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  1. I'll note quote SD's one but St.Johnstone should come in just before Cowdenbeath and Stranraer just above Annan. Just looks like those 2 where the date is right but not the order.
  2. http://spfl.co.uk/championship/fixtures/
  3. Brechin at home in first league game. Dundee U away next. Big Ne'er day derby v Dumbarton. http://spfl.co.uk/championship/fixtures/
  4. Smith might have improved in his time at Annan. You are basing your assessment of him on evidence from at least a year ago. Different kind of situation, but Dobbie improved in his time at Dumbarton. I'm fairly sure St.Johnstone got rid of him due to his goalscoring not compensating for his lack of workrate at that time. And Smith is younger than Dobbie was then. The only fans who are really properly able to asses Smith at the moment are Annan supporters.
  5. You said this before. The difference being that the first quote above is from the Raith Rovers thread in 2014 And the "us" you were referring to was Rovers after they binned Robinson.
  6. I got one of those when he binned Millar.
  7. Who will he support claim to support now?
  8. Yes and you also said that it became pretty much ineffective when Skelton did it. So, the implication was that a competent manager wouldn't continue to employ it as much when it wasn't working. My reference to much, much longer was in terms of the league games they each had. I think Naysmith was in charge for almost twice as many as Skelton. In any event, if it wasn't much, much longer, maybe it just seemed like it.
  9. So, both of these posts are saying Naysmith carried on the tactic but didn't start it? They're not suggesting he didn't adopt it at all? Really? Indeed. And it was just as ineffective during the period Naysmith employed it, which was much, much longer.
  10. Absolutely laughable to suggest Naysmith didn't continue with the keeper lumping the ball up the park tactic. Virtually every goal kick, pass back and any other time the keeper got the ball it was launched. We very, very rarely played it out from the back. I actually expected the tactic to change when Naysmith came in, but it didn't. It could have been because he didn't trust Dowie, Higgins and Brownlie to have the ball for any length of time. Which is fair enough given the number of mistakes they were making and the speed they could run. So, it may change now. But it definitely didn't last season.
  11. You made the mistake of missing out "bumpkins".
  12. Worry not. We still have Hilson and Rigg's wages to play with.
  13. Dykes appears quite excited by the design.