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  1. So long as Raith don't win tomorrow night, A win on Saturday would keep us 2 ahead of Ayr and take us 1 or 2 ahead of Raith. Because both teams play each other in last game of the season, either side could still overtake us but not both.
  2. I posted them over on BAWA yesterday. 10th and 13th May for semis. 17th and 21st May for finals. Championship team gets home advantage second leg in both ties. Final 2nd leg is on a Sunday live on Alba.
  3. Hopefully you save it for the playoffs...
  4. Not even a contest as to who the GOAT is. As Gerry Armstrong says, you keep waiting to say he's peaked, he's hit his best and is now on the downwards.....he never peaks though, never. His entire career has been a peak. There'll never be another like him.
  5. I've got my fiver on Raith @11s. That's a ridiculous price.
  6. Saturday brings forth what will likely be the biggest game of the season for both clubs and our biggest league game in many, many years. This is one that's going to have us edgy all week and provided Hibs can do us a favour by not losing in midweek, we can still ensure that we go into the last game of the season in a strongish position. Yesterday was heartbreaking in terms of the result but encouraging in terms of performance. I'm still confident we can do the business on Saturday and get the three points, though. Raith for their part will be set up wholly dependant on the result of their fixture at Easter Road. If they get a win, they'll rightly dig in for the point they need to ensure survival. If they don't win, they'll hopefully open up and come at us a little. Reality of the situation is that if we win our last two league games, we will probably stay up. Shiteing it already. This week is going to be torture.
  7. The game has to be stopped to allow a linesman to check if the blood has stopped before letting the player back on. The exact same thing happened with Mikkelson in the second half.
  8. That's loser talk. Win the next two then go on holiday against us please.
  9. That's got to be one of the worst refereeing decisions I've seen in a long time to allow two blatant fouls in the build up. One leaving one centre half nursing a burst head and one buckled over following a straight hoof into the midriff. Absolutely carnage in the wake of that goal but all things considered, we've been the better side. A win here is looking more and more vital with an eye elsewhere.
  10. For the record, I fully agree with the sentiment of what Morton have done, it's about time away fans got back into the cowshed and it made it one of my favourite away grounds as a youngster. I just feel the wording of it being 'newly created' a bit funny and a riddy. You wouldn't chuck a drape over your shitey old couch and kid folk on its a newly created couch would you?
  11. In reality, most saw how imbalanced we were and soft as shite in the middle of the park. The Hardie/Shankland signing saga was certainly one or the other, not both. Amazing really when you consider its now by far our strongest area. Clarkson being given a contract was the first warning sign for me to be honest.
  12. The only person predicting 3-0 is Shull and that's because he predicts us to win 3-0 every single week. No one is under any illusion that Saturday is going to be anything but absolutely hellish and a rollercoaster. I was at Tannadice on Xmas eve and we certainly weren't bossed in the 2nd half that day. We were extremely unlucky not to come away with something and several Utd fans stated similar in the pub afterwards. I'd also argue that Ross did have an impact to start with and a big one at that. He needed those several games to weed out the shite in the squad, he gave the same guys a chance to prove they were up to it under a new gaffer and save for three or four, they failed miserably. That they have all moved on and done no better is testament to Jack not keeping shite around for the sake of it. Would I have liked results to have been better? Of course I would but in reality you can only play the hand you're dealt. That he felt Magennis and McAllister were going to add more to the first team was a bold and brilliant move and again, reflects poorly on the 'established pros' at the club at that point rather than the gaffer.
  13. That's a horror show appointment. Nearly as bad as Bomber.
  14. A Bit off the Top it was called. Never frequented it personally but it was shut down rather swiftly and unsurprisingly when it transpired that it was in fact a whorehouse.