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  1. McCarty doesnt pull any punches in his book. Very honest about his problems. I know he had to pick his time to have a go at Lemieux but it was such a cheap shot when he did it. No excuses for it. Theo Fleury's book is great if you read hockey biographies. As is Jeremy Roenick's book. The Gordie Howe one is good, as is Bobby Orr's book. I'd also suggest getting Eddie Shore and that Old Time Hockey and The Rebel League.
  2. I've watched very little NHL this season. I know that it's full of great athletes these days but I just don't find myself enjoying it as much as I enjoyed the late 90s/early 00s. I havent really made much of an effort with the show this season. I've watched far more DEL games (as well as going to 2 DEL games in January). I'm nominally an Avs fan (going back to the days of Sakic, Forsberg and Roy) and a Habs fan (purely to annoy the f**k out my 2 Leafs supporting friends I go to Clan games with). Colorado are pish and in serious need of a full rebuild. Montreal are too reliant on Price right now and could do with some depth. I'll maybe make more of an effort next season, but it'll be competing again with the DEL. I'll be buying the DEL game centre package for 100 euro and hopefully going back to Mannheim for some more games at the SAP. As strange as it sounds given how much I've enjoyed watching Mannheim this season, I kind of miss the late 90s NHL when I feel they had the blend of athleticism, toughness and skill just right.
  3. Darren McCarty's book is a great read and his memories of that rivalry, ultimately ending in the brawl where he jumps Lemieux, are brutally honest.
  4. Sons are at home on Saturday so no away trip to Dundee for me. Will be at the 2nd leg on the Sunday. I'm not going into the game with any confidence. All joking aside, we've won the conference for the past 3 years but our record before the Dundee quarter final stands at played 2, lost 2. Hull put us out and then Fife did the same. Ryan Finnerty does not have a good record in 2-leg knock out hockey matches. Cup performances have been poor too when it gets to knockout stages. We might be favourites for this, but we can't be anything more than slim favourites. Wouldn't be shocked at all to see Dundee win on Saturday by a small margin, tie the game on Sunday at Braehead and progress to the finals. Mike Hammond is a massive loss for us and our defence is shambolic. If I was Lefebvre then I'd be putting everything blocker side on Zajkowski. He has a decent enough glove but is really poor blocker side. And he's not great 1 on 1.
  5. They didnt sound different live Tommy, except when Stina was fucking things up. Thats their problem for me.
  6. 3 left sided players in the back 4, including a left back at right back?
  7. If there was then it would have been entirely misplaced.
  8. This is a must win game for Strachan, although in the grand scheme of things Scotland were never going to be strong candidates to get out of this group. Losing tonight might get rid of Strachan. What it won't do is kickstart the kind of change thats needed in our game. We can come up with all the completely nonsense programmes like Project Brave that we can dream up. Won't do one iota of good unless there is massive and long term change in our game.
  9. I wasn't boozing. Drove to Assai and back for some vinyl yesterday morning though (180 mile round trip) and I've already been to Morrisons this morning. I'm going to collapse somewhere around lunch time. Watching the Honeyblood set online now. Best example of my biggest criticism of them is about 9 minutes in when the drummer awkwardly introduces the "first single from our new album. It's available now. Don't know if anyone's heard it yet..." The album has been out for about 5 months now. Yes - we have head it. Although not quite like that since it was one of the few times where Stina's guitar was all over the place but rarely where it was supposed to be.
  10. 6 music festival gig last night. Honeyblood were decent enough last night but didn't give the impression that they're a good live band. I really like the 2 albums but they just don't bring anything to a live show that makes them stand out. It could have been a Radio 1 roadshow from the 90s never mind the 6music festival - their attempts at engaging with the crowd were just a touch amateurish. That said, Stina is never less than eye catching. Jason Lyttle admitted that he had been warned about swearies during his set so Grandaddy pretty much stuck to belting out tunes. They were great. Unlike Honeyblood whose music doesn't really change when played live, Grandaddy sounded fantastic. Their slightly askew songs sound even better live with the production stripped out and the band allowed to develop how the songs sound live. The Shins were decent. Very decent. I've been wanting to see them since 2004 and it just hadn't happened til last night. I also only got the new album from Assai (best record shop in Scotland) yesterday morning so I was hitting the new tracks fresh. I thought the new stuff was good but the older stuff stood out a mile as being better. Only disappointment was a poor version of New Slang - violin wasn't needed and it's a better song with just acoustic guitar, sparse electric guitar and a little bit of drums (like the album version). Given the memories i have around that song, it just fell a little short. Overall a great night of music. It didn't feel like a regular gig - maybe it's because by the time the Shins finished I'd been in the venue for almost 5 hours and it's not a line up that would ever come together anywhere but a festival stage. Each band did a decent set and nobody seemed to be given less time than they needed. Difficult to separate Grandaddy and The Shins for band of the night. All 3 are available in full on the BBC 6 music website and are well worth watching.
  11. They may both be fighting for 2nd spot and 1 less playoff round compared to finishing 3rd.
  12. It depends. For me we need 8 points from the remaining fixtures. Beat St Mirren and Queen of the South as the games we've got the best chance of winning and get something from the 3 remaining home games - minimum 2 draws. Our record against Dunfermline is garbage this season but they're still not streets ahead of us in points. We need to take something from that match. A draw would be a start, but a win would be massive. I'm not sure what I want from the Ayr v St Mirren game now. A St Mirren win keeps Ayr pegged with us but also gives St Mirren a better chance of staying up at our expense. An Ayr win keeps St Mirren behind us but possibly makes us even more likely to finish 9th. A lot of football still to be played but we're really in a tough position right now.
  13. You can afford to lose the Ayr game. It increases the pressure but if you go on to beat us and come back to within a point then losing to Ayr wouldn't be terminal. Depending on how we do against Morton, it's not inconceivable that you'll be looking to beat us to draw level.
  14. We had to win today. I know that there are still games to play but I always believed that we needed to win today to make up for the points we dropped when Ayr stole a draw in the last 2 minutes of their game at the Rock. That loss puts us level with Ayr on 31 points. St Mirren and Queen of the South away are must win games. I also think we'll need to take something from our home games against Morton or Dunfermline. The games v Dundee United away and Falkirk at home are 2 terrible games to end the season with. We'll keep going, but I'm not at all confident.
  15. It's tough trying to play football wearing hockey skates.