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  1. The P+B Quiz League (and Cup)

    EDIT: If you're doing the Australian Daily Quiz (scroll forward 1000+ pages) and you've missed a day, you can find all the previous quizzes in their archive here: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/mind-games/quiz-archive It's a simple enough premise. Every day, they publish 10 multiple-choice general knowledge questions. What isn't simple is the questions. I've had a 2 or 3 many times. I've achieved 8 out of 10 a few times, but never the Holy Grail: 10 out of 10. The day that happens, I'll probably end up adding it to my CV. Here's a link to today's. I got a very healthy 8, my lack of knowledge about the gait of Icelandic horses let me down... http://www.theguardian.com/news/quiz/2013/dec/13/daily-quiz-13-december-2013
  2. Top Five African Football Teams

    From my Sensible Soccer days, I always had a soft spot for Strength of Ten and Heart of Oak.
  3. The P+B Quiz League (and Cup)

    Er, Rolf Harris? Anyway, here's a list of stragglers. Deadline is tomorrow at whatever time I get back from the Parkrun and, sadly, Ikea. MSU, Pickled_Herring, deej (Friday) Alang1993 (Mon-Thu) Wilky1878 (Thu-Fri) Gman_1985 (Wed-Fri) WRK - All week
  4. The P+B Quiz League (and Cup)

    Was ganting on today's quiz and possibly snatching a play-off spot. Especially after the shoo-in of a first question. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/mind-games/quiz?quizId=8173&sectionId=1 Knew 2. Got 2
  5. The P+B Quiz League (and Cup)

    Let's have a look at the league of extraordinary gentlemen... Frankie's opened up a 3 point league over the current SUPERLEAGUE champion... still a few big names yet to post there. In the league of mediocre gentlemen, there have been some pretty ropey scores all round, especially at the start of the week. LiviLion has opened up a 2 point league ... and I'm missing Deej's score from Wednesday. And in the league of ordinary gentlemen, Eednud has been going round telling everyone he's too good for this league. And it shows with his 4 point lead over BIK. And wtf has happened to WRK?
  6. Public Service Broadcasting

    Did anyone go and see them at the Barrowlands on Thursday? I thought it was one of the best gigs I'd seen in a long time ... great use of video and a Welsh brass band, and the lads even had a bit of banter for the audience.
  7. The P+B Quiz League (and Cup)

    Sorry for the complete lack of league tables (again). Been away with the work. Normal service will (hopefully) be resumed tomorrow.
  8. The P+B Quiz League (and Cup)

    It was SUPERLEAGUE!!!! 4 out of 10. Another week of doldrums to look forward to.
  9. The James McClean Sponsored Poppy Thread

    You'd be a fool to buy one. You can just lift them out the poppy recycling bins that Sainsbury's have.
  10. The P+B Quiz League (and Cup)

    Is this you lifting your patter from the Catherine Tate Show? If so, you are plumbing new depths chief
  11. The P+B Quiz League (and Cup)

    I did consider it, but then I thought - what with Norn Iron going to get their arse handed to them on Sunday - he could do with a bit of cheering up. But I shall leave it up to him whether he gets a star or a gold medal. (he can't have both though).
  12. The P+B Quiz League (and Cup)

    So that's the end of the first ever SUPERLEAGUE... and what a SUPERLEAGUE it was. When Audaces Fortuna Juvat was growing up on the mean streets of Belfast back in the Fifties, he could scarcely have dreamed that he would one day become the first ever Pie and Bovril SUPERLEAGUE World Champion. It all came down to the last kick of the ball, but Alang1993 couldn't match AFJ's score and instead achieves a very creditable 2nd place. At the moment, AFJ is probably on a flight to go and watch his team get tobler-owned in Switzerland, so I will send him a text to congratulate him on his momentous achievement. In other SUPERLEAGUE news, Leeds Saint missed out on a SWL spot on quiz difference. And WRK will be joining him in the BHL, having failed to post a score all week. Normal leagues will resume Monday, unless anyone dreams up any new wacky formats.
  13. The P+B Quiz League (and Cup)

    On today, the most solemn of solemn days, we take a moment to remember our fallen heroes (everyone, that is, except me - see the Poppy thread). And here in the quiz thread, it is no different. Here is a roll-call of past quizzers who sadly are no longer with us... * cue bugle music * I especially miss Dee Man. He'd be the first to admit he was never going to trouble the top echelons of the league. However, due to a quirk of fate, he ended up Captaining the winning RotW team in the fondly-remembered Ride Her Haggard Cup that ran throughout the summer - he still sports his Captain's half-and-half scarf proudly to this day.
  14. The James McClean Sponsored Poppy Thread

