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  1. And no way was there 9000 there
  2. Is anyone actually going to bother watching on Sunday? I don't know why I watched tonight and I'll probably find something better to do on Sunday like tanning my wrists.
  3. Blaming the pitch dont use Easter road again then you fucking SFA c***s. We've got two big games coming up on that pitch now your cloggers have had a go on it
  4. Never thought I'd see the day that Scotland are genuinely worse than hibs.
  5. Darren fletcher is unbelievably slow. Most countries now play quick counter attacking football and have good ball players who can move the ball quickly in midfield. We have Darren Fletcher.
  6. In the team to be a big physical striker and won't even jump for a cross chris Martin is a fucking huddy
  7. Lee Wallace obviously still mentally scared from anything associated with Hibernian. Probably thinks the fans are going to run on the now and deck him. I wish they would. Useless grassing c**t.
  8. Hopefully this is the first nail in the ginger fanny's coffin tonight.
  9. First season there wasn't a lot of pressure on the players as most people thought we'd struggle. We exceeded out expectations that season and finished second. Last season id say there was more pressure than the season before but it grew over the season as we hit a great run over Christmas and beat team after team in the cup. We finished a place below where we expected to finish. This season the pressure has been massive right from the start. I think the only game we haven't had any pressure on us was Brondby away. We are currently were we want to be although not as comfortable as we should be. I dont think you can doubt our mentality in big games. We've been outstanding in most since we came down. It's the games against sides like Alloa, st.mirren and Dumbarton where we have toiled. Saturday and next Wednesday are massive games so I think we will win both. It'll be tight and hard fought though.
  10. Id take great pleasure in being a part of the reason why Shinnie isn't here next season. I'm currently thinking up ideas to force him out. I was thinking a half niddrie outside the west stand but then again that maybe a bit much. Maybe throw some of those gherkins from a Big Mac at him after every game. I'm a regular at the mcdonalds at meadowbank. Must be in there about 3 times a day. I'm sure they'll do me some kind of discount. Got to keep myself a big strong bhoy.
  11. He's like a non injured Danny handling. Dont worry, it won't be long before shinnie is hounded out like Liam Craig and Franck Djedje