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  1. The Queen of the South Thread

    The "hoof ball" that bugs me, and I would say is very much a part of Naysmith's tactics, is when goal-kicks, free-kicks from deep in our own half, etc, are punted up to Dykes or Lyle standing out wide with the intention of them knocking it down to a teammate. As I've said before the success rate of setting up scoring chances using this tactic is so slim as to make it a complete waste of time. I think Dykes' continued inclusion in the team is to use his height for this tactic. It was worse last year when Lee Robinson seemed to be trying to set some sort of record in punting the ball straight into touch, at least Martin seems to be a bit better at keeping the ball in the playing area, but the number of times it leads to scoring chances has not increased. As for Livingston's tactics, they play to their strengths and have the front players physically capable of playing route one football, most of our better players are suited to playing it on the deck not up on the air.
  2. The Queen of the South Thread

    At what age does a "young player" cease to become a "young player" and is old enough to accept others opinions and criticism. Like a few other posters my main concern with Dykes is his inconsistency, both in showing ability and in attitude. IMO his regular inclusion in the team owes more to his height for getting his head to the ball to flick on for his fellow forwards than any other latent talent he may have. The success rate of setting up decent attacks from this tactic is minimal I would say but that's not entirely Dykes' fault as the Manager obviously likes this approach. The Manager and coaching staff see more of Dykes at training, etc, than the fans do on match days so they must think he is worth a contract extension, at least I hope the Manager had an input in the decision.
  3. Dunfermline v Queens

    Quite agree about set piece goals, any type of goals for Queens should be enjoyed but it's a pity that we don't carry more of a scoring threat from the (centre) midfield department.
  4. Dunfermline v Queens

    Are you sure you're a neutral? Fordyce is out injured for Queens so our defence, in the right back position at least, may not be as strong as it would be. We will probably get the ball on the deck, get the wide men involved and hopefully see some decent crosses put in after half time when Naysmith finally realises (again) that punting long balls up for Dykes (or Lyle) to knock down for the the other striker(s) isn't working and hasn't really worked despite him persisting with it. Our best chance of scoring is probably through Dobbie or a defender up for a set-piece, or an og. Goals from any of our midfielders are are rare as hen's teeth.
  5. Tail of the Bank v The Hedge

    If you think your players are behaving like amateurs for going on their break then players of every club from the Premiership down must be classed the same as almost every team has a player's weekend away around now.
  6. Fairy Queens V The Highlanders

    John Rankine was not playing, at least not for QoS anyway. There is no player on Queens' books by that name.
  7. Fairy Queens V The Highlanders

    Thanx, bus probably only going to get re-fuelled.
  8. Fairy Queens V The Highlanders

    Just met the ICT'S Team bus heading out of Dumfries. Problem? Worth setting out?
  9. Fairy Queens V The Highlanders

    The second half probably will be from Queens' point of view as it eventually dawns on the Manager (again) that lumping long balls up to Dykes or Lyle for flick-ons isn't paying off.
  10. Drumbarton vs Queen of the South

    This baffles me also. I thought it was only teams of our calibre that did this but I have witnessed it happening in the supposedly best league on the world, the EPL. We did vary it slightly last night though, normally Rankin will play it back to his central midfield partner who will lump it into touch, but he played it back to defender Kerr who lumped it towards the touchline. The outcome was the same though, and we had this seemingly problematic wind behind us which made that tactic seem even more bizarre.
  11. Drumbarton vs Queen of the South

    It's just an idea I had but when playing with a strong wind behind you wouldn't it be more sensible to keep the ball down on the deck as much as possible rather than punting high balls forward?
  12. Drumbarton vs Queen of the South

    Two fair summaries of the game from a QOS point of view. We were much more effective, and better to watch, when we got the ball down on the deck and passed it around. A vast difference from the Livi game and the first half last night when the object seemed to be trying to strip the leather off the ball punting it up the park. Fordyce could be a big miss for quite a few games if it's his hamstring that's gone. He certainly looked in a bit of discomfort when he came to sit in the stand.
  13. QoS v Livi

    We were very poor against Montrose but we have been like that against lower league teams in the various cups this season. The good thing, from our point of view, is that we haven't really carried those poor displays into the Championship games. As for the pubs, there are several within a few minutes staggering distance from the ground. The Spread Eagle, The Globe and the Salutation at the foot of Glasgow Street are probably the closest and there are a variety of other pubs over the bridge heading to the Town Centre. As far as I know they all welcome visiting supporters, or to put it another way, if you're spending cash you'll be welcome.
  14. Montrose v Queens

    Hopefully the Doonhamers can make easier work of this tie than the last match up here. A good run in the "big" Cup not only offers the potential of some good pay days, some of which would hopefully be used to attract some players in January, also the increased publicity to boost the club's profile, but could also encourage some floating or swithering fans to come along to games. I think we'll get the job done here without the need of a replay.
  15. The Queen of the South Thread

    If he had to miss any games for Queens for the chance to play for Scotland it would probably best to be this Sunday's as, from our point of view, it is the least important of the competitions we are still involved in. Having said that his presence against TNS would be a boost to our chances of progressing further in the competition.