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  1. Fantastic result. Well done to the management and players.
  2. My goodness what a shock to hear of Campbell's passing. He and I had a wee difference of opinion here a few years ago (as much, if not more my fault than his). We sorted it out face to face at a game with agreement and humour. After that, Campbell never failed to say hello and we'd have a chat about the Sons or whatever. Sincere sympathy and condolences to Campbell's family.
  3. I'm quite sanguine about our team's prospects. On Saturday it was one of those games which the first goal was going to win. We will get 100% effort I'm sure - like others I reckon Garry and Nade might have been a better introduction than Nade and Nuttall. Probably a bit unfair to have introduced Nuttall at that stage in fact. I'll bet Garry was itching to get on. No matter which league we're playing in I'd be inclined to keep Steve Aitken in charge, but with one merry-go-round in full swing and others surely to follow, we might be advised to have a reserve in place. The only thing is that Paul Hartley has Gerry McCabe as assistant, otherwise he might be a good back up.
  4. Over ten posts....
  5. Our recent record gives us a chance of taking something from the game. Let's just enjoy it and encourage the team.
  6. No - just Ray. Lewis is our 'Pride and Joy' though!
  7. I have a pal who played rugby at Portobello with Lewis Vaughan's dad. His name is....wait for it......Ray Vaughan! Rave on! How cool is that?
  8. The full article is HERE
  9. A friend of mine was in Lloret de Mar in 1973 and along with the guys he was with, were probably the only Sons supporters to witness Dumbarton winning their solitary European trophy.
  10. The tax bill thing is a mystery. Wilson stated at one of the meetings that owning the stadium would land DFC with a 'capital gains tax bill'. As DFC is a limited company it isn't liable for capital gains tax. It is however liable for corporation tax. If my understanding is correct though, that would only be payable on realising an asset, not owning it....
  11. "They will also own the new site, even though in an ideal world they would gift it to the Sons. But that would saddle the Sons with a tax bill they can’t afford and instead Brabco are likely to hand them a lease for over 100 years" The plan all along as I have stated before.
  12. Getting the hang of it noo!
  13. Isn't this marvellous?
  14. Did someone request a Vaughan gif? vaughan.mp4
  15. Frankly, who cares about the penalty? I'm glad the ref did give it, because Aldo's save was the highlight of the afternoon for me, just shading it from Vaughan's goal.