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  1. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    You can take it out on Brechin in the Scottish.
  2. I'm A Celebrity 2017

    She might be taking holidays.
  3. Evil Neighbours Thread

    Well, you would say that,
  4. Flat Earth theory

    I didn't know it was still going.
  5. The Worst Posters in P&B History (2017 Edition)

    Your consistency is an example to us all.
  6. Infuriating Things Your Partner Does

    I had an idea she might be. I bet she wishes she was deaf as well rather than listening him and his stupid dug.
  7. The Worst Posters in P&B History (2017 Edition)

    I didn't contribute as I am completely mean spirited and not in the habit of giving money to strangers on the internet. I was glad when this stance was justified, although I don't remember any continuous attaching conditions when they flung money at him.
  8. Women? I think you still can, but any I've seen haven't been very good.
  9. Bullshit Sayings

    Judge, Jury and Executioner. Is usually used in a negative context, but you can't argue against the economic benefits.
  10. I'm A Celebrity 2017

  11. Quick Question Thread

    Shandon Par, Estate Agent C.U.N.T
  12. What kind of toys do you like?
  13. Scottish Juniors BOOK - I need your help!

    He'll never keep up with all the parks Bellshill played at. On the other hand, he could live to a hundred and not get one of Rob Roy's new place.
  14. Stucking stuff...

    I'm scruffy, but unironed clothes go beyond that. You are unkempt.
  15. Cheerio Charlie Manson

    I think what he does inside is part of the problem.