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  1. I think your exaggerating the legendary status a bit just because some fans think that Smith, etc, could do a job for us. I'm not one of Dykes' greatest fans but his greater game time is probably based more on tactics than ability alone. He's adds a bit of height to the attack which the likes of Smith and Murray don't. Fergusson and Lyle are probably the only others offering that advantage. If you base ability on the amount of game time a player gets then the likes of Jake Pickard must be considered a better player than others he was picked over at the time. (He clearly wasn't.)
  2. Alan Jenkins (Stranraer, Gretna) always seemed to be the villain against QoS, wind-up merchant, but would have been happy if he'd played for us. Iain Russell upsets fans of every club he plays against, even his former clubs, but a hero when he plays for you. Dougie Imrie, for being a cocky wee b*****d in his younger days but probably more for the fact that he seemed to score against us. Mark Kerr and John Baird for probably no rational reason other than the circumstances of them leaving QoS for Falkirk. Kerr was actually a big miss to be honest. Aaron Muirhead, (Falkirk) a Dumfries boy who apparently hates QoS for some reason and isn't slow to show it. There's nothing to say he has to actually like us but he seems to take it to a new level. (This probably doesn't come into the "used to hate" category as it's still ongoing) Davie Cooper (Clydebank) ; Leaving the best 'til last. He used to rip the piss out of us every time we played. Took some stick from the sidelines but everyone had a grudging respect.
  3. Inverness Caledonian Thistle signing Baird certainly doesn't sound like a club with serious ambitions of a quick return to the top flight. I'm not sure what other players, if any, they have signed though. As for ourselves, there will probably be the odd player invited along to training to be looked over but as they only went back on Friday, I think, it'll probably be a wee while before word of this is known. Also the club's stance seems to be not to talk about signings until the deal is done. Quite sensible really as you maybe don't want to alert other clubs of a player's availability until he's signed on the dotted line.
  4. Besty can actually make the odd good point on here but typing with a crayon obviously doesn't work.
  5. I just love trying to decipher your posts.
  6. Are these comments meant to be connected or to be considered separate topics?
  7. Yes, poor throw-ins and the lack of variety in how we take them. That should keep us going for a wee while.
  8. Metres /yards, stick to one or the other. As you say, playing a ball over such a long distance to such a small target is damn hard yet they persist in trying it game after game without much success. You'd think someone would notice that and do something about it. Never mind rest your case you should pack a case and take a break.
  9. I'm not saying Dykes was played as a winger in the same way Anderson, Carmichael or Thomas were, apologies for any confusion, what I am getting at is that, even when playing as a strikers alongside Dobbie it was Dykes' as a tall player or Lyle being good in the air. job to go out wide at goal-kicks/ free-kicks from deep, to win headers to flick down for Dobbie or midfielders . My beef is the number of times this completely failed. There is nothing basically wrong with this tactic, every club does it, you see all the outfield players moving to one side of the park like sheep for the ball being punted forward. It's the number of times we manage to make a pigs ear out of it that grates with me. If we were getting a reasonable success rate it would be acceptable but it was nowhere near reasonable. I believe that is why Robinson has had a greater degree of criticism this season, maybe a bit OTT, his kick-outs have mostly been just that, kick-outs clear out of the park.
  10. Obviously my memory is playing tricks. Anderson's early season play to me was getting the ball on the deck, taking men on and getting crosses in, not always successfully I admit. Hilson's role on the opposite side was more direct in heading for the opposition goal. Others may think it's a myth but I would say the vast majority of goal-kicks taken by Robinson were aimed to find (usually) Dykes, or Anderson before that, or Lyle to hopefully flick down to Dobbie. More often than not though it ended up out of the park. Mr X, are you serious in saying Naysmith rarely used Dykes as a target man? Just because he sometimes played Thomas and/or Carmichael and/or Murray doesn't necessary rule out someone else playing in that role. Murray was more often than not brought on later in games when the tall target man tactic had failed and play was more on the deck. Stirling hasn't even played for us yet so we don't know what impact he will have. I go into every game with a positive attitude and wanting to back the players without question but after about the fourth or fifth goal-kick/clearance is punted for a failed flick-on I'm afraid frustration usually gets the better if me. And going by reactions and comments of other supporters around me I'm not alone in that feeling.
  11. We had a tremendous start to the season, mainly I would say because we had a fairly settled team which gelled quickly and our potentially strongest opponents, bar probably Hibs. were all a bit slow out of the blocks. Dobbie coming in added a real feelgood factor about the Club. When injuries started to affect us, Hamill, Marshall, Hilson, Tapping for example, it probably upset the rhythm as central defenders were moved to cover defensive positions and the midfield options at the time were limited. The Manager left, the spell under the Interim Manager was a disaster and confidence plummeted. It may be my memory playing tricks but I felt under Skelton we were trying to play a more passing game from the back rather than balls up to a wide target man which seemed to become the preferred tactic. Anderson has come in for a bit of stick in a few posts but early in the season he, and other wide men were getting the ball at feet and taking men on and getting crosses in reasonably successfully. He then became a wide target man which resulted in him picking up several niggly injuries which undoubtedly led to his loss of form and ultimate departure. Danny Carmichael was also rushed back too quickly to make any significant impact. It's no surprise that fans became frustrated when we went from being a team hard to beat to a team which couldn't buy a win. Something went wrong behind the scenes around the time of Skelton's departure and the Board are culpable for taking too long to find a permanent replacement after the the Interim Manager stated quite clearly he wasn't interested in the job. Even when Naysmith came in he took several games to start and turn things round. Leaving aside the good start we had a lot of the football we have watched has been terrible and it's not surprising that the Management, and ultimately players, get stick when they persist in employing tactics that a lot of fans clearly think don't work. We would all like to think we would back the players without question but unfortunately frustration will usually win out over blind loyalty.
  12. Not when all I want is a drink of water. You sound like my perfect customer. Say hello to me when I arrive, tell me what you want done and f**k-off and leave me in peace to get on with it, and of course. pay me promptly when I finish. No constant interruptions until I'm finished. I don't want to be bezzy mates with customers or listen to their idle chit-chat. As for those who let their sprogs run around getting in the way of me working, babysitting isn't included in the price so keep them out of my way. If your young delinquent son picks up my drill and starts boring holes in your furniture don't blame me (actually happened), his behaviour is your responsibility. A good job is guaranteed, social niceties are a bonus.
  13. When working at people's houses and they ask if you would like a tea or coffee. Me: " No thanks but a glass of water would be fine." Customer: " There's cans of juice in the fridge if you want one" Me: " No, a glass of water would be great, thanks" Customer: " Do you want some diluting orange in it?" Me: " Water's fine thanks." Customer eventually brings the glass of water. "Are you sure you don't want juice or a can from the fridge?" Fuxake, why do people have to make something simple into a major event.
  14. Ex Queens man Iain Russell has hung up his boots according to today's papers. Finished his career at his favourite Club, Airdrie. Wants to spend more time with his family. He had the knack of exciting you and infuriating you in equal measure. He had off-field issues which were well publicised. Wishing him all the best for the future.
  15. I went with my wife to one of her school reunions. She and her old school chums started calling each other by the nicknames from their school days. They kept referring to my wife as satchel. Turns out she was the school bag.