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  1. The Sons vs The Black and Whites

    We were poor today. We're not a team that can use possession. We don't have the guys who can take control of things and dictate the flow of the game. We're capable when we're pressing or when we're counter attacking but don't expect us to have a lot of possession and do something with it because we just don't have the players to do that. We had plenty of the ball and we had plenty of chances but our decision making was often poor and our shots were usually off target. At 1-0 Elgin always had the chance to hit us on the break. It's arguable that they should have had the equaliser in the 2nd half and that it was the stand side post that bailed us out. A better team would have punished us, although with a bit of luck Elgin could have at least taken it to a replay. As for off the field events, it's a frustration. We need young fans to go to games. We've got an ageing fan base and if we don't get younger fans going to games then we're in serious trouble. People are entitled to follow the club however they see fit and some people will be uncomfortable being close to a drum. That said, we've got enough space in the ground that it shouldn't be an issue. If you're any more than 5 or 6 seats away from the drum then should your complaint really result in the confiscation of the drum? Not for me. There's a world of difference between being right next to a drum and having it maybe 20ft or more away. The most disappointing thing is the way that it was dealt with. It was far too heavy-handed. There has to be a sensible compromise that can be made in those kinds of situation and clearly that didn't happen today. If the drummer and the noisy fans are in the far side block of seats with a gap from the rest of the crowd then common sense has to come into play. Let people know where the area for the drummer/noisy folk will be and if it's causing an issue for some folk then offer them a move to another seat. We've got more than enough space to accommodate that. Make it known that the far side block of seats will be noisy and will have atmosphere and let people make the choice of sitting near them or moving a bit further away. It's decisions like today's fiasco that will see new fans walk away from the game. Football support is changing and if we can't accommodate that change then younger fans may well simply wonder whats the point in following a game run by increasingly out of touch old men?
  2. The Bah Humbug Thread

    I quite like Christmas. Has it's good points and bad points. Good points: Women from work dressed up for Christmas nights out. The odd bit of telly that's really good. Food. Decent Christmas music. Time off work. Putting your coupon on for the horses and watching the King George on TV on Boxing Day with left overs from the Christmas dinner. Bad points: Actually having to attend office Christmas nights out. The majority of telly that's absolutely garbage. Having to go food shopping just before Christmas when people are generally acting like complete tools and buying like the shops will never open again. Crap Christmas music. Havign the office festooned in tinsel and other tat for about 3 weeks, with nobody willing to tidy the place afterwards. People wearing Christmas jumpers. People who only ever drink at Christmas and become absolute nightmares with it. Stop on the 13th this year. Fly out to Germany on the 14th for a sports citybreak (ice hockey and Bundesliga football) so I'll visit a proper Christmas market when I'm there. Home on the 18th and then relaxing until I'm back to work on the Wednesday after Christmas.
  3. Gigs

    The only band I'd want to see from that line up is The Big Moon.
  4. Gigs

    Courtney Marie Andrews tickets go on sale Friday for her April 2018 gig in Edinburgh. This would be the 4th time of seeing her in 14 months if I get a ticket. Creepy stalker? Or just dedicated fan?
  5. Do you still buy physical formats?

    Agreed. Friday night routine for me as a kid was going to Global once a fortnight to rent 3 movies - one for me, one for my folks and one we'd watch together - and a chippy from Pepi's for dinner. Global let you rent on a Friday for return on a Sunday. It's crazy to think that I'm 38 and don't consider myself to be particularly old and yet things that were common when I was younger are now completely alien to many folk.
  6. Foreign language Tunes

    No mention of this?
  7. Do you still buy physical formats?

