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  1. Oh, and does anyone fancy confirming that we don't need a right back?!
  2. Reilly won't do. Not at all. If Jack makes the mistake of losing Sutton then he better have someone else in mind. The performance today was horrendous in every position.
  3. Yeah, agreed. His comments about young Connor O'Keefe were in a similar vein that he wants to see the young lad having a bit of belief. I can certainly see this being similar to Lewis Morgans first season where O'Keefe is introduced sporadically.
  4. I reckon the arrival of Davis will see Whyte go out on loan. Not sure he's impressed at full back in pre-season which is no real surprise given that he is primarily a holding midfield player who can shift to centre half.
  5. To be honest, I reckon the full back is on top of the Forward (who remains a priority) and Davis. We're definitely caught short if there is another injury to either Irvine or Stelios so this makes a bit of sense.
  6. Hearts right back Liam Smith being linked as coming in on loan. Don't know a whole lot about the lad but I know that full back cover is an issue with Eckersley being injured. Smith being a RB, Eckersley being a LB and Stelios and Irvine being somewhat changeable in terms of side they play would make a lot more sense than the setup we have just now.
  7. Apparently we're trying to get Liam Smith in on loan. We don't have a lot of cover in the full back positions at present. What's he like?
  8. The thought of Carswell and Hutton in midfield together gives me the boak. My two least favourite St. Mirren players in many, many years. Carswell, as devoid of talent he is, is about 100x the player Kyle Hutton could ever hope to be.
  9. Never been a lover of Linkin Park but 'Faint' was a phenomenal song.
  10. His career with us has certainly started on shaky footing but everyone is allowed a bad game. More concerning was that the boy playing number 10 Livingston was giving away a good foot to him yet he bullied Buchanan mercilessly both on the ground and in the air and made him look physically weak. If fact he terrorised him to the point where he had a relatively simple choice to pass it back to the goalie with the livi lad about 6 yards and closing down but not applying real pressure and he completely panicked and launched it away for a shy. As I said, everyone has a poor game and that's allowed. I don't like seeing 6ft4 centre halves bullied by guys smaller and lighter. That concerns me.
  11. Yeah. From that evidence last night and from what I've seen so far, Buchanan is nowhere near as good as Baird and will likely be 4th choice when everyone is fit and ready.
  12. Pished breeks season over on B&W army. We were shite tonight but FFS. Some are comparing that to the absolute worst of Rae which is ridiculous chat.
  13. One good save from Alexander from a Stewart dig and another that Reilly should have left for Stewart. Two or three great testing balls from Morgan with no one getting onto them and a header fired over from about 6 yards out. We need an end product but we're creating plenty. As was evidenced when Hopkin decided the injured Carrick shouldn't be replaced like for like and added a defender in his place.
  14. Really? Aside from the first 10 Livingston have barely been in our box.
  15. No, no, no. You're not playing the game. You're not allowed to say you have one of the best players in the league unless they play for Falkirk. You must know the rules by now!