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  1. Robinson, embarrassing Clown, Mercer stealing a wage, Brownlie doing his best to give away as many stupid free kicks as he can. Should be a few behind.
  2. You must have missed the bit in the news where they told us that Yorkshire has been given to France as part of the. Brexit deal. They chose Yorkshire because of it's similarity to France, they eat strange food and you can't understand a word they say.
  3. I think you are (deliberately) missing the point of the POTY nominations. How Dobbie came to be at QOS, or if his signing was a good or bad bit of business is irrelevant. The nomination is for how other fellow players think he has performed and obviously they think he is a credible choice. The fact that he is, at the moment, joint leading goalscorer in the Championship along with a player playing for the League winners, and biggest club, shows that he is a quality player.
  4. Playing pocket billiards when standing talking to people. Not easy when you've got such a big cue. Also lying about the length of my cue.
  5. Not really. The issue, for me, isn't really that crucial. You can still informally chat to other fans just to gauge others views though.
  6. I don't know the ins and outs of the amount taken in in draw entries compared to what the club actually pays the kit supplier. or how many sets of strips, training tops, tracksuits padded jackets, etc are included in the deal but it seems to me that there are a lot of backroom staff, administrative staff, youth players, etc going about wearing the club gear. I assume they don't have to buy it. Would reducing the number of items supplied not save a bit of money? The amount saved may not be worth bothering about but it's just a thought.
  7. The conspiracy theory was more a tongue in cheek remark but not necessarily unfounded. Taking off at a slight tangent but is there a possibility that more businesses would be attracted if the draw was for a two season period. Obviously a realistic entry fee would need to be set, not necessarily twice the amount it is now. I've thought since the inception of the shirt draw that one every season is a bit much.
  8. On the fabric conditioner/washing powder, shampoo, etc theme. How manufacturers claim that their new and improved product is now twice as good as it's predecessor. Why did you not make it better in the first place.
  9. Do you mean..but also putting extra money into the club. I doubt if having two price structures would be viable. I doubt if many businesses/individuals who enter the draw would necessarily choose to buy season tickets anyway so most would probably opt for the cheapest draw entry price. And can you imagine the conspiracy theories if the ones paying the higher price coincidentally won it most years. The free season ticket is just an extra incentive to enter the draw. I also doubt if stopping the free season tickets would really make the club much in extra ticket sales tbh. Much the same as the point I make above, there's no guarantee that the entrants would be buying a season ticket of their own accord, therefore no guarantee of extra ticket sales, a few may do, I fear the vast majority would not. At least the free ones potentially add a few numbers to the crowd.
  10. Following the death of Nelson Mandela the South African Government put forward a proposal to change the name of their main currency from the Rand to the Mandela. When a vote was taken however the result, by a small majority, was to keep the Rand. As a compromise the Government decided to mint a limited number of Nelson Mandela commemorative coins to hand out around various towns throughout the Country, but demand massively outweighed the number of coins available and there were near riots as people queued for their free Nelson Mandela.
  11. Burstin' for a pish type pose
  12. The home kit looks fine, just the right amount of white. The away kit looks like something you would purchase from Matalan. (That's a criticism of the shirt, not Matalan. Other clothes outlets are available). I'm not a great fan of grey football tops anyway. The grey shorts also look like something an old geezer would wear on the beach on holiday. I'm sure I've got a similar pair in my wardrobe. I'm not in the habit of buying replica strips and the away one isn't tempting me to change. Hopefully I am in the minority and the Club makes plenty from purchases.
  13. Just watched an episode of Pawn Stars on TV. A woman brought in a pink Fiat convertible to sell. It did my tits in as they kept pronouncing the make as Fee-yat, emphasising the end syllable. Maybe they're right and that's the correct pronunciation, but they are American so I doubt it. PS. The woman was a wid but she carried a wee rat-like dog around with her like it was a fashion accessory which is another PTTGOYN.
  14. Sounds like he could be a typical P n B poster then?
  15. Bob be a builder.