    The 2 minute's silence was observed impeccably by everyone in Tesco today. Everyone, that is, except me - who didn't realise it was on and broke the solemn silence by requesting "Two lucky dips for tonight please". Oh, and the old guy behind me who, after about a minute of silence, blurted out "ARE THE COMPUTERS DOWN HEN?"
  15. Business / corporate speak nonsense

    Was interested in buying a piece of software that I need. Found a good one and was reading about its feature. One of them was its ability to "Credentialize your workforce". It goes without saying that I'm not buying their software... don't care how damned good it is.
  16. The Tennents Lager Appreciation Society

    Had a pint in the Avalon in Charing Cross on Thursday. Asked for the St Mungo (that's aff) ... then the IPA (that's aff)... it was a toss-up between that and Deuchars. I went for a pint of Deuchars (cos I'm a dick like that). And it was easily the worst pint I've ever tasted. It was actually sweet, but had a taste of dust and stoor. It was truly awful. Had 2 sips and then someone fired on some Xmas music, so I turned and walked out. Next time I'll just have a pint of T and be done with it.
  17. The P+B Quiz League (and Cup)

    Was about to say something... Here's a list of the stragglers: Alang1993, The_Kincardine (Friday only) Dee_62 and AFJ (Thu and Fri) - it would be a harsh irony if AFJ misses out on his first ever top-spot after that "penalty" last night WRK - all week... could he be getting relegated to the BHL? Dyl (WTF) .. that's Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, not What the f**k Gman_1985 (Tue-Thu) Wilky1878 (last 6 days) Jagfox99 (RIP) Edit: 12 noon on Saturday
  18. The "Stupid Questions You Have Been Asked" thread

    Oh Dave .. it's Octopuses
  19. The "Stupid Questions You Have Been Asked" thread

    Ignoramuses My favourite stupid question is 5 seconds into this:
  20. The P+B Quiz League (and Cup)

    Well, only one day to go in the inaugural SUPERLEAGUE and there is a clear gap opening up between the haves and the have nots. Did you know that the top 12 (31% of the quizzing league) have somehow accumulated 42% (FORTY-TWO) of the points? How can that be fair? So, as of next week, I'm pleased to announce the new Marxist-Trotsky Leagues, where points will be distributed evenly across the board - regardless of knowledge, effort or ability. The only exception will be the extra points awarded to members of the Politburo. If anyone doesn't like that, they can have a one-way ticket to the gulags. In the meantime, here's your bourgeois league table.
  21. Blues vs Spiders

    At least we don't charge £2.50ish for a cup of fucking tea at Stair Park
  22. The Worst Posters in P&B History (2017 Edition)

    I've met a few folk off P+B over the years. And I've dipped every one of their pockets.
  23. The P+B Quiz League (and Cup)

    I'm not one for hyperbole, but I've never seen anything as amazing and exciting as the current SUPERLEAGUE table... only 2 games to play (for most teams) and it really couldn't get any more thrilling. It's turned into a bit of a 2 horse race between AFJ and Alang1993... I dearly hope it comes down to the wire and AFJ is forced to ask a complete stranger to read out the quiz to him on their phone, then get him to log into P+B on his behalf and post his score. Also a bit of a gap opening in the Premiership front-runners, although Ross. is by no means a stick-on for the top league. And places in the SWL are still being keenly contested for. Lovely stuff.
  24. The P+B Quiz League (and Cup)

    Plenty of time to do Friday's quiz before the Saturday lunchtime deadline then. Even if you do insist on carting about a mobile phone that Noah himself would have been embarrassed to bring onto the ark lest his 3 sons caught sight of it and called him a sad old git. You've given me an idea... it's in slightly-bad taste... I will reveal all at the weekend.
  25. The Queen Is Dead

    Tbh, Half Man Half Biscuit have dozens... Something's Rotten in the back of Iceland Took Problem Chimp to the Ideal Home Show Mathematically Safe Trumpton Riots National Shite Day Westward Ho! Massive Letdown Old Age killed my Teenage Bride Lock up your Mountain Bikes And the somewhat out-of-date ... Rod Hull is Alive. Why?