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    No offense but then the title of this thread is a pretty misleading. “SAVE COWDENBEATH FOOTBALL CLUB” on a multi club forum to other fans sounds like you’re on the verge of bankruptcy. Now if that were the case as has happened with many clubs, opposition fans would no doubt happily throw in a few £s as they don’t want to see you lose your club. The reality is cash is tight (like most clubs) and you want to remain competitive, no fan of any other team is going to want to help you be more competitive as it might be to their detriment

    I know it’s not the current aim of this but out of interest how much would it cost to buy back Central Park? Or build a new ground to meet Licensing requirements?
  3. Bonnyrigg Rose should they stay or should they go...

    I agree with what you’re saying but the silence from the SFA is deafening and the SJFA seem to just come up with ridiculous plans that involve the Juniors staying separate but bolting on the side of the Lowland league / EoS and SoS without integrating but getting in the big cup. The longer this goes on the more Kelty’s or Dalkeith’s we’ll see. I’m not sure what the solution is while the SFA and SJFA do nothing as usual out-with a mass application from several big clubs at once to the EoS. I hope it gets worked out but like you I have no faith in our governing bodies and fear it will continue as is in the East.
  4. Bonnyrigg Rose should they stay or should they go...

    Be interesting to see the outcome of your meeting. Any Bonnyrigg fans know what the feeling is within the club and support, Stay/Go? Obviously it’s your club and a huge decision that isn’t without risk. In my opinion as I’ve stated I think the pyramid is inevitable and clubs that stay Junior risk being jumped by smaller teams like Dalkeith/Edinburgh Utd as the SFA/SJFA sit on their hands particularly in the East. The EoS league is definitely a poorer standard but I think clubs like yours need to look at what it will be in 3 years time. It’s likely to end up being made up of the clubs from the the top two East Junior divisions and the lowland league being the best of the East / West Juniors with a few of the better current senior non league teams. I’m genuinely curious to see if any of the Junior big fish can step up and improver our leagues. I hope to see a full pyramid in the near future with ALL Saturday teams under one system, we all love the same game no need for Senior/Junior/Amature tags.

    I’m curious but it was stated earlier that CFC has no debt which is a good thing but you’re struggling to keep the club running. Now I presume your main out goings are rent of the stadium as you no longer own it, is this particularly high? and the player budget, can you reduce it at all? Which is it that’s crippling the club? Or is it another factor? As others have mentioned what’s the plan after you raise the money? Can you reduce the player budget or come up with a better rent deal or an alternative to Central Park? I certainly don’t want to see you go out of business but surely after you raise the money if you don’t change something you’ll be back here at square one in a few months. I’m sure lots of fans from other clubs will chuck in a few pounds but there needs to be an end plan or it’s just your hardcore fans throwing money down a hole.
  6. Still Game & Best Bits

    Possibly but Pete was only in 13 episodes over a 5 year period, Mick has already been in 11. Should definitely be a background character but like Shug and Peggy doesn’t need to appear every episode. Perhaps he will fade over time.
  7. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    That’s an interesting development, an Ayrshire team discussing it and specifically saying an EoS West Division. Other than Clydebank and Stirling University I don’t see who else would be in the West Division. Guess if they get the numbers applying it would start as EoS West Division and once established become a WoS league in its own right.
  8. Still Game & Best Bits

    Good episode with some laugh out loud moments. What is with shoehorning Mick into every episode, Pete only appeared occasionally. Not a fan of the character but it would be fine if he appeared every now and then instead of every episode.
  9. Junior football, what is the future?

    Can’t blame Bonnyrigg for looking at the possibility of moving, while they are very proud members of the East Juniors they are left with the possibility of being left behind. To me the pyramid is inevitable (look at England) as the trickle in the East has now started with Kelty, Dalkeith, Bo’ness (stated they will be joining the EoSL) who’ll blink next is anyone’s guess. Bonnyrigg could sit on their hands and refuse to leave the Juniors but there is the possibility that if they do this teams below them will jump them as Dalkeith are about to and fill the EoSL league and form extra divisions. With every team that crosses over the East Juniors will weaken and in 5 years time they could face the prospect of staying in a very weak league or joining at Tier 7 or even 8 having to battle past teams they were ahead of while looking at other teams they were ahead of who could be as high as Tier 4 or 5 if things go well. I think we all know the SFA and SJFA should have sorted a proper pyramid merger but the SFA seem fairly uninterested and the SJFA just wants to stick its fingers in its ears and hope this goes away. Bonnyrigg are right to look at what the future holds and where they want to be in 5 years+
  10. Still Game & Best Bits

    So close to getting through a whole episode without Methadone Mick. Steady enough episode.
  11. Ayr vs Raith

    How’s the weather looking for this?
  12. Ayr vs Raith

    I think he’ll probably go with the full eleven players. A 9 man team would be a bold move.
  13. Raith Rovers v Airdrie

    Might be less embarrassing if they didn’t have it upside down.
  14. Raith Rovers v Airdrie

    Thank **** for that. Made hard work of it and Airdrie have every right to feel they could have got something out of that. Poor first half by us while Airdrie played well better second half and delighted to take 3 points. Benedictus looked off the pace but I guess that’s to be expected first game back. Harsh deflection for our first. Special shout out to the Ref for our offside then he let Airdrie take the free kick from in our half [emoji23]. Thought O’Neil of Airdrie had a great game and Willis for us. Happy with the result.
  15. Raith Rovers v Airdrie

    Benedictus starting, great news.