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  1. Original pic: 654123
  2. Patience is the key
  3. Looks like bbc 2 will show season 1, starting tonight at 10.
  4. My workmates are petty and are getting on my nerves right now. That said, I do find it almost funny that one of them is going all out to make sure I know she's not talking to me anymore since I had an argument with her last week. Honestly, it's like working with children with petted lips some times.
  5. I like Gaz. He could be frustrating at times when he wasn't in the mood and disappeared. At times I thought he got a bit of a raw deal from the gaffer. He was capable of causing opponents real problems with his runs from midfield. Sparky was never likely to get over that incident at East End Park. Lang could well be a solid player but I wouldn't have him ahead of Barr or Bucky at this stage. He needs games and being a first team regular somewhere will be better for his development.
  6. I'm guessing that he'll go to Morton when Duffy moves to Dundee in the summer.
  7. It's a shame that AJ has had to step down for personal reasons. Fans haven't always had the best experience dealing with him but there's no doubting that he was passionate and committed to the club and that he did a very important job for us year after year. Wish him nothing but the best with whatever happens next for him. It's now vital that the club appoint the correct man in the top seat.
  8. The christmas special of Detectorists was pish. Should have left it at the end of series 2. Maybe PK is doing the right thing.
  9. It's amazing to think that we've secured another year in Scotland's 2nd tier, spent another year as the best part time team in the country and yet the slate gets wiped clean and we start again on Monday morning with a view to doing it all over again. A lot of people will (justifiably) credit Jack Ross for the job he did turning St Mirren's season around but as Colin also rightly pointed out last night, where was the press praise for Dumbarton? Over the course of the season Stevie Aitken's achievement in securing another season of Championship football without having to resort to the play-off stands up against any other achievement in the division. Particularly when you look at the resources we have to try to get the job done. I think Alan Martin can be justifiably miffed that he isnt the goalkeeper for the SPFL Championship team of the year. I think Robert Thompson showed this season exactly what he can bring to a side - his battle with Jason Thompson in the home demolition of Raith was, for me, the best individual Sons player performance of the season. You can look at the leadership shown by Darren Barr and the consistency shown by Gregor Buchanan. Then there's the way that both David Smith and Daniel Harvie overcame slow starts to the season to become really important players for us. Smith in particular deserves a lot of praise for adapting so well to the right back role. Sparky earned the most man of the match awards this season. Carswell did well coming in to replace Joe Thomson when Celtic moved him on. Andy Stirling had some explosive performances for us this year and Sam Stanton showed why any club in the division next season would be lucky to have him. Where's the praise that Dumbarton are due? The club, the manager, the players, the fans... We really shouldn't take our achievement lightly or play down how well we're doing confounding the folk who pick us for relegation at the start of every season. I thought our vice chair's comments last night were bang on the money. And now I've had time to count up the MotM award winners, Sparky had the most wins this season with 4. Andy Stirling and Robert Thompson came close with 3 each. Alan Martin and Lewis Vaughan were tied on 2 and we had the trio of Darren Barr, Sam Stanton and Craig Pettigrew with 1 award each. I know that's only 17 - we just couldn't award a man of the match in the loss against Ayr back in October. Massive thanks to the folk who agreed to pick man of the match winners this year. A couple of weeks and I'll be pestering everybody for volunteers to pick next season!
  10. Because despite the money that it would bring in to us, it's a shite way to treat home fans if they have to move at short notice for the last game of the season to accommodate visiting supporters.
  11. Its also probably not quite 2000. I'm not sure how the stand is split but I'm sure that the 2000 capacity includes the central area used for hospitality. I thought it was roughly 900 each side with just over 200 in the middle for hospitality and directors?
  12. Personally I'd be pissed off if I was a regular of the home team who paid my money for every game I could attend but who found himself missing out on the last game of the season to accommodate visiting fans. Ideally I'd have told Falkirk to distribute vouchers to fill every seat in the away side of the ground but withheld the home side until close of business on Friday. On close of business, Dumbarton could then inform Falkirk of the number of unused vouchers available in the home end and allowed the Bairns to have a final allocation of vouchers on Saturday morning. That way there's far less risk of home PAYG fans missing out and still the chance for empty seats in the home end to be taken up by Falkirk fans.
  13. It's not straightforward. It would be great to maximise revenue and to have a sell out. We have a high proportion of our regular home crowd as season ticket holders. That said, it's not just about making sure that as many fans as possible get into the game. Consideration should be given to our PAYG fans - should they risk missing out to accommodate visiting Bairns fans? It's not an ideal solution to have to take a voucher to the game and still pay cash, but it's hopefully a solution that allows home PAYG fans to attend without the risk of missing out to visiting supporters. We're damned if we go all tickets right from the off because it's extra hassle for fans and damned if we don't because we can't meet the demand for entry to the game.
  14. As expected, Carter Sampson was sublime. Such a talented singer/songwriter.
  15. Absolutely. We're sleepwalking towards a potential disaster. We're a club with an ageing fanbase and we're not seeing enough new fans coming through the doors. Whether it's kids coming along with parents (or even grandparents) or it's new fans, we desperately need to start getting more people through the turnstiles. It's not a problem that Dumbarton is facing alone - the whole of Scottish football is going to face this to some degree over the next few years. I'm 37 and I could probably count the number of regular football attendees who were going to games when I was in school on my fingers. We've known that this was coming for a generation and yet we've done nothing to put football at the centre of our culture on a saturday afternoon or give fans a reason for turning up and supporting their team. The growth in crowds at Scotstoun and at Braehead is something we should be looking at. Simply copying what works for The Warriers and The Clan isnt an option as some of the things that those teams do well wouldn't transfer over to football. The last thing we should be doing is dumbing down football, taking the competitive focus away from the game and making it a glitzy day out where the action is often of secondary importance to fans compared to the actions of a dancing highland cow. But we need to look at how those sports have attracted fans, even if we can't simply copy what they've done to attract them, and put a far bigger focus on building up the club within the local community. How many people in west Dunbartonshire and parts of Argyll would we be able to attract to games if we could convince them that we're worth following and that football as a whole is worth falling in love with?