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  1. We've not got a manager yet... give it time We're meant to be releasing a home and an away kit this summer so I'm guessing it runs out now.
  2. We did yet ended up appointing Locke? Need I say more? Had we appointed a half decent manager who's not going to spend a large part of the budget bringing over your 37 year old pal back to Scotland to kid on that he still knows how to play football, then I'm confident that, that "good core of players" would have had us finishing much higher in the table.
  3. Time to move on from that snake IMO Can't say I didn't have a massive grin on my face at the final whistle earlier and seeing him genuinely gutted. Serves the p***k right.
  4. To be fair, they can take another 3 weeks if they want, as long as they get this appointment spot on. [emoji1360]
  5. I was 2 when we won the league cup I was 7 when we were last in the top tier I'd be pretty depressed when it comes to football if it wasn't for the Ramsden cup win over THEM
  6. I don't know about anyone else but I certainly treated the weekend of the final 3 years ago as a bit of success
  7. Hold on a fucking minute! McManus had pace!?!
  8. That's my point. Spence is probably the best that we can realistically get.
  9. To be fair, Iain Davidson isn't a midfielder. He's a CB being played at CM. As for Jordan Thompson, I wasn't even classing him as a footballer let alone trying to give him a position.. but I'll give you that, he was the worst. Geggan though, when he was being played at CM last season, Dunfermline couldn't escape 9th, it came as no surprise that when they decided to put a half decent CM in his place, they started to resemble a football team and climb the table.
  10. I have thought of 2 realistic candidates to fill those spaces? Name a better 25 goal a season striker for League one than Greig Spence that you can realistically see us getting?
  11. All 3 of those players were probably comfortably the 3 worst midfielders in the championship this season yet are comfortably the 3 best in League 1? Geggan was absolutely rancid for the Pars in CM at the start of this season. Docherty and Cairney were starting in comfortably the worst team in the championship this season.
  12. I had originally thought that it was going to be a four way battle between Rovers, Alloa, Airdrie and you guys. I now can't see Alloa challenging for the title with them losing all their best players.. If Airdrie end up losing Andy Ryan which is a big possibility then they could be out of the running as well. We don't have a manager and only have a third of a squad signed up whilst you seem to be acting quickly to prepare for next season( although that's not always for the best, as more players become available towards the end of June into July and August). League's yours to lose IMO.
  13. You heard it here first!