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  1. Makes up for the fact you are absolutely dreadful at football, IMO.
  2. Where is that fake tanned ugly *** cretin Keith Jackson? All 11 Celtic players were attacked
  3. Get him telt honest lass!
  4. Simon Murray is fucking shite
  5. Down ye go diddies
  6. The rangers fans behaviour today was nothing short of a disgrace. I wonder if we if we will be treated to weeks and weeks of it in the papers like the cup final? Fucking scumbags. I hope their club die again
  7. Listen mate, we created an atmosphere that no one outside of Celtic could rival the last time we were at Rugby park. So stop talking pish mate.
  8. Last away game of an emotional rollercoaster of a three year spell. The last ever diddy side to benefit from the green pound. It's been a pleasure to keep yours, and many others clubs afloat for the last 3 years. Without us, well, you probably wouldn't be here. Not to mention the carnival, cup final atmosphere that we generate when we come to town. I genuinely hope you all prosper for years to come. Apart from Falkirk. Hope they die like the ****.
  9. Think a few more first team players will play here but it'll still be mostly fringe players. Hope Murray keeps his place
  10. Tbf I wish nothing but pain and unimaginable suffering on Rudi Skacel so you're probably correct.
  11. That you've seen against your club home and away: Home: worst player - Jamie Hamill had an absolute shocker earlier in the season but that was the cup. Struggling to think of a standout for being really Shite tbh. Skacel being an utter knob on Christmas even despite doing nothing but almost end a young boys career. Worst team- Morton were honking in their first visit in August. They even managed to let Shitebag shinnie and Brian Graham score into them. Dundee Utd were pretty pish on both occasions at ER too. Away- worst player- Lewis toshney made a complete c**t of himself against us last month. Diving into ridiculous challenges and ended up being sent off after half an hour. Worst team- Ayr were pretty pish when we played them in November. Raith too in both games.
  12. I hit lee Wallace with a corner flag at hampden. The fucking p***k grassed me up.
  13. Mind Scott Allan? Words can't describe how happy it makes me waking up in morning knowing his career is back down the pan. Fucking snake.
  14. £15 to listen to Ian Cathro what a complete bunch of mugs