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  1. I know the guy yo mean. A few rungs down the food chain from Balloch Sons Fan. To be fair, the 'Come Oooan!' cry is sometimes punctuated with 'Whizzat?'. He has a wee boy with him who never fails to look mortally embarrassed.
  2. Just wondering when we last drew three consecutive games 2-2?
  3. Absolutely indisputable red card for Docherty. Fair play to Harkins for gently keeping our players away from the ref as one of them could have ended up booked too. I don't think we could complain about the Nade yellow. Didn't look like a penalty.
  4. 1. I'm sure you can still have a shite at Glasgow Central for £1 so fair point. 2, Diddums 3. Far left hand side I think you mean. 4. Pitch was perfectly playable.
  5. OK BBPF. I am not in the business of an argument with you as you are a reasonably sane poster by P&B levels. As you seem to acknowledge, his budget is indeed less than last year and results have improved. You don't know what you've got till you lose it......
  6. It is the smallest capacity in Scotland but it's pretty high up the occupancy rate. More embarrassing is clubs with 10,000 seats which are rarely more than a fifth full. These stadiums were all built by the company owned by...........who was that again? And why do Ayr Utd have a stadium untroubled by modernisation for several decades?
  7. How much is it then? And has it been reduced since last season? How do you *know* it is a "VERY" healthy budget? Source?
  8. I have the assurance of the chairman this very day before several witnesses who are contributors here.
  9. I also can't believe the comments here about Steve Aitken - some borne out of almost withering contempt and others damning with faint praise. Aitken had his budget significantly reduced this season. He is working with a part time squad and doesn't even have a full bench to call on. There's an old London saying about people who place untreal expectations on people which runs "expecting people to do wonders and shit miracles". Aitken has done pretty well under difficult circumstances and he at least deserves a bit of credit for that.
  10. A shameless act of burglary right enough from Ayr in the dying embers of a game where they contributed the square root of hee-haw. Reading some of the comments from Ian McCall and the Ayr fans. Auld Ayr wham ne'er a town surpasses for people who need a pair o' glasses!
  11. That explains the 343 and 562 crowds against Alloa and Livi respectively in 2013/14. It's a non-scientific comparison.
  12. Cheers - I'd have been looking for that. I'll get it from you somehow somewhere. PS You are some squeezeboxer squeezeboxson.
  13. Some comments about dwindling crowds at CID but looking at the 13 home league games this season, our published average is 1126*. In 2015/16 with Rangers and Hibs visiting after 13 home games it was 1107. In 2014/15 with Rangers Hibs and Hearts visiting it was 1065 after 13. In 2013/14 with Dundee as the biggest club in the league it was 893 after 13. *One slight cheat is that there was no published crowd this season for the home game v Falkirk on 17th Sept so the average here is actually from 12 games.
  14. Sorry Simon. Me at the proof reading again