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  1. Aye Falkirk must have one payed my £5 then tells me there is a problem with my IP address. Wasn't using a VPN and was in the USA at the time. Still cost me £5 for nothing cheers Falkirk.
  2. Sadly farcical and SFA/SPFL seem to go hand in hand. Can't believe these people kept their jobs after the whole Rangers Armageddon fiasco.
  3. This whole Lord Lyon thing is pathetic, it's the 21st century FFS high time we changed these stupid laws and told him to get on his bike. Having club badges designs changed because of some stupid archaic law is ridiculous.
  4. Excuse my ignorance but how does the development league work? From what I see online reliable source of Wikipedia there is no promotion from east and west to main development league, is this the case if so why no promotion or relegation?
  5. Watching live doesn't look like it crossed the line.
  6. Rovers fans should probably say Dumbarton as we have a poor record against you guys but your fans seem a decent bunch and the wee bowling club down from the ground was decent last time I went through. Knowing our luck we will both go down so you can skelp us in the seaside league as well. No real preference excluding ourselves I would probably rather Dunfermline stayed up with us, always good to laugh at your rivals going down but the season is better with a derby in my opinion.
  7. Will say one thing it's an exciting end to the season. Queens are probably just safe as it would take a chronic run to not pick up enough points to finish 8th. Dunfermline bad star to the season but seem to have had a great run of not losing recently but unfortunately for them a lot of draws so getting pulled back into it. Raith god knows, great start to the season (thankfully) followed by a horrible run of failure to win games, looked doomed then beat St Mirren, looked doomed again after Dumbarton then beat Dundee Utd no idea what will happen. Dumbarton always going to be in the fight as they are part time but capable of staying up as they keep proving season after season, they also enjoy spanking us Ayr looked certain for bottom two most of the season but keep notching up the points could they escape to 8th? St Mirren up until recently had to be certain 10th place but hit form at the right time, can they keep it going and they do have a hell of a tough end to the season.
  8. When do the clocks change? don't we have a weird habit of playing better after that (he said hopefully ) No it's like Christmas even though you don't want it to end, you have to take down the decorations and go back to work.
  9. This guy must be the best at interviews. Totally hopeless manager but everyone hires him.
  10. Good they can sign Skacel and friends.
  11. Yup got the same problem with the banner adverts and US based
  12. Should probably write it a few times to be fair.
  13. Performance probably more important that the result in this one for us. Any points would be a bonus, lets have a look at what we have under Yogi in a free no pressure game. Interesting to see his formation does Yogi favour a formation over the years or has it changed depending on the players? Hopefully Hibs distracted by the Hearts game and we can nick something as we really need a lift in confidence.
  14. Here is the fixtures on TV how many of SKYs games don't feature one of the Old Firm? BT are better but it's still much easier to watch the Old Firm than any other club. How many Dundee games not involving the Old Firm are there a season? 21 fixtures nearly half involve one or both of the Old Firm take away BBCAlba it's more than half. So Motherwell were on once wow! Not a single Motherwell game on that list FYI I agree we need to look at every way to stop the gap growing level TV coverage is just one thing. At least they looked at the prize money when the SPFL was formed.
  15. The problem with televised football in Scotland is it's a vicious circle, all the TV companies want to show is games involving The Rangers and Celtic as they get the biggest audience which then attracts all the armchair fans to those two clubs, as if you're from Motherwell you can watch Motherwell 4 times a season or one of those two 20+ times so inevitably the armchair fans follow one of them. Their fan bases continue to grow giving them more money and the league gets even more uncompetitive. Until we can get a TV package which shows games more evenly throughout the league as you get with EPL you will never close this gap and it will continue to grow, SKY is terrible for our game as all the want to show are the cheeks, we need a broadcaster who will allow an armchair fan from Motherwell to be able to watch Motherwell and not just when they play the cheeks. SPFL TV is the obvious answer as we could dictate what games are shown and what our league structure is but I don't see it happening. I know the bigger teams are always on TV more than the rest in any league but in Scotland it is ridiculously skewed in favour of two teams.