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  1. If the Sons fan whose wee boy left his tablet at the game is on here it's been handed in to stadium reception.
  2. Nah, he was shite further forward. Keep him where he is.
  3. List states it might not be complete and only includes forms received by 5th Jan. Given the time of year I suspect something hasn't been received. suspension stands in any case.
  4. Weather must be terrible at Easter Rd tonight. That's surely the only explanation for the current scoreline!?
  5. Frazer Wright's signed for Stirling Albion in case anyone missed it.
  6. Harvie's suspended though.
  7. That's Harvie's loan extension confirmed on the OS now. Another good piece of business by Aitken.
  8. Couple of his wonder jags and he'll be fine!
  9. Can you still park just off Cragie Road? Remember parking there last time I was down. If not where else can you park?
  10. All we need now is a Paddy Flannery lookalike.
  11. If my boss told anyone who'd listen that I had no chance of completing a task / closing a deal / etc etc. would I even bother? This is exactly what Stevie is doing with the team. He needs to instil some belief in the team rather than being on a downer all the time.
  12. Surely one of those snazzy anoraks with the orange lining common in the 80's??
  13. Maybe he thought it would appeal to the 'common man'??
  14. He's changed his Twitter to 'striker at Dumbarton FC'!!
  15. Thanks for confirming Wilf. Just thought I'd ask.