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  1. Still on the AGM, but away from this fans rep discussion, there were rumours that the Chairman was contemplating stepping down soon, was anything mentioned about this on the night?
  2. And who, along with his fellow directors, is doing a fine job at present, and who are all accountable to the company shareholders, but don't let that trifling fact get in the way of having a sly dig.
  3. Town centre parking usually about 2 hour max stay, some side streets are less restricted. If your leaving right after the game you're maybe better parking near the ground before the game and walking to the Whitesands or town centre, about 10 mins. Plenty of pubs of all types, cafes, etc on the way. The QOS Arena right beside the ground has a cafe if you don't want a drop of the hard stuff. The Lounge bar at the ground I'm sure welcomes away fans if you want something stronger. Enjoy your day but hopefully you won't be celebrating at the end.
  4. It sounds like your trust rep has added duties which involve him/her more in the running of certain commercial duties within your Club. I don't think that that compares to what I believe any fans rep on the Qos Board would be doing. They would simply be a go-between with the Board and some section of fans. I would guess that no two club's supporter reps operate under identical circumstances. I can't quite fathom out why certain supporters think the Directors are a law unto themselves. They are surely answerable to the shareholders. Looking from the outside I don't think our Board ard are any more secretive than those at any other Club.
  5. Not with the fantastic plastic. Rain might even help on our surface, I assume it usually has to be watered before games anyway if conditions are too dry.
  6. It was actually rumoured that he visited Stranraer prior to his trip to the moon as he wanted to prepare in a desolate place with zero atmosphere.
  7. It looks like the level of interest in both the Semi-finals is pretty underwhelming going by the Match threads which is a pity because it probably is the only realistic chance of getting silverware that lower league clubs have. Obviously St. Mirren have more important targets to think about as have Dundee Utd but it's a shame that these games don't seem to be grabbing much attention. Anyway good luck to the Paisley Saints against the Welsh Saints. Hopefully you'll meet QoS in the Final.
  8. You were young and a teaser I knew our love shouldn't be But I foolishly responded So you grassed to Yewtree.
  9. Our lovemaking is always special There's nothing you won't do I really am a lucky boy To have a gran as hot as you.
  10. With hair long and blonde Deep blue eyes and lips pink You'd be the perfect girlfriend If your breath didn't stink.
  11. In films, etc, when someone is being chased and they hide round a corner as the person chasing them runs past. Usually they are not hidden at all and the person chasing them always looks round about in every direction except in the direction where the person is hiding. Petty but annoying.
  12. Roses are red Carnations are lighter For my Valentine treat Can I poke your shiter?
  13. 8 out of 10 cats when Lock and Richardson were team captains was usually quite good, Jimmy Carr's laugh is fuckin annoying tho. Cats does Countdown is ok for a slight change but they do too many now. Early editions of Mock The Week were usually good too.
  14. Car drivers who clog up the entrances of petrol stations queueing for a (fuel) pump that's on right side to suit their car's filler cap. The pump hoses are long enough to reach to the other side of a normal car if you stop at the right place arseholes.
  15. Only read a couple which weren't signed. He's generous with the greenies if you mention him anyway. Good lad is Spartans Telly, Grimbo, Spartans Telly, Grimbo.