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  1. St Mirren vs Queen of the South

    There was one moment of worry from my point of view where a Queens player hit a long range dig early on that Sammy got low and gathered. I couldn't see where the ball went for his body but he looked quickly behind himself as if it had squirmed through him and for about 1/10th of a second my arse collapsed a bit.
  2. St Mirren vs Queen of the South

    Indeed. We're so lucky. We've been consistently playing teams who've turned in their worst performances of the season since about 2007 now. A quite startling run, really.
  3. St Mirren vs Queen of the South

    A few Saints fans on Facebook bemoaning the performance. Yeah, we weren't at our best but we shipped 3 at home to Queen's in both home games last season in similar horror show manner to Queen's defending today. So give me a comfortable win every day of the week even of the performance isn't A+. We are in a much, much better place and some would be well advised to remember that. I hope those fans take stock of where we were after that horrendous 3-0 defeat at St. Mirren park in January 2017 and appreciate that today was a very good win in very difficult circumstances.
  4. St Mirren vs Queen of the South

    Grinding that result out with what was a pretty patched up side is encouraging.
  5. St Mirren vs Queen of the South

    And Queens look a bit stupid.
  6. St Mirren vs Queen of the South

    Looks like he's taken a sore one.
  7. St Mirren vs Queen of the South

    We were lucky to not beat least 1-0 down when we scored. Since then it's been all us.
  8. Darren Whyte is a holding midfielder.
  9. Coupon Bursters

    Charlton for £265
  10. Mentioned his name in passing along with other young defenders at Celtic = thinking we had a chance of getting him on loan. Think everyone realised it was McCart once we saw the options who were available and not Ajer or Ralston. Nice to see you working yourself into a frothy lather over literally nothing though.
  11. Heh. Wishful thinking I know but if it's only for a month....
  12. Bitcoins

    I never fucking got on this when I should have. Wonder if it will continue to rise exponentially. Seems that every time it hits a bump in the road it rallies round massively. Forecasts say there's a 20% chance of the market crashing completely by 2020 but a significantly higher chance of it exploding even further.
  13. La Liga / Copa Del Rey Ole

    Real Madrid's last touch of the ball was Ramos' header that Adan saved on 92 mins. Their next touch was kicking off a full 2 and a half minutes later. A quite incredible goal and the sheer quality of it has been overlooked because of the nature of the win.