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  1. Sons' sorrow

    Take it he took a bad knock in the Brechin game on Saturday? b*****d. He's a huge miss and it would have been a big boost to have him in the final.
  2. Album of 2018

    Having now listened to the albums I got during the week, I know that The Orielles, Anna Burch and Alela Diane will be placed very highly on my end of year best of list. Alela Diane in particular. Her voice is fantastic and as a musician and musical arranger she is really accomplished.
  3. Folk Rock

    The Decemberists are not folk rock.
  4. The astonishingly bad song thread

    The very early 90s was responsible for some utterly dreadful music, despite it also being responsible for some fantastic stuff. This one falls way on the side of shite. And then there's A turd of such immense size that it makes Boney M's "Rasputin" almost seem decent. Almost...
  5. Sons' sorrow

    The only way Froxy would make it back in time is a horrible multi-flight journey - Larnaca to Athens and then Athens to the UK. And that leaves absolutely no scope for delays. Would get into Edinburgh around 1:45. Its only about 45 minutes from Edinburgh to Perth. Add in time to collect luggage/clear the airport and you're looking at getting to the game no more than an hour before kick off. Can't see it happening.
  6. Album of 2018

    I'm not sure we've had any absolute stand outs yet. That might change when my latest order is delivered. I'm really looking forward to Alela Diane's new one. The Orielles should also be decent. Anna Burch is impressing from what I've heard of her. I'm expecting good things from Courtney Marie Andrews. The new Decemberists and Neko Case albums should be very good. I think we'll get a Drive By Truckers album at some point this year as they have some new songs already out there. Will also need to pick up the Martha Ffion album - I know it won't be a world beater but her EP is just typical Glasgow twee indie pop that stands up with peak Belle and Sebastian or Camera Obscura. Major disappointment so far is I'm With Her. Individually I absolutely love Aoife O'Donovan, Sarah Jarosz and Sara Watkins. I've seen them live twice and I've got a ticket to see them in Gateshead in May. I thought their Celtic Connections show this year was way too short, as good as they were for the 45 or 50 minutes they were on stage. I just don't think the album holds up to the standard of the singles they've released so far. They released covers of Crossing Muddy Waters and Walking Back to Georgia and both are exceptional. The album just doesnt hit those heights for me. The musical arrangements are a little thin - not so much stripped back as really watered down. I just don't think the album sounds finished - it sounds like a collection of demos that still have some major instrumentation to be added. Not even a quarter of the way through the year right enough, but so far I doubt I've heard my top 3 of the year yet.
  7. Gigs

    Damien Jurado last night. An exceptional performance but I can't honestly say that enjoyment is the right emotion. I love his music. I havent paid enough attention as I should have to his more recent stuff over the past 5 years or there about. It was bleak and beautiful but the vibe was a bit weird - doors open from 7 but no support act. Damien played about 80 minutes. Absolutely no interaction with the crowd. Everybody sat in perfect silence during the show, save for applause between songs. No encore. I'm sure that there will be people at the gig last night who would have absolutely loved it, a similar number of people who would have been disappointed at a lack of earlier material and a fair few folk who'd have been more than a bit baffled by the whole thing. Would like to have seen Jason Ringenberg tonight but I don't have a ticket, cant really be arsed going back into Glasgow and have a minor car repair to pay for tomorrow. It won't be expensive but I'll give tonight a miss.
  8. The only way in and out of the community suite is through the home end. Short of having fans go through the main reception area - now a sterile area where home fans are also prohibited from entering, there's no way for away fans to use the community suite. It's not ideal. It is what it is. If the new ground happens then there will undoubtedly be a bar area accessible by away fans. Right now there isnt. All visiting fans know that.
  9. Sons' sorrow

    What? When? Where?
  10. Cheltenham 2018 - Anyone got any tips?

    Kalashnikov won his next race, but Summerville Boy beat him in the Tolworth Hurdle. One of the questions being asked during the preview videos I've watched was what justified Kalashnikov being half the odds of Summerville Boy given the Tolworth result? A few folk had tipped him during the preview night videos.
  11. Sons' sorrow

    Are they? I thought that had fallen through
  12. Sons' sorrow

    Don't give them any ideas. Would rather share Milburn than share with the Bankies.