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  1. It's just as well that we hadn't drawn four times with Falkirk and hadn't beat them twice within the last couple of years or your comment might have seemed utterly ridiculous.
  2. Whilst we shouldn't get carried away, two points from our first two is a decent return. Perspective on last week's point is provided by the result in the Renfrewshire derby today.
  3. I'm quite surprised that Brophy hasn't succeeded at Hamilton.
  4. To be fair, we had an entire midfield absent today. Gallacher simply needs to be more decisive and to 1) Shout and 2) Be shouted at. Dowie shouted at him AFTER the fact. Perhaps that miught have been a bit more effective at the "Your/My ball" stage.
  5. I think your criticism of Gallacher can be put down to poor communication and indecisiveness under pressure. That should improve as players bed in. Good to see the captain going mental because of incidents that could cost us dear, that's his job.
  6. A few positives for the Sons. I thought we stood up to be counted pretty well in the first half, with Roy and McLaughlin more than passing muster. Barr, Gallacher Wardrop and Wilson also put in a decent shift and we survived yon 5 minute spell at the end when Morton looked as if they might burgle the points. The officials were terrible, but the bookings for Lamie, Forbes and Quitongo were justified. Lamie's behaviour was worthy of a brainless petulant P7 wean. Nade did look pretty well done after the hour mark.
  7. I had completely forgotten about Gary McCutcheon. The thing about Fairley was that he took the club to third place in what is now League 1. With the resources at his disposal, that was a fine achievement. He and McGonnigal were a good managerial team. It's a shame that they didn't have longer at DFC and that their efforts without each other didn't amount to much. Having a look here it would appear that Steve Aitken would qualify for a gold watch if he's still here at the end of the season.
  8. It's a fair point but sometimes if you read a post on a subject and respond, it's easy to forget which thread you're on. It might be an age thing tho'!
  9. The said editor was there until well into the new millennium and belittled the club at every opportunity. As a Jihadi Sellick fan he is all too typical of the Dumbarton mind set which doesn't recognise that there's fitba' in their own town.
  10. It's really only the diehards that have any in-depth awareness of what's happening in the boardroom though. The average or casual fan has no idea of the internal politics or dynamics within the club. We were amongst the first clubs in Scotland to have trust representation on the board, we're in a fairly modern stadium and we have had Championship football for five seasons. The general public are more aware of these things than boardroom choreography. And yet they choose not to their droves. Are there really that many potential fans pissed off at the board? Ah hae ma doots.
  11. It sorts out the hassle of making it all ticket though.
  12. This is by far the most sensible and insightful post I've read here in a while.
  13. Apparently four out of the last five DFC players to be sent off have been so by Charleston (Andy Galloway - Twitter)
  14. The crowd would be fewer than 200 if admission were free.