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  1. That's what I thought, Sean Connery in The Untouchables. Anyway as you were and back to the main story.
  2. Petrol station at one of the local Tesco's is closed for a few days for refurbishment. Surrounded by hoardings. Do they put signs up telling you of the closure before you turn off the main road? Do they turn off the petrol price and opening hour signs? No! That would be too sensible, they'd rather have cars and hgv's coming in and having to turn away again. Problem is the hoardings aren't noticeable because of fencing and trees on the approach.
  3. How many weddings are in a season?
  4. You'll want a medium then, not in shirt size but to get in touch with Billy Smart. Piss even more people off, go for Dobby.
  5. QOTS 0 Morton 5. You probably missed that as VT rarely mentions it.
  6. Depends if Mercer has got his legs untangled following the roasting he took on Saturday. Mercer and Rankin are imho proving to be poor signings. They are here for next season too I think. Mercer may improve, and there's plenty room for improvement, but giving Rankin a two year deal was a poor decision by the Manager/BOD.
  7. Reconsider my earlier post, on today's showing a fuckin liability. (So is Rankin but that's a different story). Mercer taken to the cleaners more times than my demob suit.
  8. Personally for me just not good enough yet for this level. He's been at left back for last two games and looked a bit lost whilst at right back he was either good or shaky. Inconsistent probably the best description but our overall defensive displays have been poor so a bit harsh to judge him in that set-up.
  9. Missed that. Is he away?
  10. No need to "think" his ineptitude cost us a goal at Falkirk, it definitely did. Hippolyte simply passed the ball into an unguarded net without having to put the slightest bend on his kick. As for Kidd's goal at Palmerston, even if Thomson turns away it's still at the side Robinson was supposed to be covering so I would say that makes him mainly culpable. At least in that instance Kidd had to put a bit of bend on his kick. As you say though it's hard to remember any others that spring to mind but that maybe because the free-kicks were not good enough to test the wall or keeper. Unfortunately, with goalkeeping it's the mistakes that are highlighted most as they invariably lead to losing goals.
  11. I think our goalkeeper/coach must have had the day off when the coaching classes were discussing setting up defensive walls.
  12. I don't know if players are on a bonus for achieving higher league positions but I'm sure the Club get more money the higher they finish. A few are probably playing for new contracts, otherwise it's only really pride and professionalism to finish as high up ad possible. As I said St. Mirren's greater need will probably give them more of an edge.
  13. Agreed, but is our present goalie/coach not signed up for another season? Alexander may be out of our price range and probably has higher ambitions than mid-championship football plus I can't see him or Robinson happy to be bench warmers.
  14. Our defence has certainly changed from awfully brilliant early in the season to brilliantly awful recently.
  15. That's more than possible. Teams don't really need to work too hard to score against us. If you get any free-kicks near our goals you'll probably score at least one. It's not exactly a meaningless game for us, 5th place to secure and contracts to be won, but I fear that St. Mirren's greater need will give them the edge to fight a bit harder.