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  1. St Johnstone FC Thread

    Are you meaning PP?
  2. Trivia

  3. Trivia

    Head butting Jock McStay,I met him in Majorca after it, and he said he pointed to Sean Dennis when anyone asked if he was McStay
  4. Trivia

    Dalgleish is wrong but Dalglish is right
  5. St Johnstone FC Thread

    Accies winning player and manager of the month,be as well giving us the points now
  6. If its a last minute winner I might not go!
  7. Decent team RG,I’d have Gordon for Ando and Muzz for Paton,mostly for his height at set pieces,not expecting Tommy to agree with either of us
  8. Touchy!! Bad memories? Put you off custard slices like the guy from my work?
  9. It’s not their feet that their Fathers tapped
  10. With baited breath, could you go a chicken supper?
  11. Are you saying your Father wasn’t close to you then? I await your conment with anticipation
  12. But not as close as you were to your Father, or mammy for that matter,
  13. Let's All Laugh At Celtic Thread

    The magnificent 7,without Henrik
  14. Hibs vs St Johnstone Nov 18th

    Met the bold Mr B in a pub after his release,said the copper taking him to station let him know Hibs had scored,then swore when we won it!