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  1. I gathered that. Unfortunately I was being serious in wondering where Mercer now fits in the Manager's plans. If he can't even get a cameo appearance in a game like the Airdrie one.
  2. Maybe your right about McIntyre but I doubt if he (Baird) really reached the level of fitness that he seemed to show when at Raith. Again that may be down to not fully recovering from his injury. I think that one of the reasons he got a hard time from our fans when at Falkirk was that he suddenly looked fit and interested again, the opposite of his attitude at Queens.
  3. It never seems to bother the manager of the full Scotland team, not just the current incumbent, picking players not holding down regular 1st team positions.
  4. In hindsight I probably agree with that but at the time it just looked like he wasn't prepared to be part of a squad, even though he didn't really merit inclusion before our other strikers. His pre-season injury certainly didn't help as I think he would have been a mainstay of the team.
  5. Read back a bit to yesterday and it's mentioned. I'm too modest to say by whom.
  6. Agree with what others think about Rooney. He did give a silly penalty away V Stenny but you could see he was desperate to get forward and make amends. Also not many full backs in this division will find it easy against McMullan at Dundee Utd. Good to hear Rooney can take a long throw-in, hopefully we will see some evidence of it as it can be a good tactic if used properly. I don't think we vary our throw-ins enough. Jamie Hamill used to take long throw-ins when he first arrived but that seemed to be abandoned and we seem to prefer throwing it to a player about 4 yards away who has little or no time to control it. I think Mercer is still probably getting therapy after the last time he faced Morgan. Besides if he can't get a game at right back against the likes of Airdrie ahead of Fordyce and Rooney, in a game we cantered, it offers little evidence he can/will be trusted against better players. I makes me wonder what kind of games the Manager who signed him thinks he will be able to play in.
  7. If Miller and Sibbald are suspended for the first team it may be Houston's way of keeping them match fit. You'll know his managerial ways better than me though. As for Muirhead, a few QoS fans have advised you quite often that he is an arsehole. I would still expect him to play on Saturday if you are short of bodies. Surely even Houston wouldn't leave out an experienced player just to prove a point.
  8. I'd be more interested in if the manager or his assistant were there. Two-thirds of the board were there so I suppose the Chairman would get a report. No doubt the Chairman did have other business, I've no idea, but it's hardly worth getting upset or sarcastic about.
  9. Aren't you U20"s playing in a big cup competition that day.
  10. Probably just the Partick Colts' mummies and daddies coming to watch them will be the only travelling support. Hopefully this will be the last round they are involved in. Will it not affect the Stranraer team too as most, if not all, come from up the road if I'm not mistaken.
  11. Oops! I had to read read mine a couple of times before I noticed the typo. Sorted now though I hope. Away fans housed in the main stand for this according to OS. Section H. Turnstiles 7 & 8.
  12. The Falkirk fans' pessimism on here isn't making me feel any more optimistic that we will dish out a whuppin'. We might scrape a win if our defence stays as solid as it has been and at least one of our strikers re-discover their scoring touch. A set piece is probably our best chance of a goal though. Think I'll plump for a score draw which wouldn't be so bad.
  13. Was the decision solely down to the SPFL or did the Clubs have any input?
  14. Rest them for the big cup tie at Berwick, Livi is the week after that.
  15. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Mr. Doncaster, but I think you'll find you are in the minority.