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  1. Obstruction would be if the defender put himself between the attacker and the ball and the ball was not within playing distance. As the ball was within playing distance, it wasn't obstruction. Whether it was a foul or not may be open to question, but it wasn't obstruction.
  2. What is it with our goalkeepers that makes them dive along a shot instead of across it?
  3. I don't think playing an extra donkey at the back is necessarily a solution.
  4. I think there are 2 reasons for the relatively low crowds that season. One was the Rangers vote which led to some giving up. The other is that a lot of "floaters" are only attracted by success. When we won the league in 02, it was seen as success because we had been in the Second Division for 13 years. Whereas when we won it in 2013, we were just going back to the league we had been in for 10 years and had only been out of for a season. We did have 4,000 travel to Livingston for the Diddy Cup final, which wasn't a bad turnout. In recent years, I think the worst crowd was the one of less than 2,000 that showed up for the first play-off game v Falkirk. It was about the same number of home fans who had attended the last home game v Livi and, coincidentally, was the almost the exact same crowd as there was for the recent home game v Falkirk - 1,996 in 2014 and 1,995 the other week.
  5. Agree with this. Could even try Murray on the right or up front if Hilson isn't fit enough to start. Can't see it happening, though, because it isn't the "modern" way. Plus he is going to look a bit of a tool to the BOD having pushed the boat out to sign Rankin on an 18 month contract then not playing him.
  6. Maybe this summer they will make some better signings.
  7. Maybe they need to re-think the bonus system.
  8. No, you're right enough, it is only 2. For some reason I thought Dundee U scored first in August at Tannadice. Then I think I counted it again as us scoring first.
  9. I think psychologically it isn't great for players to hear that they are 100% responsible for everything that goes wrong. This time the assistant manager was sent out to blame them, with Naysign of the manager.
  10. Only if Raith score it. We've drawn 3 and lost 1 after scoring first. I think we have scored first 13 times, so there is a 69% chance we will win when scoring first, 23% chance of a draw and 8% chance of defeat. Think we have also lost the first goal 13 times and have lost 11 and drawn 2. So 0% chance of winning, 15% chance of a draw and 85% chance of losing. Edited cos I can't count.
  11. Just want to pick up on this point. If you stop the video just after Mallan wins the header and has taken a couple of steps, he is no more than 4 or 5 yards ahead of 2 Queens players. He then jogs a good part of the way towards the box. Watching it again, I actually think there was a good chance he could have been caught.
  12. I really don't think I have seen any other team have all their defending players in one area with nobody at all on the other side of the pitch. I can understand people saying the other midfielders probably wouldn't have caught Mallan the way it panned out, but even if the cross had been blocked, he would still have been in acres of space because nobody bothered their arse attempting to get back. Is that what players are supposed to do - think to themselves "I won't catch him, so I'll just wait here because it will save me a walk when we kick off after the goal"? St.Mirren's defending was poor in the first game at Palmerston right enough. I still don't think I've seen anything as bad as that, even from us. And we've been terrible at the back all season. It might just be me, though. Others seem to think it wasn't that bad.
  13. Two players not defending poorly means 8 were defending poorly . If you can watch that unfold and not think it is shambolic, then you will never see anything shambolic. I have yet to see any team we have played defend like that.
  14. Yep, complete and utter shambles. Yet again. And I was being nice describing it as primary school level. It wasn't even that good.
  15. Yet another defensive shambles. At the first goal, when the ball is played across, we have 6 players back (not including the keeper). You could throw a coat over 5 of them and all 6 are on our right hand side of the pitch. It looks like a primary school game. What do they do all week? Practise seeing how ridiculous the next goal they give away can be?