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  1. Arbroath v Forfar

    Mccallum is by far the better keeper imo. I actually heard dick has signed him on a pre contract for next season
  2. The Arbroath Thread

    Crowd funding is a great idea in theory but if the club do not pay or at least chip in why would stevie d want to play for a club who arent willing to support him through a difficult time. U wont get a single arbroath fan who doesnt rate/appreciate him as a player and servant, imo the club have to act
  3. The Arbroath Thread

    Stevie d has been a great servant and great player for arbroath, a club legend. If true and we dont pay for his op what is the point
  4. The Arbroath Thread

    Inconsistency is our main problem. Capable of beating anyone in this league(inc raith) but also capable of being on the wrong end of a hiding by albion rover for example.
  5. Queen’s Park vs Arbroath

    Almost as big a blow as hearing hutton is back in the sticks next weekend
  6. New kit revealed on Monday

    Nice top but £60? Get tae f**k! Sfa & jd sports are a horrendous combination
  7. The Red Lichties vs Honest Men

    I’d say hester is probably one of the most instinctive strikers we’ve had for a while
  8. The Red Lichties vs Honest Men

    We do, unfortunately it was his own teeth
  9. The Red Lichties vs Honest Men

    Played well for 50 mins and then another complete 10 minute meltdown. And what is dick doing with the subs? Refusing to sub swankie despite doing nothing and pongo was fucked again and left our 2 strikers on the bench? Baffling
  10. The Red Lichties vs Honest Men

    Usual first half, dominate and go in 1-0 down
  11. The Red Lichties vs Honest Men

    Weather update at gayfield today: Its f**king freezing!
  12. F1 2017

    Why? He got hit from behind(not much he could have done) plus surely vettel has a lot more to loose?
  13. East Fife vs Arbroath

    Agree the abuse being shouted was embarrassing. We won 7-1 last week ffs. Iv already come to the conclusion we’re going to be very inconsistent this season.
  14. East Fife vs Arbroath

    10 minute meltdown from us. Dunno wtf hamilton was doing today but he was a bombscare!
  15. The Arbroath Thread

    I agree we have options but i would rather have a straight replacement rather than shifting the defence about to accommodate. I.e if tob or little got injured hamilton goes to cb, gold to lb and henry fitting in at rb