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  1. Sons' sorrow

    There's much written here that is reminiscent of several people commenting on a game of football with each having their own version. The planning application looks like a pretty big hurdle. To grant housing permission for such a swathe of green belt land looks a tall order. This was pretty much admitted last night and there was talk of an appeal to the Scottish Government. That could be costly but I don't get the impression that Brabco would be unduly discouraged by that. Legal opinion is split on the Golden Share. From my personal knowledge I do actually think that it would prevent the sale of the land so long as the club remains in operation. This however, is the crucial point. If Brabco fail with this application, I fear what the next step for DFC would be. All the markers were put down last night. An unmanageable overdraft, Oustanding repairs in the region of £250,000*, several directors' loans due for repayment, safety certificates issued on the condition that the club is moving to a new stadium. The phrase was used that there was 'no white knight in the wings'. *The 'ball park' figure mentioned last night for repairs to the wall, the 'dip', the infrastructure of the stand and upgrading of floodlighting. There are several scenarios that could arise at the point of planning consent for Dalmoak and it's enabling development being rejected. Unfortunately, none of them is that we can continue at the Rock and it's back to as you were. An insolvent company cannot continue to trade.
  2. Sons vs Stranraer

    I thought the strip looked pretty good under the floodlights........(gets coat)
  3. Sons vs Stranraer

    We were certainly better in the first half but Stevie is perhaps going too far with his "Stranraer controlled the second half" patter. I feel that probably an incident or two will have bugged him and this may have contributed to him winding the crossbow a bit tight. Nothing wrong with a bit of passion though. To take a wider view, I've stood and sat through many evening cup ties like last night's and we've ended up on the losing side. I said on Saturday that we'd play worse and win - QED but I didn't expect the proof so soon. Pleased with the attitude that we want to do well in this competition. Jamie's a warrior.....
  4. Aye. Sorry to have started 'busgate'. All I did was declare on the Facebook bus page that incessant Kenny Rogers/ Abba/ Rednex at a high level of volume and distortion wasn't really my cup of tea. I subsequently tried to soften my position by agreeing to a compromise suggested by another supporter. Nae answer to that. Tambourines oot the pram. Ill be in my own somewhat quieter and less stressful mode of transport at the next away game. The tambourinis who, to be fair, are much more committed supporters than me, are welcome to belt out whatever aural pish they wish. Just so long as I don't have to listen to it.
  5. Cedrick, that save I was talking about is at 22 secs.
  6. The criticism of Morrison may be a little premature and unfair. He was introduced to the game in the 72nd minute yesterday. Walsh was a revelation and if he can maintain that level of performance on the wing he poses a real threat.
  7. I thought Walsh had a very good game. We deserved a draw on balance and some bad defending robbed us of that. As if tambourines aren't bad enough, on the supporters bus on the way back we are being treated to a selection of the worst music ever recorded on equipment that sounds like a badly tuned transistor radio in a toilet. Cotton Eye Joe moves seamlessly to Ruby don't take your love to town. Send help.
  8. Sons' sorrow

    There is some truth in what you say but on the other hand, a skim read through almost every other club's threads will find widespread discontent with whichever club's directors. I know that we're not particularly comparing like for like as we have the Brabco situation as well and hopefully we'll get a conclusion to that which at least doesn't harm the club. I'd like to play devil's advocate here though and say that if a team constantly punching above its weight for about seven years doesn't attract more support, I really wonder what kind of 'selling itself in the community' would work. Despite that though, there seem to be regular initiatives. For example on 20th September The website carried an article advertising community tickets. Alan F is quoted as saying that there was a 100% take up on applications for this scheme last season which offers 30 free tickets for each home game to youth groups and schools. On 25th September the website carried a poster advertising up and coming games which I along with many others have advertised on Facebook and Twitter. So, in the last 8 days there's two community initiatives advertised on the club's main interface with supporters. No doubt folk will say that this is due to Sonstrust influence and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if it is. If that is so then it's a double success - 1) Getting a rep on the board and 2) That representation making a difference. The public face of the club is actually pretty good with excellent web presence via the website by Alan F (one of the best in the SPFL I'd suggest). Jack Crawford does a sterling job on Twitter and has a following of more than 8000, the Facebook page is good and David Jenkinson does a fantastic job on Sons TV. There's even a fan app. So much the better that these things are being organised and operated for the club by supporters, thus saving on running costs. If there is a better way of promoting the club in a cost effective way in the community to young people then I'd like to know what it is. I've heard of the recent mishandling of situations by stewards in hospitality. I'm aware of some of the alleged shortcomings of the board in a PR capacity. These things obviously shouldn't happen - I've been fortunate, I haven't encountered anything negative personally. We are a club run by volunteers and pretty much in spite of Brabco.
  9. Sons' sorrow

    Pretty much dead on. In my calculations, I referred to, but didn't include, other overheads. Offering players contracts is like any competitive tendering process, if you don't offer within the ballpark figure, you are nowhere and you don't get what you are offering for. The slight advantage that Sons will have over other part-time clubs is that there's the carrot of playing in a higher league. That however, is a marginal advantage. Of course it is difficult for those fans dealing with tight budgets and I don't know how you deal with that. Reducing prices is a very difficult thing to fund. Let's say that the average admission price (after adjustment for season tickets and concessions) is £15. A 500 crowd then nets £7500 as you say. To reduce the average charge to £12 would mean having to attract an extra 125 fans to generate the same income. To reduce it to £10 then would rely on attracting a 50% increase in the crowd to 750, an additional 250 punters. If you drop to £10 and only attract an extra 150 people the club has lost £1000 to do that.
  10. Sons' sorrow

    The problem is that the running costs of clubs is high and that admission prices are the main income that clubs have. If a DFC player is getting say £300 pw, without any other costs being taken into consideration, that's thirty people through the gate at full price, just for that one wage (based on a home game once a fortnight). We had 590 v Inverness, the vast majority of whom weren't paying near full price. A home game at that attendance, doesn't even come near to covering the wages.
  11. Sons' sorrow

    Lifting the mood slightly.
  12. Sons' sorrow

    Yes agreed. Although when I checked earlier, Stevie's name hadn't been mentioned on the Falkirk thread. Hopkin, Hartley, Presley and Hughes all have been mentioned. Stevie might do well to remember Ian Murray's move to St Mirren. I don't think I get carried away. I just don't get too disappointed with poor league cup runs and savour better days when they come along. It's a microcosm of how I live and it's worked so far!
  13. Sons' sorrow

    That may be true but as others have pointed out we generally have a better second half of the season. Players like Stanton and Vaughan don't grow on trees and pulling similar rabbits from the hat is going to be a challenge with 50k off the budget. Mind you, Froxylias seems a decent find and Morrison might yet do a Robert Thomson. Is it 17 players we've brought in? They've had roughly 40 hours training together and 16 games, several of which were experiments. Even though Stevie hammers the point in every interview, we are a part time side and are at a disadvantage in that respect with 8 of the other 9 teams in the league. Aitken and Durrant are working a minor miracle here and others will be watching that.
  14. Sons' sorrow

    Looks like seven games is a decent gauge of where things are headed for one team. Here's hoping they appoint Hughes or Pressley and leave Stevie to complete his task of taking us to the Premiership play -offs Who's next for the chop? Has to be John Robertson doesn't it?
  15. Sons' sorrow

    That's one of the best arguments with the facts ever! The Pars game is the exception this season surely? They have also handed Brechin, ICT and St Mirren their posteriors, they're top of the league and they have scored 21 goals in the process. I don't see how an away game at Livi is a better gauge of form than the preceding 7 games either!