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  1. Philip K Dick's Electric Dreams

    I didnt really enjoy it. Other stories might be better but Sunday's effort just didnt grab me.
  2. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

    Available on CD from BBC Audio.
  3. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

    The best version of Hitchhikers Guide is the original radio series from the 1970s. Then it's the book. Then the TV show. The utterly dreadful movie isnt worth considering. The TV show is ok and they retained most of the radio cast for the main roles but Sandra Dickinson just really annoys me. On another Douglas Adams note, the 2 radio series of Dirk Gently are both pretty good and the Netflix TV show, whilst not based on any Douglas Adams story, is really really good.
  4. The Orville

    Episode 2 was shite
  5. The Relegation Rumble - DFC vs BCFC

    One Greg Nade There's only one Greg Nade
  6. Sons' sorrow

    Its definitely a worry that we've lost fans but I dont see that as being any more or less worrying than our failure to attract new fans. If we rely on retaining our existing fanbase then we're in trouble because people will drift away from football for any number of reasons. People get married and have kids. People have health problems. People get older and people pass away. If we cant attract younger fans - if people can't bring their kids or grandkids to games and we cant attract families or people either new to football or new to the area along to Dumbarton games then we're finished. It'll be a long, slow and painful end and the last fan left can turn the lights off.
  7. Sons' sorrow

    Without wanting to be a Brabco cheerleader, it's not quite as simple as that. Brabco have been honest from the outset - they own us because they think they can make money through a stadium development. They're not Dumbarton fans, have no real interest in being hands on owners and are focused only on making their money. If they can do that in a way that doesnt damage the club then fair enough. Brabco's priority is delivering a profit. Our priority as fans is ensuring the future of the club. If the 2 things have enough overlap that a good outcome can be achieved for both parties then it's win-win. If it can't then we'll see views polarise. The day to day running of the club is down to the Dumbarton board. Many of the problems fans are encountering are nothing to do with our absentee owners. That doesnt absolve them of any criticism. It's arguable that we could do with some help when it comes to the way the club is run and perhaps a bit more involvement from Brabco at a high level would have helped keep the previous board focused on delivering for fans? Nobody knows for sure. It has to be said that we were stagnating under both Gilbert and Alan Jardine so we can definitely ask questions of the previous board. Could they have done more for the club? It comes down to the same problems we're going to face again and again. We're in an area of high unemployment and relatively low wages. We've got the Old Firm on our doorstep. We've got people who are perhaps not traditional football fans going to Scotstoun and Braehead instead of giving the local football team a chance. The people of West Dunbartonshire and Helensburgh give us little thought and pay absolutely no attention to us so despite having our highest sustained league position for maybe 30 years, the local population simply refuse to buy into the club. How do you overcome that? How do you get a populace who don't care about their local club to suddenly start valuing what they have on their doorstep? Its bad enough if we're doing so little to value our existing fans that people feel like they're being taken for mugs. That kind of treatment won't even begin to bring new fans through the doors. We're losing fans. Part of that is down to price. Part of it is because real life gets in the way and people get married, buy property and have kids. Sadly we're losing some of our older fans to illness and we've lost some younger fans over the past few years. We're not replacing them like for like, never mind increasing our support, and thats a guaranteed way for the club to stumble towards a crisis. I'd love to know what the answers are because right now we need them.
  8. The Relegation Rumble - DFC vs BCFC

