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  1. Queens vs Pars

    Kerr has been quite impressive. He was missing last week as he was away with the Scotland U21's, but don't think he was used. If he is back we may see Fordyce move to right back at the expense of Rooney. Rooney probably offers more of an attacking threat but maybe a bit raw defensively. Mercer is very much a bench jockey this season with Fordyce and Rooney ahead of him for right back duty. He has only made a couple of sub appearances. Kane hasn't yet had the impact that you would hope to get from a loanee from a PremierLeague team. I don't think he went off injured last week, he just wasn't doing very well. We certainly looked a bit more threatening up front when he was replaced. Lyle's absence seems to be a bit of a mystery, although I haven't checked the official site for news of any injury. Hopefully he is back in the squad for this game.
  2. The Queen of the South Thread

    I'm pretty sure the BoD will consult with the Manager as to the best preparation for the game.
  3. Montrose v Queens

    That's two games in a row that the opposition keeper has had MoM performances so it's maybe a bit harsh to slate our forwards for not capitalising on statistically having more chances, etc. As expected, Montrose worked very hard for each other to stop us settling into a rhythm and took a deserved lead. Dykes replacing the ineffectual Kane at half time gave us a bit more threat up front and the whole team seemed to step up a gear. I must say as someone who has been less than complimentary about Dykes' performances in the past, I thought he put in a great performance yesterday, plenty of running, not letting defenders settle and topping it off with a good goal. If he would show that attitude and ability on a regular basis he might not get the stick he sometimes does. As for Dobbie, plenty of trickery and of course looked our most obvious source of goals, but it looked like it was going to be another frustrating day for him until he cracked home an unstoppable shot and then added another from what looked an impossible angle. Hard luck on Montrose who were well in it until they started to tire and their keeper thoroughly deserved his MoM award.
  4. The Queen of the South Thread

    Alan Martin was selected in a P & B poll by many fans of all the Championship clubs for last season's Championship Team of the Season. Without actually checking back he may have been the leading contender in the official SPFL Championship Team of the Season, that is obviously how that conclusion was reached. Lee Robinson failed to get a single vote in the fans' poll IIRC. I think that more than clears up the perceived difference in their ability. Unfortunately the injury that Martin picked up in the Brechin game has seriously affected his ability to show the same form he achieved last season. At the time of his signing he was without doubt a vast upgrade over what we had to suffer last season.
  5. The Queen of the South Thread

    So romping to a virtually unchallenged title in the 3rd tier of Senior football, the only full time team in that division, and lifting a trophy that no top flight team could enter, in your eyes elevates that squad and management team to Legend status? Yes it was noteworthy, deserving of praise, plenty of excitement , and the scenes at the Cup Final will be remembered for a long time by every Queens fan that was there, but in reality hardly a legendary feat worthy of bestowing Sainthood on all involved. . I suppose that high points are few and far between supporting Queens so we have to grasp any success with both hands, but some perspective also needs to be applied.
  6. Montrose v Queens

    To quote from the book of Football Clichés, this could be the proverbial banana skin. I think statistically we have been creating more chances than the opposition in the last couple of games without turning that into goals, it would be nice if we could start doing that this week. We have also started slowly against lower league opposition on a few occasions already, Stenny and Berwick for example, but thankfully came good in the end, so it would be good if we imposed ourselves right away in this game. Getting through to the next round is the main objective but doing it with a bit to spare would make the journey up there a lot more pleasant.
  7. Inverness v Queens

    That decision, or lack of one, summed up the referee yesterday. IIRC the Inverness player blocked the ball with two hands raised, it was a stonewaller. Also how the Inverness no. 2 managed to escape being sent-off for an accumulation of fouls beggars belief. He was eventually booked in the second half but committed further fouls both before and after that, most notably a "forearm smash" on Andy Stirling in the first half which the referee didn't even penalise him for. I'm not just highlighting Inverness players, the Ref gave some poor calls against Inverness too but the ones he didn't give for QoS probably had a more direct impact on the outcome. Having said all that we can't pin all the blame on the Ref for the result, we were wasteful in front of goal which against any team with a bit of skill and self-belief could have been costly, Fon Williams also had a couple of decent saves to keep his side in the match. He wasn't in any danger of any of his teammates vying for the Inverness MoM award. It's actually a bit embarrassing that we didn't win yesterday as on that showing Inverness CT are possibly the worst team we have faced this season, (ok maybe tied with Falkirk) and that includes non-league and lower league opposition in Cup games. Queens really need to start seeing off struggling teams though if we are to stay clear of them in the league and maintain any hopes of finishing near the top four. We can't be continue to boast of creating better scoring chances, shots on target, etc , if at the end of the day we are not converting that into goals and wins.
  8. Inverness v Queens

    ^^^ This is probably what Naysmith is thinking to himself as well.
  9. In response to the thread heading I would say if they don't get at least a draw with QoS on Saturday then about five minutes after the final whistle should be long enough.
  10. St Mirren vs Queen of the South

    I know the emergency loan system is open to every club if you qualify to use it, but being short of players because they are suspended shouldn't be considered as grounds to bring in emergency loans. If you have a sufficient number of players injured, and I assume proof of that is required, then no problem but not as cover for suspended players. I don't know the criteria, maybe suspended players don't count in applying for this type of loan. I'm not having a pop at St. Mirren, every club would take advantage of the rule, plus I'm getting my moan in early in anticipation of this replacement player playing a blinder, which is probably inevitable.
  11. Queens v Morton

    So it was Fordyce and Martin's incompetence that led to the second goal rather than Quitongo's skill? I doubt you'll get much agreement from real Morton supporters on that one.
  12. St Mirren vs Queen of the South

    That final point has been mentioned by fans a few times tbh. He probably looked decent a division below but unfortunately hasn't made a successful step up. Having said that, and in his defence, not many defenders in this division could have (fairly) dealt with Morgan in that form.
  13. St Mirren vs Queen of the South

    From being one of Naysmith's first signings and supposedly the answer to problems in our right back position, Mercer has gone right down the pecking order and it's no coincidence that it started after the game you mention. He dropped out of the team, we moved our best midfielder at the time to right-back, effectively weakening two positions. Mercer came back into the team to cover when our left-back was injured but he has never been a regular starter since. He has mostly been occupying a seat on the bench this season, we brought in another right-back, Rooney, and Fordyce our CH has also been playing there so Mercer is effectively 3rd choice and even that's not guaranteed. Chances of him starting on Sunday are very slim I would guess. (hope)
  14. St Mirren vs Queen of the South

    You've come to the wrong place to look for a reasonably sensible person. Seriously, hope someone takes you up on the offer.
  15. The Queen of the South Thread

    There certainly looks to be at least 2 or 3 that aren't used at all. There has only been 1 operating at the last couple of games. I don't think that even when the rangers visited, with the potential of attracting more home fans, that all the Portland Drive Turnstiles were open, I doubt if they will all be needed in future. I don't know if they are all fitted with the "new" revolving gates or if some still have the old ones. I'm sure that a couple of them have had the outer doors boarded over so they're obviously not intended to be used. Added to that the fact that the woodwork on all the doors is rotted away at the bottom, it doesn't present a good impression when approaching the ground. Hopefully they will have the backing of the fans rather than being viewed with suspicion. I should maybe direct my queries to them about programmes/draw ticket sales. One problem I can envisage is that, working as a Committee, supporters views or problems may not be dealt with as fast as just having one person doing it. I wish them all the best anyway.