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  1. Martha Ffion at the Glad Cafe tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing her again. Expecting some annoying scenesters to be in the crowd. It's not a venue I like as I find the regulars to be a shower of arseholes. Need to see who the support is before I decide whether I'll go early or only in for the headliner edit - Its a band called Ultras. Just checked out a couple of their videos. Absolutely shite.
  2. It's easy to put it all down to price but I don't think that was the only issue. We've been poor in the early stages of cups for the past few years. I reckon a fair number of fans simply expected a poor game and didn't want to give up an evening to watch it. We've treated the early rounds of the league and challenge cup as part of pre-season and there's an expectation of being disappointed. Price becomes the thing that fans use to decide to give the cup games a miss, but it's an accumulation of reasons. Which is a problem. How do you convince people to turn out to watch the Sons? If entry prices had been £10 adults, £5 under 18s and free to under 12s, would the home crowd have been much more than 300? It was a great night to be at a game but I doubt the crowd would have been significantly higher.
  3. That's impossible Moonster. Run out of online porn?
  4. The own goal was a bit of a horror show from Dowie. I'm not sure he needs to stretch for it and theres no way he can control where any touch is going to go. Nade did well getting the equaliser and on another day could have had a couple more. Unfortunately our missed chances hurt us as Ayr scored a couple of really nicely finished goals. They were 2 chances that they should never have had and they highlight our biggest problem all night. Midfield. Gallacher in goals did ok. He made a couple of good saves, particularly in the first half. Our back 4 didnt have a terrible game (Dowie's OG apart) and I thought Craig Barr had a really solid game. The problem came with who was in front of them. I thought we created a few reasonable chances and I wouldn't expect our guys to be clinical in front of goal this early in the season. Losing Hill was a serious blow as it forced Barr back into defence and left us with a midfield 2 of Prior and Wilson. Prior is a young, inexperienced player who gives us effort but who needs to develop. I thought Wilson was really poor in possession. His first touch was heavy, his passing was poor and he routinely played himself into trouble. There was no fluidity in our play and our wide men didnt really do enough. In the 2nd half we completely lost the midfield battle and the 2 Ayr goals came from players allowed a criminal amount of time and space. Carswell in the middle of the park is closing them down. Without Carswell? We looked disorganised and lightweight. I know he's not a big bruiser but his positional sense is usually very good and he's generally where he needs to be to break up the opposition attack. McCrorie did it well in the latter half of last season. Sparky did it for us in the first half of the season. We've got a serious problem if Gallagher and Carswell are going to be out. Barr can obviously push forward to give our midfield a bit of dig but it's reliant on Dougie Hill not being out for too long. I think we've got the makings of a decent partnership between Nade and Stewart. Nade won a lot of headers but the understanding and anticipation just wasnt there for Stewart to really make use of the knock downs. When he was punted wide left later in the 2nd half, that effectively finished it for us. We were ok in the first half. The game changed when Ayr took control of the midfield in the 2nd half. It highlighted just how big a problem we have in the middle of the park. We need to hope it's a problem we can solve because tonight highlighted what happens when we're not in the midfield battle.
  5. I'm actually quite looking forward to the game tonight. I know we've got a dire record in early cup games. I know that £15 is a fair whack to pay. I know that we're suffering from injury problems. Theres just something about competitive football being back. Perfect night for it. On holiday so no work tomorrow (actually a road trip to Newcastle to look forward to). Bring it on.
  6. I'll be there. On holiday from work so I'm hoping to go to all 4 cup games over the next 2 weeks.
  7. If you don't want it back then don't come onto a Sons fans thread and try the wind up.
  8. Does that include the games since you became Airdrie?
  9. Now that we've got a tie up with a radio station, any chance of a campaign to get "The Sons We're The Ones" to it's rightful place in pop music? I'd buy a copy.
  10. Reminds me of the time that our neighbours tried to give an honorary membership to UN general secretary Ban Ki Moon on the basis that he has bankie in his name. Needless to say they got a knock back.
  11. If the problems with Scottish football could be reduced to a single issue of price then it's an easy fix. Cut prices and watch people flock to their local team. As you've rightly highlighted, "pay what you want" days rarely result in significantly increased numbers of fans attending matches. Cost is part of the problem but its not the only problem.
  12. Junior forum for this nonsense.
  13. Regularly lampooned for his abject failure to understand the modern world in general, and digital media in particular. Exactly what does he bring to the governance of the game?
  14. Update on Man of the Match for the new season. 10 volunteers so far. 8 spaces left. So still games available for anybody who fancies helping out.
  15. Greatest hits compilation there.