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  1. Flat Earth theory

    Aspartame is a carcinogenic substance if ingested in high enough quantities for a long enough period. The kicker though - and this is the one that the 'diet soda gives you cancer' brigade always fail to mention - is that you'd have to be taking Aspartame in quantities similar to Tony Montana with his big table of charlie for it increase your cancer risk. A can of diet coke a day will not put you at risk. Christ, 2 x 3litre bottles a day won't even increase the risk of cancer (though will likely lead to several other health issues).
  2. Stucking stuff...

    Just think how much vacuuming you'd have gotten done if you'd cycled home.
  3. See that we've now officially launched a women's team today and are starting in the lowest tier of women's football. A league currently propped up by Pollok Utd ladies who have a goal difference of -156 from 20 league games. They've already lost 16-1, 22-0 and 24-1 this season.
  4. On the subject of Loy, I've heard from more than one person that we're likely going to be sniffing about on January. Would be madness on Falkirk's part but then Hartley has a history of papping him to us.
  5. Hartley is in an eerily similar bind to Jack Ross last season. Everyone thought JR would come in and boost the side immediately and whilst he brought a couple of youths in and consigned diddles like Langfield and Webster out pretty sharply, the results got only very slightly better in the short term. It became obvious pretty quickly to most that the issue was not with the new management team but the bulk of the personnel left behind being fucking garbage or completely uninterested. This was in turn dragging the few very decent players at the club down along with them. Falkirk and Hartley are in the same spot now. Get rid of over the hill duds like Kerr and Miller. Ditch hopeless never was types like McKee and Harris and clear the decks in January. Trust me, you might think they'll never leave but someone will be daft enough to take them. And FFS, you have 3 of the better forward players in the league in Hippolyte, Austin and Loy in your squad and don't play them.
  6. We were on 4 points after 14 games. Even Brechin could still end up in a better position than we were after the same amount of games last season.
  7. Think it's bargaining next. Hartley is going to phone Jack Ross today to ask if we'll take Rory Loy off you.
  8. Lothian Thistles number 3 is quite probably the worst footballer I've ever seen. I include 5s players in that.
  9. Gretna - Living (and dying) the Dream

    I remember bouncing about the Bankhouse in Paisley, delighted when Hearts won the cup only to be told that I was a p***k for celebrating the underdog not having their day.
  10. Hearts Stadium Development

    Possibly. Hibs changed the hard camera side to the main stand after theirs was renovated.
  11. Upgraded Consoles

    Agreed. I've not had my PS4 on in about 4 or 5 weeks now. I'm actually thinking of selling/trading for a switch just for something a bit different.
  12. Football Manager 2018

    I wouldn't read too much into it, that Championship is very unpredicatable. I've had two championship season run throughs. First one the playoff teams were Dundee Utd (promoted), QotS, Dunfermline whilst Dumbarton and Brechin got relegated, edging out Falkirk and Inverness. Second season, it was Falkirk, Inverness, Dumbarton in promotion playoffs. Brechin relegated. Morton, Dunfermline and Dundee Utd battling it out for the relegation playoff spot.