    Yes. Still buy vinyl. Only buy CDs if I can't get the vinyl. MP3 is convenient so it's how I listen more often, but I'd never stop buying physical copies unless it was impossible to buy it on a physical format.
  8. The astonishingly bad song thread

    You'd punch him til your knuckle bones were showing. And then you'd switch fists.
  9. Sons' sorrow

    I agree. He's a technically gifted player who has a good touch and can pass pretty accurately. Unfortunately he lacks pace and is too easy to muscle off the ball. He's also massively inconsistent. He can go from ineffective to great and then fade again in the space of a single game. One of those guys who is capable of doing something special but you need to carry him in the team for those moments because he won't give you graft or any kind of defensive contribution. I'm not sure how we set up with everybody fit. Do we keep Stewart up front and have the trio of Froxy, Handling and Walsh behind him? Do we play Nade up front, play Stewart wide left and then 2 from Walsh, Handling and Froxy? Do either Handling or maybe even Froxy drop back into a deeper playmaking role to partner a single defensive midfielder? Big decisions for the manager if we ever get everyone fit.
  10. Crusaders. Early start for the 11 am ferry, a trip to Rockies for a post match beer and getting home after midnight. Bring it on.
  11. I used to listen to The Terrace every week. These days it's as and when I remember, but it's still a good listen.
  12. Its not even that they should be ignored. They've spent the past 20-25 years telling the Scottish public that our football is garbage and questioning why people would willingly follow the game. It's been the same message since the 90s - our football is poor, we can't compete any more and we have a product that simply isnt good enough for anybody to really consider valuing or following in any great numbers. No other sport would allow it's press to sell it so short. My other sport is one of the poorer leagues in Europe. Our national side havent been ranked higher than 21st in the world for decades. I have never heard the league or the teams competing in it do anything but sell the sport positively. The Warriors Pro 14 guys don't spend their time telling everybody that the Pro 14 isnt as good as English Premiership rugby, French pro-rugby or Aussie pro-rugby. The Rocks basketball people don't tell folk that they're not the NBA so if you want to follow them then you must be mad. The Scottish press are actively undermining our game and have been for far too long. I'm not suggesting that we should be talking about it in gushing terms as if we're watching silky skills every weekend, but we really need to start taking a bit more pride in what we have and valuing it.
  13. I enjoyed that today. We were dominant for much of the game. Some very good performances from both fullbacks and Andy Dowie absolutely strolled it. Ally Roy played well on the left before being subbed and it was good to see him score. Hutton had a decent game and was generally effective. I think Mark Stewart is doing pretty well for us right now and is starting to look dangerous with his movement. He's far more involved in games these days after a slow start to the season. Its maybe only the Irn Bru cup but being in the semi final of a national cup competition puts a smile on your face. It raises heads and creates a bit of feel good. We played well today and deserved to go through. Before kick off I didnt think there would be the gap between the 2 sides that ultimately showed over the 90 minutes, despite us easing off after around 70 and letting Raith back into the game a little. Well done Sons. And well done to the 888 folk who turned up. The only moan I'll have isn't even related to our game today. Radio Scotland on in the car on my way into the game and they were discussing the Irn Bru cup. It was only the opening 10 or 15 minutes of the show but all they spoke about was how it was an unwelcome distraction for Dundee United, how unhappy the likes of Wilo Flood looked when he won the thing last season and how St Mirren weren't bothered at all by losing the final. Really? We've got the chance for fans of lower league clubs to experience a cup run and the excitement of getting to the semis/finals and we have our national broadcaster talking the competition down. It might not be particularly prestigious in grand scheme of things and I'm sure Dundee United would have traded their win for promotion to the top flight. St Mirren certainly wouldn't have traded survival in the Championship for winning the trophy. But for clubs like ours it's a chance for fans to experience something that doesnt happen too often. £10 a pop today and under 12s in free. 12-16 year olds in at a discounted price. Why can't our national broadcaster spend a bit of time looking at the positives for once? Particularly when it involves community clubs in the lower leagues?
  14. Festivals 2017

    I did not. I did see Tasjan at Tuts anx Margaret Glaspy at the CCA.
  15. Bundesliga 2017/2018

    Just ordered 2 tickets for Eitracht Frankfurt v Schalke on Dec 16th. Fits in nicely with my Mannheim home game on Friday night and my Sonderzug away trip to Dusseldorf on the Sunday. Wee bit awkward ordering tickets but they do have an English guide that gives you some helpful, if basic, instructions. Print at home is a doddle and the free tram travel to/from the ground is a nice bonus.