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  1. Outside left was just another name for a left winger - ergo Jimmy Johnstone was an outside right. The description I liked for players back then was for mavericks like Jim Baxter or Tommy Gemmell. They would often be described as having a 'roving commission' - In other words they (rather brilliantly) did what they wanted. Davie Wilson was perhaps past his best when he arrived at Boghead from Dundee United but he still made a great contribution to our promotion season 1971-72 and then as assistant manager and manager. An early example of a player who felt entitled to go down in the box!
  2. That strip would do fine as well!
  3. David Wilson eh?
  4. SIGNING NEWS: Midfielder David Wilson is manager @stevie_aitken latest addition to his #newseason squad.ā€¦
  5. Northern Son lives in Ellon north of Aberdeen, so a good distance from Brechin. I'm pretty sure he'll be at the Brechin v Sons games this season though.
  6. Tommy Hughes takes lots of photos at Glasgow City. (Insert funny comment here!)
  7. Might even have been spelled differently. Or spelt indifferently. I always liked T.Rialist or J.Unior as often used by Queens Park
  8. Craig Barr's middle name is Mango and he's a humanist celebrant! What's not to like?
  9. Blimey Lionel, I only barely remember that and I'm 57!
  10. The fish counter wummin pointed me in the following amphibious direction. The piano represents the budgets of other Championship clubs, whilst the drum kit represents the Sons.
  11. Welcome to the Championship, Brechin City!
  12. Given that he feels he'll have a point to prove, he'll most likely run riot.
  13. Working fine here.
  14. There's this But then there's this