    That wasn't really a game of 2 halves as we were dire until Nade came on. The early goal was a combination of decent attacking play by Brechin and woeful defending by us. Keeper should have possibly done better but we didnt exactly make it difficult for the Brechin player to get his shot away. 1-0 up so early in the game shouldn't have been such a huge problem but Brechin rightly packed the midfield and made it very difficult for us. We showed a complete ineptitude when it comes to creating chances. The 2 best chances of the first half were from a long range shot from Boomer that produced a decent save from the Brechin keeper and an effort from a corner/cross where he made himself big for a shot he probably didnt know a lot about and we tragically failed to get the goal mouth scramble on target. The red card was an easy decision. It wasnt a malicious tackle but it was a straight leg and his studs were showing. Perhaps the wet pitch made it worse but he was never in control of the tackle and it was reckless. It's a red card all day long. I thought the ref had a decent game. He wasn't overly fussy and got the bookings right. He got the red card spot on. Brechin looked very comfortable when we had Morrison up front. The big centre half had him in his pocket all game. We can't play long balls like that for Morrison to try to win. He's not a big, physical centre forward and isnt going to win those battles with defenders. The long diagonals were also well off the mark. The full backs were finding it too easy to come inside a few yards to cut out the pass before it reached our wide men. Tom Walsh isnt a traditional winger. He's not good enough at getting beyond people and I don't think his crossing is good enough. He never looks up for the battle with the full back. Similarly, Davie Smith is far better at right back than he is as a winger. He's got the engine to avoid being caught out of position and his crossing isnt exposed playing deeper. I thought our midfield was far too deep and very static. Any time we had the ball there was a Brechin player pressing us to try to win it back. When Brechin had the ball we sat off them and gifted them time and space. Carswell clearly isnt fit but even before he went off with the knock I thought he looked particularly poor. He just didnt look interested. Wilson did look up for it but his first touch is poor and his passing is often atrocious. The bright spark for Dumbarton was clearly the introduction of Nade. I actually think he's a really smart player. His positioning is good and he has a nice touch. He played a huge role in setting up both goals. The little chest to Stewart was nice and it was a good finish from Mark Stewart to get us level. His positioning in the lead up to the Froxy winner was really good. He found space, did well with the ball and delivered a lovely pass for Froxy to finish. Clearly we need to be better. We were 2nd best for probably 60-65 minutes of the game. The early goal really seemed to set us back and allowed Brechin to play the game on their terms. A bit more ambition from Brechin at 1-0 and perhaps they'd have killed the game with a 2nd goal? They just seemed far too happy to defend their 1-0 lead, Nade's introduction changed the game and at 1-1 they started to look a bit vulnerable. We finished the game strongly and deserved both goals. It would be impossible to say that they came against the run of play because at that point we had started to threaten. Ultimately Brechin's refusal to try to kill the game by going for a 2nd probably cost them something as at 2-0 we'd have been dead and buried.
  9. The Relegation Rumble - DFC vs BCFC

    Difficult first half. The early goal allows them to flood the midfield and stifle the game. We don't have the players to create. We had 2 chances from distance and one from a cross that forced a good save. Long balls to Morrison are useless as he's winning nothing. Long diagonal balls are being cut out too easily. Need to change it. Carswell has been garbage. Smith looks better at right back than on the wing. The only way we're getting back into this is running at them. Get Roy on for his pace. Play the ball into feet and Morrison will maybe have a chance of getting it. This has been poor so far. Absolutely nothing suggesting that we will get back into the game.
  10. The Relegation Rumble - DFC vs BCFC

    We're going to be discussing price in every match thread unfortunately. I'll chip in with my standard reply. If price was the sole consideration then we would have no reason not to drop the price to £15 across the board and bring in a capacity 2,000 crowd. Unfortunately if we dropped the price to £15 a head then we'd probably only see our crowd increase by about 3 men and a dug and we'd end up losing a significant amount of money. It's a vicious circle. We need more fans to come to games before we can contemplate lowering prices. Part of the reason we don't have a large fan base is the price of going to watch games at Dumbarton. Its not the only problem and it's not the biggest problem. Our crowds weren't significantly higher before the prices were increased. We've not attracted any more fans to the club since we won promotion to the 2nd tier of Scottish football. Relegation, a price cut at the gate and a level of football where we're potentially more competitive and entertaining wouldn't necessarily help increase crowds. We have some serious underlying problems that would need to be addressed. Much of them are common throughout Scottish football. Some are specific to Dumbarton.
  11. Sons' sorrow

    No cup game for me. Got a ticket to a gig that night.
  12. The Relegation Rumble - DFC vs BCFC

    Dunfermline fan complaining about another club's board making financial decisions.
  13. The Relegation Rumble - DFC vs BCFC

    Some bad news for you buddy. Man of the Match is already allocated for tomorrow.
  14. The Relegation Rumble - DFC vs BCFC

    You must be new here
  15. The Orville

    It could be absolutely garbage and adrianne palicki would still make it worth watching. She is awesome.