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  1. Brazil v Switzerland

    If only the Swiss had a finishing school.
  2. No doubt a good number will be a “why?”
  3. Punditwatch 2018

    Why do the BBC studio pundits have to be in Russia? They’re watching it on tv same as us. BBC seem to always be good to themselves with our money.
  4. Egypt v Uruguay

    It was a free-kick. Have seen teams have players on the post for corners, but not free-kicks from a similar position. Not sure why. Not sure if Egypt had them on the posts from corners either, though. Eta they had somebody on front post for the corner where Suarez missed, but nobody on front post for the free-kick when Uruguay scored.
  5. Tuesday 26 June for Irn Bru draw.
  6. Would be better if the fans did something different from normal, though.
  7. First league game is Morton away followed by Dundee U at home. https://spfl.co.uk/championship/fixtures/
  8. Only quoting the relevant part of your post as the rest of it is fair enough. Although you didn’t comment on my posts, you also didn’t just make your point to pammy cammy. You referred to “the way people go on”. As pammy cammy and I were the only ones “going on” about online sponsorship (and I had instigated it) following the post by the Dunfermline fan, I think it was fairly reasonable to conclude that your comment was intended to include me. Certainly looked like a comment applying to more than just pammy cammy. Not a big deal. But maybe take better aim next time.
  9. What are you on about now? There is no apparent sponsorship of the after match interviews. There is no sponsorship of the live updates. I questioned why they weren’t included as an option in the sponsorship booklet. Mr X indicated that we didn’t even have anybody trying to sell online advertising. So people were making suggestions on points that they thought had been overlooked because they are not currently done and Mr X had indicated were not attempted to be done. Turned out that Mr X was mistaken. But, in the period between that being admitted and the topic originating, the discussion wasn’t nonsense. And at no point did I suggest that there was an amateurish failure by anybody. I’m not sure why you and SD are getting so agitated when all I was doing was trying to make helpful suggestions for the reasons set out in the second paragraph above. Just because a suggestion is made doesn’t mean you think everybody involved is useless.
  10. Perhaps the impression that not much was being done in relation to online advertising came from Mr X saying we don’t have anyone doing that. And if somebody is actually trying to sell those additional online things, that is great. However, my original point was that they aren’t included in the sponsorship booklet, therefore I thought it either wasn’t being done or a sponsor for next season had already been lined up. I don’t think I was suggesting it was easy to get sponsors.
  11. As far as I can see, their logo appears on the thumbnail before playing the video and it isn’t otherwise present. Would it not be possible to generate more from a short advert before the highlights start, for example? Also, the highlights don’t appear every week, whereas the after match interviews do. Could those not be sponsored as well? I appreciate that if a business has been a long term sponsor, the club might not want to upset that relationship, so I guess it would depend on how much more could be earned by getting a different, or additional, sponsor.
  12. Apologies. I thought you had a serious point to make.
  13. So, let’s say we have a logo in the corner of a goal update. Or a short advert before the interviews. What cost would those carry?
  14. No, but maximising revenue is usually seen as a good thing.
  15. You wouldn’t need anybody extra going out and selling it if it was included on the sponsorship booklet. That would at least be a start. Also notice that the leaflet doesn’t include sponsorship opportunities in relation to QOSTV, like sponsoring the highlights package. Or, if that isn’t possible because they aren’t produced regularly, then sponsoring the after match interviews could be. Of course, maybe there is somebody already lined up for this. Also might be an idea to publicise the sponsorship booklet with a link on a news item on the OS when it comes out. Maybe that was done, though. http://www.qosfc.com/docs/QOS Sponsor Booklet 2018-19.pdf