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  1. Saughton game off!!!!

    It's rained a lot. Pitch is fucked.
  2. Saughton game off!!!!

    Game off tonight.
  3. Lowland Trapdoorwatch 2017-18

    In fairness that would cover most home crowds.
  4. Lthv 17/18

    Excellent result beating leith 3-1
  5. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    There should be a west of scotland league. Hope it happens.
  6. Kelty Hearts 17/18 thread

    Not sure who you are having a pop at but both have been scheduled and failed to materialise. I personally hope it ends in back to back games at end of season to decide title. Would be brilliant for the league.
  7. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    What other league could they join, sos?
  8. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    I think kelty results says more about how good a team they actually have. They will be a quality addition to lowland and higher.
  9. Cowdenbeath

    Looks and sounds bleak. Wonder if club will even exist in lowland.
  10. Saughton game off!!!!

    Thats not including other cup finals played there. Tomorrow game will be off. Based on previous seasons lthv will book alternative venues for league games.
  11. Lthv 17/18

    Close result. Kelty are battering everyone but we are still winning. Few tough games on the horizon for lthv.
  12. Lthv 17/18

    I would imagine tynecastle would. I hope it's license related but not heard it.. Know club working hard to secure training facilities for club.
  13. Lthv 17/18

    Don't think licensed yet.
  14. Lthv 17/18

    Great coverage.
  15. Lthv 17/18

    Full scale punch up. Superb.