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  1. Quite agree. Jack Ross is savvy enough and experienced enough at dealing with the media to know that anything said to a journalist or broadcaster is liable to be made known unless he or the other party stressed it was strictly off the record.
  2. Livingston v Dunfermline

    Besty follows Robinson about from club to club like a lapdog. If Hawk is Gav then Besty is Robinson's equivalent. Robinson was a good keeper for QOS but pissed a lot of fans off in the end with his increasing clownish behaviour.
  3. The Queen of the South Thread

    Must admit to not reading that update by Mark Blount. If they have been up in Morrisons and Tesco for several months and this is the first time I noticed it, even though they are quite big, it probably says more about my attitude to shopping, ie keep the head down and get in and out a quick as possible. The billboards are a great idea I think.
  4. The Queen of the South Thread

    Just noticed for the first time that there is a substantial billboard in the Cuckoo Bridge Tesco with the Queens' fixture list on it. A great idea to get fixture lists in as many places as possible but how long has it been there and are there other billboards situated in other supermarkets, shops, etc.?
  5. League Leaders V QOS

    Thought it must have been something like that but didn't know if an announcement was made or just spontaneous. Well done Saints fans.
  6. League Leaders V QOS

    Just curious as to the reason for the minutes applause that Saints fans started during the game.
  7. The Queen of the South Thread

    The lot of them by the way he's bleating. Another defeat where none of it is Non-stick Naysmith's fault. Probably set-up to contain Saints as long as possible and hopefully nick a goal instead of actually trying to pressure them from the off.
  8. League Leaders V QOS

    No, he was/is bad but it was just highlighted more being up against those players. Just about every tackle he puts in (when he can get close enough to actually put in a tackle) he is lying on the ground which means he isn't in control if he, by some chance, wins the ball. He runs about pointing to players what they should be doing, forgetting he should be doing something himself. The room your central midfielders had at times yesterday was beyond a joke and that's the area he is supposed to cover. Ok, he's not alone in there but he is the most experienced yet least effective player in there imo. He divides opinion amongst the support and plenty will say he is performs a valuable task, but to me he is playing a division above his ability. He was one of Naysmith's first signings, got a 2 year deal, but if he is offered another deal after this season then it will confirm suspicions that some have about the Clubs' ambitions, or lack of, and Manager's suitability for the job.
  9. League Leaders V QOS

    St. Mirren didn't need to push themselves after the break and saw out the game comfortably. Queens looked to have accepted defeat when they trooped out at the start of the second half. Too many players in blue just not up to this level. As for the new boys, Thomas looked good when he came on but faded fast. Todorov looks slow, and we've got enough slow players already. Maybe both lacking matches to be fit.
  10. League Leaders V QOS

    As long as Rankin gtf, I don't care who comes on. It's like playing with 10 men every week. Mercer on the left also looks lost, doesn't know when to push on or when to hold back. Not his fault he's indecisive being moved about from one game to next.
  11. Sons' sorrow

    If the games televised on S4C you can probably watch it in the Club bar with a drink whilst the game goes on outside.
  12. 'Colt Clubs' & The Democratic Principle

    Yes, noticed this in the mornings papers. It's the "football" people are the sharp end like him who should be consulted. Hopefully his BoD take heed of his feelings and other Managers back him and tell their Boards the same. There are a few pitfalls in the proposals as other posters have mentioned, definitely more minuses than pluses in the idea at the moment as far as I can see.
  13. The Queen of the South Thread

    Gary Naysmith saying in today's Standard that the Brechin game will probably be too soon for Lyle to feature. As for some positive posts about Dykes' performance last week, I'm far from being a great fan of his but I agree he did put in a good performance last week. The problem I have is that, irrespective of whatever position he plays, he doesn't seem able to put in consistent performances from game to game.
  14. The Queen of the South Thread

    That's strange, I thought I just saw him in Stirling Services buying a coffee and Krispy Kreme donut.
  15. Queens v Brechin City

    We have an experienced striker on the injury list at the moment. If he is expected to be fit shortly then the need to bring in someone else is lessened. That is also assuming that the Manager would select him anyway of course.