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  1. I'm not sold on the idea but he's got a win record of just under 40% over his career. There are certainly worse records out there. Those stats would suit us just fine.
  2. The Next St Mirren Manager

    Add Paul Lambert - 5/1 3rd Favourite onto that Ladbrokes list. 3/1 Fav in McBookie
  3. Lambert would be interesting if nothing else. Could see it ending in tears, though.
  4. I'll have Ryan Gauld, please.
  5. Hope it has a better title than this embarrassing abortion. Done the job. We were shinier and improved.
  6. Fair enough. I've been whooshed.
  7. Tony Fitzpatrick saying he hopes there is a signing incoming today and definitely one in tomorrow.
  8. It's a bit much calling it Karma given that when Ian Murray was appointed, it was a completely different board.
  9. I'd have been relatively happy with Archibald. I think he's a good manger but with very, very few exceptions the life of a football manager is one where if it's going well, you're universally adored before it inevitably goes sour. Jack Ross going to Sunderland is absolutely the right choice for him at this point. As you can see, our fans are not in any way fickle or reactionary and would have given him the benefit of the doubt even if we were bottom in October.
  10. £25 on Neilson as it wouldn't let me stake £50. Edit - looks like thanks to my £25 he's now 6/4. Edit 2 - some one else must have stuck £25 on him as he is now 5/4
  11. He absolutely deserves the chance. Not sure Sunderland can drop much lower so really, the most likely way is back upwards. Only thing that worries me now is Kyle Magennis being on Sunderland's radar.
  12. Sunderland manager announced today. Jack Ross started day at 10/11 and is now 1/3. Interesting.
  13. Smart move by the club before there's an actual offer from Ipswich. It sort of forces their hand a little as well and I would be shocked if they don't state their position on the back of this. If they don't come up with an offer, Jack pretty much has the choice of either sign or make your intentions clear that you want out at earliest chance. Quite a smart move I'd say.
  14. Ryan Gauld

    Might have done slightly better had the ultras not assaulted and injured their top scorer to the point he was ruled out of the match.