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  1. Nope. Was Aitken.
  2. Scottish Championship Banter page.
  3. Saying on Facebook that Dougie Hill and Craig Barr are close to signing as well.
  4. Hold the presses.........
  5. No contracts will be signed until they've ordered in paper for the printer. Anyone got some spare A4????
  6. You mean he knows how to work the card machine?! Sons' legend already.
  7. In ye come Lewis. You know it makes sense!!!
  8. I understand further news to come from the club shortly. Probably tomorrow now given the time.
  9. Yaaaaasssss!!!!
  10. The other turnstile is in the Falkirk stand. Why didn't you use that??
  11. That's fucking ridiculous!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Everyone knows he's better deployed as a holding midfielder!!
  12. Says he calling time on his 'professional career'. All in the wording I think.
  13. Grasses!
  14. 2 match ban for Docherty as a result of his and Carswell's 'coming together' at East End Park. That's all we need with Buchanan's suspension and Harvie's international duty.
  15. Wasn't on the bus but apparently some knobber tried to overtake it near Kincardine and ran out of road. Clipped the bus and spun into a ditch.