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  1. Social situations you hate

    Seeing regular customers outside of work. It's usually accompanied with an "I didn't recognise you with your clothes on" kind of comment. Never fails to make me feel uncomfortable.
  2. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    I missed out on this
  3. Horrific club photos

    I met him today, he's a street fundraiser for Save The Children.
  4. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    It's only £20 in Asda for the PC version just now.
  5. Annoying things people write on Facebook

    Should send him this link
  6. I wasn't aware that my facebook status was automatically updating on here as well. I apologise for filling your minds with my mindless drivel (and poor use of punctuation) intended only for my friends.

    1. eeka


      you can stop any time you like.....

  7. E-Chat Quick Question Thread

    How can I find out what kind of RAM I have on my computer - without taking the tower apart, I want to update my risible RAM size (512mb) to something a little more up to date. I run XP sp3 by the way. Also, does anyone know a good place that I can get the new chips from at a reasonable price? Preferably in the Irvine or central Glasgow area. Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. Sitting outside to enjoy my break al fresco and a bloody bird started eating my pain au chocolat

    1. Gaz



    2. eeka


      you made that up didn't you.

    3. rollie
  9. NOTW is no more, deplorable as their behaviour was, remember a lot of people, that did not do anything wrong, will now be out of work because of this.

    1. eeka


      some, of them will be , able to use commas, correctly,,,

    2. jamamafegan


      i read this as if you had the hiccups or something

  10. Shorter, cleaner day today, please. Ta

    1. .Stuart.


      Stop talking about your fucking job!

  11. Long ass day today. 13hr shift + almost 2hrs commute. Be worth it in the end though. I hope

  12. What an awful day so far. I am wearing nearly ten pounds worth of chocolate milano

  13. Such a bad hangover today. Eugh