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  1. The Sons 2018/19

    Might've been worth a punt as a squad player but that ship has sailed.
  2. The Sons 2018/19

    Looking at the PFA available list there's a boy Lewis McLear who was last seen at Edinburgh City but was formerly of St Mirren (on a 3-year deal at one point). Any idea about his apparent fall from grace and might he be worth a punt?
  3. The Sons 2018/19

    Has Ryan Goodfellow signed on at East Fife again? He might be a good shout?
  4. The Sons 2018/19

    See Gaston's re-signed with Morton. Can cross him off the target list.
  5. The Sons 2018/19

    That some 5's team we've got now. Dunno who'd go in goals though?
  6. The Sons 2018/19

    Get your mate to check when he'll be down the Rock to complete the formalities.
  7. The Sons 2018/19

    Think Almondvale was known as the West Lothian Courier Stadium in the late 90s so would be before we moved to the Rock
  8. The Sons 2018/19

    Ryan McCord to play 'in the hole'.
  9. The Sons 2018/19

    Willie Dyer from Brechin? Discuss.
  10. Sons' sorrow

    You can get them all to put their hands in their pockets and pay the fine when it gets dished out.
  11. Sons' sorrow

    With us being at the bottom of Castle Road I believe we need something more visible than a few posters round the town. If the club could afford it they should get a sign at a prominent location in the town which allows you to slide out the next opponent and match details a bit like the sign they have at the Falkirk Stadium. Not sure if the feasibility or cost of this tho.
  12. (Mor)Ton vs (Dumbar)Ton - 10/2/18

    That was utter utter shite today. Not one player gets pass marks today. Well done Morton and good luck in the next round.