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  1. Think it would need you to lose 5-0 while Raith win 5-0 and St.Mirren draw.
  2. Wouldn't be a surprise if he was told not to do it and did it anyway. He doesn't seem to be somebody who is keen to obey instructions. Dobbie scoring and us finishing 5th were not mutually exclusive. It was possible to hope for both. But you were more interested in Dumbarton staying up than us finishing 5th. That is the point, not whether you won your bet or not.
  3. Indeed. Robinson, Brownlie, Higgins, Dowie, Hamill and Mercer should all be binned.
  4. Could be, but don't really see anybody else doing it. Certainly not in the first half of games. Eta he can GTF as far as I'm concerned. Clown.
  5. Atkinson must know he has to find another club. If he can't get a game after Robinson's recent performances culminating in that embarrassment last week, he never will.
  6. This chat demonstrates why we need a fan rep.
  7. I was thinking that too. But not sure how that would work for tax relief purposes. I think the full £400 would be tax deductible just now because it is sponsorship. Whereas if you have a different price for sponsorship with and without a ticket, the ticket part might not be allowable. At the moment, business people will effectively get a season ticket and an entry to the draw for £320 or even £240. If the ticket is identified separately, I think the cost would go up by about £50 and £100 respectively. I may well be talking shite. If so, the 2 different prices could be the way forward.
  8. Apologies for interrupting the shirt chat, but just want to pick up on this point. I think you might have misunderstood what I was saying. I wasn't suggesting the club should set its budget based on spending money it does not have. I was talking about signing players immediately before the play-offs when it is not clear which division we will be in. If we won promotion, we would need better players. But we would also have far higher income due to increased attendances and prize money and would therefore be able to afford some better players. So, if you start signing players for the following season who are clearly well below Premiership standard, it sends out a message. The point is the club appears to be signing Championship jobbers for the following season before it is known what division it will be playing in. Of course whether the "dafties", as you put it, think this way is perhaps open to question. All I am saying is that the club should try to avoid reinforcing negative views, however ridiculous they might seem to the small minority of the population who actually regularly go to games. I don't think this translates into having a go at the board. As for the shirt draw, imo we should reduce the cost of the entries, but stop giving away season tickets. At the moment, the club is making £144 (ignoring VAT) per entry. So, they could reduce the cost to, say, £250 and make an extra £100 per entry. Of course, most maybe only apply for it because they get a season ticket. If that is the case, then the cost of entry should be increased, imo. Eta I see Rankin is in the news http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39742718
  9. It can be as mindless as you like, but if it is widely held, it will affect attendances. And it doesn't help when it is reinforced by things like a senior player saying in an interview immediately before the first leg of a play-off match that the aim for the following season would be to reach the play-offs again. And, again, immediately before the play-offs, the club signing players who are clearly not Premiership standard. And giving 2 year contracts before the season starts, or part way through, to players who are barely Championship standard. Even before Rangers and Hibs were in the play-offs, fewer than 2,000 fans showed up for the first leg of the quarter final v Falkirk. Indeed the home part of the crowd was about the same as it had been for the last league game v Livingston. This demonstrates to me that there was no belief amongst the public that we were making a genuine attempt to go up. And that would be reinforced by the way the second leg panned out. There may well be a long term plan to gain promotion, but nobody seriously believes that it will happen in the short term. In the meantime, the non-diehards are not going to show up for run of the mill league games against Dumbarton or whoever. They will appear when promotion looks like a realistic possibility. This might seem "mindless" to us but, to them, there is little evidence to counter the argument. Signing Dobbie might have been an attempt to redress the balance a little bit. And it may have worked for a short time. But as soon as it became obvious that the defence and goalkeeper were no better than League 1 standard, coupled with watching Millar and Pickard plodding about in midfield followed by the Skelton debacle, the air of perpetual diddyness descended once again.
  10. Dobbie was one of our last signings - after the League Cup group games, just before the first League game. It is possible that the others were signed with him in mind, but I'm not sure how long the Dobbie signing was in the pipeline. Our signings were a bit weird in the summer with some players being recruited before the manager was appointed. Dykes was apparently on a promise to be re-signed after previously playing for the under 20s but Skelton would never have seen him playing. I think I read that he is related to a director, but I might be making that up. So, his signing may well have been misjudged, but it was unlikely to have anything to do with Dobbie coming in.
  11. You can't really kid them along when certain players have aleady been offered contracts for next season. A player will pretty much know that if they haven't been offered anything, while others have, they are gone. I suppose he could say he will speak to them in the summer once he has assessed what he needs. But I think the ones leaving will either know about it by now or will have guessed. Agree with your point about next season. It is possible that he has told one, or more, of them that they might be better trying to find other clubs because they will be bench warmers next season. At least, that is what I'm hoping. I don't really think performances have been affected all that much by whether or not players are leaving or whatever. We have been pretty shit all season, with decent performances being the exception rather than the rule, especially in defence.
  12. Good stuff. Can't see many of our fans travelling. Maybe with it being the last away game of the season there will be a few more than if it wasn't. Probably would make sense to open the north stand to home fans.
  13. The fairweathers didn't really show up for the play-off quarter final in 2014 when there were less than 3,400 home fans. I appreciate that season tickets wouldn't have been valid for that, but getting a higher crowd for an easy, run of the mill league victory is pretty good.