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  1. That clears that up then. Won't be able to take in that game presumably now. Cheers.
  2. Is it PatG for your game tomorrow or is it all ticket for you guys as well? With us not having a game, was considering taking in your game through at Tynecastle. Cheers
  3. Fixed it for you. You're welcome.
  4. And opened a second set of steps.
  5. It was Matthews was it not? And the defender did get a toe on it otherwise it would have been a goal.
  6. I'd expect all 3 of us to get fairly comfortable results against Buckie. Cowdenbeath managed it under Billy Brown after all
  7. You're welcome!
  8. Grow up and look back on it in disgust? They were middle-aged men. Regardless of how many of them took part in the shouts, not one of them stopped it from continuing. Quinny is occasionally on here talking about how good Fifes Finest are for the club etc. Well maybe he can try and get rid of people from that group who are going to drag the club down. That's certainly what was happening yesterday. There were a few shouts from elsewhere( not the Fifes Finest group) that were telling them to "give it a rest" and to " shut the f**k up". It wasn't working though as it was effectively 1 or 2's opinion against the 30 or so in that group. It needs to come from within Fifes Finest to sort that out or the club itself to ban these individuals.
  9. Once again, what's that got to do with how you treat some disabled people?
  10. It was indeed the exact same "fans" that were getting on his case as well
  11. It is brilliant that they raise money for the club. Does that make them any more worthy of being fans of the club than people who don't quite raise as much money? Does that give them more right to act like that towards a couple of disabled fans though? Them raising money for the club has got absolutely nothing to do with their behaviour today. I was at every home and away game last season apart from County away in the league cup and Morton away in October. The last time they made a half decent atmosphere was away to Dundee United in September. Today had the potential to be another one of those days. Alas, it was not to be.
  12. Looking forward to it. I haven't exactly hid my feelings on here about Fifes Finest. Bunch of middle-aged mind-cripples.
  13. That's just Fifes Finest for you..
  14. f**k sake! We're away to Tannadice tomorrow and it's only a tenner for adults.