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  1. I take it EF don't have any televised coverage of the game? Don't know many of the players except Kevin Smith, no doubt EF will be up for this so first goal will be crutial. Hopefully we have enough about us to bring the 3 point home. Going 2-1 Rovers with Vaughn and Robertson, Kevin Smith to score for EF after a Davo howler since former player always score.
  2. Good result if not a great game to watch. Free kick was brilliant and would have beaten any keeper. Forfar were well organised and I thought Millar had a great game, seemed to be everywhere for them. Mensing and the big French lad were really solid and had everything in the air covered. Shout out to the referee who I thought had a good game and got most things spot on and played some good advantages as well as not going card crazy so credit where it is due (I'm the first to criticise them) and Red card was defiantly correct tried to hook the ball missed and took the man. After 11 V 10 Forfar obviously tried to play for the draw with a rare counter every now and again. Thought they did it well and frustrated our lads. We played it right and kept moving the ball looking for space rather than just chucking it in for their defence to mop up. Forfar keeper made some good stops too but eventually we found the space and got the goal after which things opened up. Forfar will be disapointed not to have gone home with a point after holding out so long but we probably deserved the win in the end.
  3. We really are a negative bunch
  4. A right wing hate group with links to hooliganism and the EDL, I'd be fucking disgusted if my teams fans signed up to this racist group. What an utter embarrassment of a fans group the Vanguard Bears are. They'll no doubt without irony try to claim they're against all forms of extremism not just Islamic while having just spent 90 minutes abusing Lennon for being Irish catholic only last week.
  5. Not a cup game but 18 Dec 15 Morton 1 - 2 Rovers there was less than 20 there, was right before Christmas and on BBC Alba and the bridge was shut, pretty sure no buses ran through. 2-1 win at Ibrokes was also quite a small crowd as a lot boycotted the game after the scumbags stole Fifes Finests flag at the previous league meeting.
  6. A glamour tie for Raith, the only question is will the North stand be big enough to hold the huge fan base of Ross County Colts or do we open the railway stand too. With the sell out crowd expected from this game along with the lucrative sale of the TV rights after the international bidding frenzy a return to the top flight and European football can't be far off.
  7. Ok so team Vs Brora GK Training Cone 1 DF Training Cone 2 McKay Davo Training Cone 3 MF Berry Thorsen Mathews Training Cone 4 FW Osei Court
  8. One game only special
  9. So he's cool with corrupt referees as long as it's in his teams favour, got to be a piss take
  10. Does the comedy never stop at Ibrokes, talk about desperate, anyone with half a brain knows unlike WW1 the WW2 league Rangers won was the Southern league a regional league which ran parallel to the North Eastern League , so you can't declare yourself National champions if you didn't win the National league even if Rangers got the titles recognized they would still only hold 54 National league titles. You might as well start adding Glasgow leagues and Masters titles
  11. I'm sure Eric worked very hard for his time at the club and had great intentions but I doubt many will shed a tear at his departure. His handling last year was terrible, appointing a known dud in Gary Locke and hailing him the messiah then giving him a two year contract despite him never managing a year at previous clubs. Letting Bates go to Rangers for free so not to stand in his way. Giving Vaughan to a rival that ultimately relegated us. Letting Gary Locke sign his pals as a retirement plan and his criticism of his paying customers which I think shows in his thanking everyone except the supporters. No grudges and I wish him the best but time for a change. I'm sue he is more than welcome to join the rest of us in supporting and criticising the board and team.
  12. Sorry guys that wasn't me my Dug wrote that last comment [emoji23]
  13. What the actual f**k [emoji23] Comedy gold 🥇
  14. Why would they pay? I'm sure Sevco have told them we just give our players away as, "it would have been wrong of us to stand in his way"