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  1. Livvy v League Leaders 17.2.18

    Oh he's definitely that. Creepy b*****d.
  2. Livvy v League Leaders 17.2.18

    Up me f**k all. You made an arse of yourself by claiming the act of thuggery that got Thompson sent off last week would almost certainly be overturned and I was rightly laughing at you for it. That has no impact on the result today.
  3. Livvy v League Leaders 17.2.18

    Not the first time we've been bodied this season. Every time it's happened we've responded with a run of fantastic form. Great opportunity to put another quick six points on the board with Brechin and Falkirk coming to visit before Tannadice.
  4. Livvy v League Leaders 17.2.18

    Livingston have absolutely nullified Morgan in this half but the pull back at 2-1 is as clear a penalty as you'll ever see. Also, the ref playing advantage for us and one pass later the linesman giving offside so the ref gives Livi the free kick instead of pulling it back.
  5. Livvy v League Leaders 17.2.18

    If Hardie showed half the endeavour and drive he has today he wouldn't be quite so disliked by our support to have to shush them.
  6. Livvy v League Leaders 17.2.18

    3-1 down but the game is very open. We're still in this.
  7. Livvy v League Leaders 17.2.18

    Eh? I'm guessing you mean Andy Ryan and not Ryan Hardie. In which case, the Dunfermline thread is thataway!
  8. Livvy v League Leaders 17.2.18

    Unsurprising that this appeal was booted into touch almost as hard as Thompson booted Andy Ryan.
  9. DZ's account of happenings though appears to be a work of total fiction. There's been nothing to suggest anything approaching that timeline of events, nor would I expect anyone to have this info unless they were involved directly in the entire process.
  10. That one or two individuals on our side want to keep this going over specifics is a bit daft. Regardless of ins and outs Jack Ross is staying for now and thats all the matters. Fans of every other club in this league wished him away as they appreciate the fantastic job he is doing and how talented he is. They understandably wanted him gone in the hope it would weaken us and it should be taken as a compliment that for once we're seen as a threat.
  11. Rewriting history

    Carey is probably more based on the first loan spell with us when he was phenomenal. When he joined up full time he was woefully out of shape and just couldn't hit the ground running.
  12. Discussing what might happen if he left is fair game. I don't see the issue in it. Yes, the knickerwetting was embarrassing. I said as much myself yesterday but I don't think there is any harm in talking about how we should have moved forward if he did leave given that it would have been quite understandable if he had.
  13. Guessing you didn't read the official statement that confirmed permission was granted on Tuesday night for Barnsley to speak to him?
  14. Livvy v League Leaders 17.2.18

  15. https://www.stmirren.com/news/club/club-news/1590-club-statement-2