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  1. Queens v Pars

    Our last (and only) home win this season against a full-time side came against Falkirk before the clocks changed. I think we have only won four home games against full-time sides in Naysmith’s entire reign as Queens boss.
  2. Queens v Morton

    It was good, but Alan Martin would have saved it with a scorpion kick.
  3. If true, you have to ask why that is. I am quite puzzled by the concept that when the club was making profits it meant the board were doing a great job. And when the club is making losses, it is the fans’ fault.
  4. It is the equivalent of 425 adult tickets per home league game.
  5. It is you who is making a leap - backwards. This discussion isn’t about an U20 team somehow beating a league team. It arose from your comment which was along the lines of “if U20 teams get through a few rounds then so much the better.” So your original stance was that Premiership U20 clubs progressing through the rounds at the expense of lower league clubs is a good thing. Now it has become an odd U20 team winning the odd game wouldn’t be a bad thing. And they’re not very good anyway, so it isn’t going to happen. So at what point would it, in your view, become a bad thing, if ever? Would it be ok if the entire last 8 was made up of U20 Premiership clubs? Would it be ok if the final was between Celtic and Rangers U20s? Every year? However, if you can’t see the difference between Rangers benefitting at the expense of a lower league club and Brora Rangers benefitting, then no amount of explaining is going to change your mind on this.
  6. You don’t think there is any difference between Albion Rovers knocking us out the Scottish Cup to deny us a game v Celtic, and Celtic U20s knocking Albion Rovers out of the Challenge Cup to deny them prize money and the possibility of a final? Really? “Shocks” can happen in cups, but the beneficiaries of those shocks are generally small clubs, not huge ones. And, it is entirely possible that colt clubs will be allowed to field overage players, thereby increasing the possibility of a “shock”. Although you are not here to defend your view on colt teams in the Challenge Cup, the distinction you are making with the league situation throws up points that make your distinction less valid.
  7. If a colt team beats a lower division team, at best they are denying that club prize money. At worst, they are denying them the possibility of winning it and allowing another club the momentum you believe we got from our first final. So, either the colt teams are weak and always lose in the first round (which is a waste of time for everybody). Or they are decent to strong, which means prize money is taken from smaller clubs and re-allocated to bigger ones, plus a small club is denied the opportunity to play in the later rounds, including the final.
  8. Any United fans prepared to travel on a Tuesday night probably already travelled to the first game. So it isn’t really the same as charging £5 for a normal league game. They will have paid £16 first time round plus whatever it cost to get there. It is effectively costing them £21 to see the game, plus 2 sets of travelling expenses. I understand the reasons for charging £5 and it isn’t unreasonable. But I don’t think this game could be used to test the theory about how price affects attendance as there will be some (especially away fans) who will factor in the cost of the first game as well as this one when deciding whether to go. If that wasn’t the case, the club could have charged full price for this one without affecting the attendance.
  9. Dundee U game Tues 13 March 7.45 ko £5 entry, under 16s free. http://www.qosfc.com/news-3916 http://www.qosfc.com/news-3917
  10. Queens v Morton

    Quite an important game as it represents another step on our journey towards the play-offs next season.
  11. League Leaders V QOS

    He divides opinion in that some think he isn’t very good and others think he is terrible.
  12. League Leaders V QOS

    Bell has also managed to score a goal in the equivalent of about half a game. The other midfielders have managed 2 between them all season, the last one on 9 September, more than 20 games ago.
  13. League Leaders V QOS

    He sticks to his line like glue as it is.
  14. League Leaders V QOS

    Leighfield on now.