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  1. Any info on when the new Rovers shirts are going on sale? Sorry if this has already been answered not looked on here recently.
  2. No more beer for you.
  3. Probably the beer but I'm going to give you a Charles Green for that one.
  4. Yes he is and I know the fans don't blame the lad so could be interesting.
  5. He should feel no shame it was the BOD not him that are to blame.
  6. Utterly gutted but well done to Brechin. I hope you enjoy your win and good luck in the final.
  7. Good luck to Cowdenbeath, nothing against East Kilbride as if they come up I'd be interested to see how they can grow. Cowdenbeath fans have always been a decent bunch whenever I have met them and despite a small fan base have certainly punched above their weight in recent years. Good luck Blue Brazil a 3rd relegation would be harsh.
  8. No referees are human (mostly) and get things wrong it's more a case for technology in football (video ref) I've seen things at the football I was convinced of then watched the highlights to discover I was 100% wrong. For me the Brechin penalty he kicks his own heal and should not have been a penalty but neither was our call for the hand ball. Yes it hits his hand but the law is deliberate handball, but this like last week wasn't deliberate. Don't like all the unnatural arm position rubbish you hear, the law of the game is clear it has to be deliberate and I don't think that was. These tend to be 50/50 depending on the referee. As for the game Brechin worked hard and kept things tight denying us space well, thought they tired towards the end though and we could have nicked it but a draw was about fair. Saturday I would fancy us to use the larger pitch to exploit Brechin but the first goal will be crucial. If Brechin grab it they will park the bus and we will struggle to break them down. If Rovers get it I would expect us to be able to open them up and punish them. All to play for come Saturday.
  9. Well thanks for the link and a huge thanks to Hank Scorpio for letting me watch it from the USA it was very much appreciated.
  10. No sure if it was you who filmed it or no but a massive thanks for sharing the link.
  11. Strange given we have relegated / beaten them to promotion in the past I would think we would be the last team they want down with them.
  12. Brechin got any kind of live TV or Radio covering the game?
  13. Total joke letting the premiership teams field overage players, the whole point of the challenge cup is to let lower division teams win a cup so the fans can have a wee day out at a cup final. Top division sides shouldn't even be in the cup. No doubt more and more over age players will get in until they get what they want another Old Firm final. Not keen on the Irish and Welsh teams being in but I guess it gives lower division teams a wee European adventure and they are hardly world beaters we are letting in.
  14. Fair enough if you increase all serious offenses not just this one but I think 20 still sounds a bit high. I dislike the whole keepers leading with the knee thing and would ban it totally as you say it is dangerous in any situation. Last Scotland game saw the thumb injured with a keeper using his knee for protection which would be a foul by any other player. If you change the ban length for reckless play and assaults I would also like to see harsh punishments for abusing the referee, while the fans might give him stick as fans do the players should respect the man one of the things I would take for the egg chasers is the way referees are treated.
  15. Yes it's called dangerous play which he was sent off for as per the laws of the game, where does a 10-20 match suspension come from for something you just stated wasn't deliberate. Does he deserve a red yes, does he deserve a suspension yes, does he deserve a 10-20 match ban of course he doesn't. As I said before you wouldn't get that for a head butt or a punch which are criminal assault so why would he get such a ridiculous length of ban for this. I agree he shouldn't lead with his knee which keepers get away with all the time but 10-20 matches does not fit the offence.