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  1. I have a recurring daydream that I can one day go full Office Space on our useless printers and fix their jams permanently with a baseball bat and some not so gentle persuasion.
  2. I'm not sure vets cycle. These aren't the days of James Herriot
  3. North Korea's missiles are nothing more than an updated version of Bill Hicks' Buick Scud.
  4. Tories want to bring back fox hunting in England? Cue SNP frothing at the mouth. SNP help re-introduce mutilation of young puppies? Move along, nothing to see. It's barbaric and has no place in a decent society. The SNP should be utterly ashamed of this and should be taken to task. This should be Sturgeon's own version of May's fox hunting f**k up.
  5. You can see them trying to spin the idea that an OF colt team will attract a travelling support plus locals who live in the area but follow an OF club. Extra 4 big gates a season. Some things are worth more than money. Fans need to be strong and oppose this colt nonsense
  6. The whole notion of colt teams is an affront to decency. How would fans feel playing in a league with 3 or 4 colt teams? Effectively having only 6 teams playing for the chance of promotion and relegation because the colt teams would likely be strong favourites to be highly placed in the league table? The team finishing 3rd or 4th going up as champions because a colt team finished top of the table but is restricted from being promoted any higher? It doesnt matter if it's several thousand fans following a Championship team or a few hundred following somebody in League Two. Colt teams would be a massive slap in the face of every club that struggles to get by and provide football for it's local community. If playing lower league football is now the strategy for improving our young players then get them attached to proper lower league clubs and let them be part of a proper competitive football season.
  7. Not the best way to report things from the BBC. It's not like the company were offered a choice of materials and said "you know what, give us the stuff that burn easiest". There will be riots in London tonight. The council's response has been woeful but its gone beyond being about the fire itself. It's now a cause that every person with their own agenda can attach themselves to. The scenes from the protest outside the council offices were troubling. BBC guy on the scene rather reasonably asks one of the protesters what they want to achieve from their demonstration and she goes tonto at him. The guy who originally organised the demonstration tries to read out the council's statement and is heckled because half the crowd don't know who he is and assume he's from the council. One nutter insisting on telling the camera that Islam isnt the issue here, despite absolutely nobody suggesting that Islam was an issue here. Everybody with any kind of grievance against any kind of local or national government authority is going to attach themselves to the protest that's happening this afternoon/evening.
  8. I suspect with Martin that things had changed after his much emphasised desire to stay at the club and he was looking for a way out that meant he didn't lose face. It didnt happen that way and ultimately he looked a bit daft. Hey ho. It happens.
  9. Pics of his wife eating local honeys? Surely that's for the NSFW forum?
  10. Adults playing Quidditch are oftw
  11. Is he the new coach at Penn State then?
  12. Bring back the Indoor League. Televised bar billiards, darts without the treble ring, skittles, table football and shove ha'penny. Produced by wor Sid Waddell and hosted by proper Yorkshireman Fred Trueman
  13. Is that not the guy who was in the newspapers a few years ago for pumping his sister at a lanarkshire train station?
  14. Worst 2 I've been in were both before gigs. Went to Pixies at Meadowbank (2004) and ended up in The Station Bar just along from Meadowbank (towards the city centre). Locals seemed to have more teeth than brain cells, although it was a close run thing. Not so much a spit and sawdust place, but only because they couldn't afford sawdust. Utter shitehole. I was also at a gig at Barrowlands a couple of years ago. Meeting a couple of folk from work before the gig. The Old Tollbooth. Fucking hell. Handful of oddities in there on a Friday early evening. One guy sat and pissed himself rather than leaving his pint and going to the toilet. He then sat in his pissed trackies like it was the most normal thing to do, finished his pint and bought another one.