have momentum. It must be fucking shite being a hearts fan. We own you.
  4. We will comfortably win this before heading back to our second home to wreck the place again
  5. lenny burst Cathros bubble, hibs are gonnae win the double
  6. i laughed at that for a good 10 minutes. That's bordering the cup final material. Amazing.
  7. To be fair to hearts. It was an extremely tough ask for them to visit the home of the Scottish cup holders who are also one of the best sides in the country. They gave a good account of themselves at times and put us under a bit of pressure. They done well to keep it down to a respectable scoreline. Hats off to them. Must be like a win for them. Just another day at the office for us.
  8. Grant Holt you big lovable shagger. take me any way you want just like you took that hearts defence any way you wanted xx
  9. back in your box losers
  10. Morton are a ridiculous, west coast, irrelevant club. c**t.
  11. I've got the battle fever oan HH
  12. Hopefully we put 10 past them on the basis it'll f**k your bets you disgusting, scumbag.
  13. Filthy *** rat
  14. Come ahead if you think you're hard enough, you disgusting yam tramps.