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  1. Played and scored against Airdrie.
  2. This. Seen pessimism like this from other fans many times ahead of us losing. Our set price menu is pretty good, right enough.
  3. Hope Naysmith lets the horses run freely.
  4. Yeah, that one. If I didn't see it right then Stirling made an arse of it. Overall, it looked like the easiest chance of the lot.
  5. Pretty much this but thought Lyle made a bit of a mess of the easiest chance of the lot. First half performance was good. Thought sitting back in the second half wasn't the best plan, but we still managed to create more chances than we had done in the first half. Welcome 3 points but taking even one of the second half chances would have made the last few minutes a bit less fraught.
  6. St.Mirren away on Alba https://spfl.co.uk/news/article/st-mirren-v-qos-live-on-bbc-alba/
  7. I have no recollection of Butter before or after he joined us. Just couldn't resist.
  8. Indeed. When starting a list of players who were excellent before coming to us and were then shite, I can't believe it's not Butter who springs instantly to mind.
  9. Don't think the Real Madrid comment was about that game. Think it was the last game of the previous season when we lost at home to Dundee. Eta http://www.qosarchive.co.uk/06apr.htm "Match reaction 29 April".
  10. It is about average for midweek cup games in the early stages of this and the League Cup. Got 1,036 v Airdrie last season in the Betfred midweek and 1,055 v East Kilbride this season.
  11. Good to get through. Think that was our 9th consecutive home game in this competition since we played Airdrie 4 years ago. Eta going for la decima in Thursday's draw.
  12. Ryan scores for Dunfermline. Twice.
  13. Fordyce RB according to OS updates.
  14. Only fair as the tripe you post makes everybody else sick.
  15. You're not one of those who pretended to support Raith in 2014 then pretended to support Queens 2 years later, then rant about the manager because he binned your pal? Tut, tut.